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Japanese government blocks a ban on child pornography

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The Japanese government has blocked legal efforts to clamp down on child pornography, with the country becoming the world's "kiddie porn superpower," according to a pressure group.

The ruling Democratic Party of Japan has refused to support legislation that would outlaw the possession of child pornography on the grounds that it would infringe individuals’ freedom of expression – although there has been a stepped-up police campaign against people that sell sexual images of children.

Twenty people were arrested this week for posting child pornography on a mobile phone web site that was set up by a 17-year-old high school student, while Japan was shocked earlier this year at the arrest of a mother who took indecent images of her infant son and sold them via the internet.

The National Police Agency said it received 4,486 complaints from the public of child pornography on the internet in 2009 and a record 650 people were charged with offences related to child pornography. Campaigners believe that represents the tip of the iceberg.

“We are urging all the political parties here to ban the possession of child pornography in the present session of parliament, but I am not at all optimistic that it will happen,” said Keiji Goto, a lawyer and chairman of the Forum for Creating a Society That Does Not Tolerate Child Pornography.

In 2009 the government submitted a bill to revise the law on child pornography but lost the general election in August before it could be enacted.

The DPJ opposed the bill and instead called for the definition of child pornography to be narrowed down, while acquisition for money and multiple acquisitions would be made illegal.

“We consider child pornography to be the worst of all evils and we find it hard to understand how images of naked children tied up with ropes can be considered acceptable,” Goto said.

“The only people who will be pleased at the failure to pass this legislation are paedophiles.”


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6 Responses to " Japanese government blocks a ban on child pornography "

  1. otto117 says:

    It’s sad to see newspapers simply regurgitate uninformed opinions in the course of their reporting. Of course this article was based on the one in the Telegraph, which itself may well have been based on another article… But with a little intelligence and analysis, one can see the rationality of the DPJ’s decision to reject the bill to criminalize possession. The West has a lot to learn from Japan in this regard, actually. (For more on the topic, see my article at http://otto-observations.blogspot.com/?zx=ea33b05ce3b64240 )

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  2. willy says:

    Japan just gained big time. Now only thing left to do is to start breaking the privacy of the rich idiots and traking and starting to convict the real child rapists instseads of pedophiles. Expsecially the ones like the aristocrats in the west who dont share free but want money from their rapes.
    If this continues Japan will start gaining hugely from humanly advantages. Maby some steps are long to come but atleast indusrties attack on private people to promote their products has been stopped for now.

    Lets keep the griminals and freedom separate! This is great.. :) :)

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  3. willy says:

    For example in europe they have long attacked and taken away children from people who try at the desperate need moments punish their children physically. Then they figure out because law does not touch them they can in their mansions keep up their punishments and secretive gruel phsycologist designed treatments to gain edge. What this did is visible in holland drug caffes. Now children who dont know it hurts and have no spine are easy catch. It was the plan of entertainment but not they are loosing their own children and everything. I say this has destroyed the western countries.
    In Japan some thing migth be too gruel as physical pain is meant to show it hurts others too ect.. They have even little encouraged bullies there but I do not say any verbal bullying is bad. Physical violence is bad mainly because of its hygienical dimension WICH WILL GROW DANGEROUS.
    Japan has had luck of phyically training(=intelligent) leadership. In world were nontechbrained people think leaders should allways be obeyed and are affraid of leadership change this has proven invaluable.
    The only risk here is people hating sadists who actually rape children after the “no” are going to cather on this. Together they get on quite the mama talk atleast back here with their sphycophatic practises and intentional gaps in understanding or god coptalk.. :) :)

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  4. Teleden54 says:

    Good-by Hentai…naaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!

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  5. NelSpar says:

    The hypocrisy of the feminist shows its evil teeth yet again. These evil old bitches use “child protection” propaganda to enact statutory rape laws so that they might stand a chance of finding a husband. If a 10 year old french girl can easily, and consensually, give birth without any ill consequences then why should it be forbidden if it happens to be with an older man who is more likely to be able to support the baby’s welfare with a job far more stable than that of a teenagers? Are 30 year old men more evil, manipulative, and abusive than sex crazed 13 year old men; HA! what hypocrisy. In high-school I am expected to consider all these girls as “hot stuff”, but as soon as I turn 18 I am suddenly supposed to consider these girls unattractive… WHAT! Hot is Hot; end of story!
    The christian bible is no different regarding age of marriage. Love is love regardless of age, arranged or not.

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  6. Rafa says:

    It’s so, so sad that this is the reason that so many people around the world seem to be crazy about Japanese culture. Even now, the deviants attempt to spread their sex and violence to all other nations, as they did decades ago. So disgusting…what’s next? Japan legalizing child prostitution? Psychologically, pedophilia IS a mental disease – remember that.

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