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France calls for North Korea to be punished for sinking South Korean warship

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France backs South Korea's quest for intervention from the UN Security Council

France has joined the chorus of voices calling for North Korea to be punished for firing a torpedo that sunk a South Korean naval ship. The UN Security Council has indicated that it is likely to intervene.

France has joined the chorus of voices calling for North Korea to be punished for a surprise torpedo attack on a South Korean naval ship.

Following the allegations that North Korea fired a torpedo that sank the naval ship ‘Cheonan’, France’s foreign ministry has pledged to back South Korea in its quest to seek punishment through the United Nations Security Council.

Torpedo attack

France’s foreign ministry has characterized the attack as “criminal aggression” and ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said that North Korea “should not go unpunished” for the attack.

A multinational investigation found “overwhelming” evidence that a North Korean submarine fired the heavy torpedo which sank the Cheonan near the disputed border, killing 46 South Korean sailors.

Denial and threats

North Korea has labelled the report a “sheer fabrication” and said any attempt at retaliation by South Korea will be met with all-out war.

South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak has halted trade with the North in response to the attack, seen in Seoul as the worst provocation since the Korean War.

Support for Seoul has been broad, with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon announcing Monday he expected an intervention by the Security Council. Meanwhile, the US is set to begin cooperative anti-submarine drills with the South Korean navy in the near future, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told reporters.


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  • The Insurgent

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  • Mihail

    German subs delivered to Israel
    September 30, 2009
    BERLIN (JTA) — Two new German submarines were delivered to Israel.
    The submarines, ordered in 2005, reportedly can launch cruise missiles carrying nuclear warheads, according to the French news agency AFP.
    An Israeli military spokesman, speaking off the record, confirmed the delivery of the two Dolphin-class submarines, known as U212s. The range of the missiles the subs can carry would extend at least as far as Iran, whose controversial nuclear program coupled with verbal threats against the Jewish state have raised alarm.
    Israel reportedly now has five submarines from Germany, which donated the first two subs to Israel after the 1991 Gulf War. The two countries split the cost of the third sub.
    In a recent military exercise, an Israeli submarine entered the Suez Canal for the first time, accompanied by an Egyptian naval escort.

    Korean boat was hit with German sub torpedo
    WHO uses German torpedoes and has a reputation for sinking boats and blaming it on others?

    You don’t have to go back as far as the USS Liberty attack.
    In 2005 Israel sank a Japanese boat and killed 7 people. They denied it but Korean authorities who tested the boat found that it matched paint samples with the Israel sub which had rammed it. Israeli subs try to follow under Japanese and Korean ships to pass through international waters, where they shouldn’t be, hiding behind radar by making it appear that the visible ship is what is showing. Sometimes they follow to close and hit the ships. That is what looks like happened here.
    Israel sinks Japanese boat, denies it, gets busted, back peddles to say it was an accident, and is forced to apologize and admit guilt.

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