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Belarusian police violently break up gay pride parade

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Policemen detain a gay rights activist during an unsanctioned Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Pride Parade in the capital Minsk

Belarusian police have violently dispersed a gay pride parade banned by authorities.

Riot police on Saturday broke up the demonstration and arrested several dozen participants, beating some of them and throwing them on the ground.

The organizers said that their goal was to attract public attention to the violation of sexual minorities’ rights in Belarus.

The leader of the Belarusian gay movement, Sergei Androsenko, said the government attitude toward gays amounted to the state sanctioning homophobia.

Police refused to comment on the detentions.

Previous gay pride parades in Belarus also have been banned by authorities and broken up by police.

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5 Responses to " Belarusian police violently break up gay pride parade "

  1. slobo says:

    :-D That big man put a gun muzzle in my butt and step on my pee pee…Maaaaaaammmmmmma!!!

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    • TheIrish says:

      well i don’t know what slobo is talking about, but i am really glad at least something is right in Belorusia lol. Gay shame has no place in public.

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  2. Vlad Dracula says:

    in most east european countries they are banned (moldova,russia,albania,iran:).

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  3. John Holmes says:

    They should have incinerated them with flamethrowers. I mean it. It needs to happen. It needs to get ruthless until they get the message that we are sick of them parading their god damned mental illness around in public, and recruiting our children.
    The more ruthless, the better.
    There’s a gay mafia in every country on earth now.
    If the Muslims do take over, maybe they will deal with these queers.


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    • DMCFanForever says:

      Homosexuality is not a MENTAL ILLNESS you moron! Get your fucking facts straight. :-x

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