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UK allows Muslim nurses to not wash to protect their “modesty”

Muslim Nurse

The UK Department of Health recently announced that it would loosen hygiene rules for Muslim and Sikh doctors and nurses. From now on, Muslim female staff will not need to wash their hands before procedures as it compromises their modesty. Instead, they will have the admittedly less sanitary option of wearing disposable plastic over-sleeves.

Acknowledging the danger of microbes and death, a Department of Health spokesman said, “The guidance is intended to . . . balance infection control measures with cultural beliefs.” But, believe it or not, from a culturist perspective, the death of some patients is not the main cause for concern that this policy elicits.

The most dangerous problem is that this policy encodes multiculturalism not culturism. Whereas culturism acknowledges that England has a majority culture to protect and promote, this multiculturalist policy implicitly says that England has no core culture. It says that the nation can be whatever pressure groups decide it is. It, therefore, officially ends the dominance of English culture in England.

If you think this is hyperbole, consider the decision’s potential impact on schools. If we are going to implement policies that recognize and give legal standing to balkanize our culture, we must think it through to such a broader societal impact. This legal precedent may require us to set up schools in which Islamic teachings are taught. If that seems extreme, keep in mind that multiculturalism has currently made it nearly a firing offense to criticize Islam in our schools.

When we encode multiculturalist school policy, we have a recursive loop of disaster. When we cannot criticize Islam, we cannot teach that much of Western history has been about fighting Islam. We must erase the concept that our defending Europe against Islamic invasion led the way to the Enlightenment and, ultimately, to our political freedoms. And when our school children are taught not to value our Western culture, they will not feel any sense of pride, have reasons to defend the civic virtues that make England strong, or possess a desire to protect their homeland.

Islam has been at war with the West nearly continuously since its inception. Wherever it takes over it imposes a ruthless theocracy that smothers the freedoms we hold dear. We cannot protect the West with policies that say Islam is equal to our civilization. Culture is not metaphysical. It exists in space and people. Everywhere Islam has legal standing and is practiced is a space where English culture does not exist and is not practiced. It means the territory of defending Western values has shrunk and that believing in Islamic values has grown. The hospitals are now becoming Islamic.

England has a culture. To survive, England must set up culturist policy that affirms that this is English land with Western practices. We must tell people that our schools will teach the glories of the European defense against Islam and the contribution philosophers such as John Locke made to creating the Western concept of rights. Our streets must not become areas where women must conform to Muslim customs. Just as Saudi Arabia has an Islamic culture and protects it, England has a culture and a right to protect it. To survive, England must enact culturist, not multiculturalist policies.


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UK allows Muslim nurses to not wash to protect their "modesty", 4.3 out of 5 based on 267 ratings

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  • Glock Doc

    Muslims wipe the shit from their butts with a bare hand we all know that. The only good Muslim is one lost in the desert. Mohammed is a false prophet and probably a pedophile as well. Religion of peace my ass.

    • asiatic

      Its not probably, he IS a godamned pedophile! There’s no question bout that.

      Read more here:

      • jon

        There is a question about that, you simpleton.
        If you only read somewhere about it, that does not mean it is true, you know? You need to submit proof.
        Many Christian priests are pedophile and witnesses exist. Where is your witness?

        • Danny

          Proof, Joh? You want proof? All you have to do is read the Koran, al-hadith, and fatwas on marrying and having sex with children.

          Joh, is it ture if it is read in the Koran?

          • TRAVLINJACK

            I guess the “Koran” is witness..

        • Momo Lala

          how dare you criticise pedophile christian priests! X(
          they just copy muhammad pbuh! =))


          I read somewhere that Jon thinks “we are
          simpletons” because we believe Mohammed is a pedophile…where is his proof, I ask?

          • TRAVLINJACK

            Proof that we are simpletons, of course..

        • Brian Davidson

          There’s a difference between individuals and a religion. Yes, some Christians may be paedophiles, but it’s not their religion. It’s Islam’s religious beliefs though.

          Both the Quran, and the Sahih Hadiths support paedophilia, and the Hadiths show the Prophet Mohammad have sex with a 9 year old girl (when he was 50+).

          • Muslim

            Dear Brian… this 9 year old 1500 the normal age for marrying… at that age, in that environment, they were already women not children… bodies were different….She was already engaged at that age long before she separated and got married to Profit Mohamed (PBUH)… The only purpose of this marriage is because of her young age, she would witness and long after Profit Mohamed’s death will transfer the message including day to day observations and revealing true Islam messages as learned from the profit…. She was the only virgin he married, and every woman he married he married for a reason… It’s this 9 years old that transferred profits Ahadis to the whole world, being very close to him and very young to observe and learn.

      • Damien

        I dare anyone to collect newspaper articles about muslim pedophilles against christian pedophilles, let’s see who’s going to come up with more articles. Anyone??

        • Steve

          Are you so DUMB that you don’t realize the media print anything negative about Christians, but are so biased, that they mention NOTHING about islam atrocities all around the world?

          Dumb-asses like you make me sick, because you are DUMB, BLIND, and DEAF – You only know what the liberal, Marxist media puts into your pea brain!!

        • RWVMuse

          Kind of hard to talk when your head is cut off.

    • Mo

      @Glock Doc…Muslims wash their hands, up to elbows (x3)5 times a day seven days a week (for prayer), as well as before and after meals and etc, so of course Muslim nurses would have to wash their hands

      so the idea this article is suggesting is beyond stupid and a complete lie, secondly an article this serious should have been covered more thoroughly IF it were legit which it isnt.

      • roscoe72

        I want a nurse who washes their hands before and after visiting EVERY patient. It doesn’t matter how often they wash their hands for meals and prayers if the first patient they see after a meal or prayer has some infectious disease, and then they see another patient without washing their hands. Maybe they could see someone with Ebola, and then visit YOU.

      • Danny

        Mo, it appears that you are defending the nasty hygeine habits of Muslims. If they don’t want to wash their hands before a procedure, they can go practice medicine in an Islamic country and not wash their hands all they want.

        • Mo

          Danny…nasty hygiene habits?? didn’t you read what i put that Muslims do wash their hands daily for general life so they most certainly will for medical procedures

          • A-nurse

            @Mo – I am a nurse. Let me clue you in: a nurse generally washes their hands about 40 times per day, sometimes more. 3 times isn’t even CLOSE to acceptable. Not even in the same UNIVERSE as acceptable. Where you get the idea that it IS acceptable is quite mystifying.

          • TRAVLINJACK

            PROVE IT…I can’t get my head wrapped around the idea that a people who would rape, stone, burn, splash acid on, behead and/or otherwise ruin the day of, non-believers would necessarily give two shits how clean their claws were when serving an “INFIDEL”


        Wash for prayer to a god…but not for sanitation purposes..

    • Norma

      Why do you think
      K they do ot use toilet tissue…??? Do you know this for. A fact or am I being. Trustful as usual…

    • Norma

      Why do you think
      K they do ot use toilet tissue…??? Do you know this for. A fact or am I being. Trustful as usual…

    • jon

      are you crazy? I have lived with muslims for longer time in a house, they do not wipe their butts with a bare hands! how can you say: we all know that. You are an idiot. This article is a provocation.

      • Mina

        They wipe with the left hand & eat with he right.

        One of the many Islamic toilet rules includes sticking a finger in their butt to clean it :-8 after asking allah to protect your privates from the devil :))

        • Robert

          So that when they get caught stealing, their “eating” hand is cut off which means they are forced to both eat and wipe with the same hand.

    • Eddy James

      =)) =)) Please do not let me become ill in England. Actually there isn’t a snowball chance in Hades of that happening. I will never set foot again in an Islamic country. I’d miss toilet paper too much.

    • Per Liljendahl

      =)) sweden agree with you

    • sandra

      They wash with water, better than just clean by toilet paper. Don’t pretend u know everything. B4 u criticize something, get to know it clearly first. Or there’s only one word to say to u—-silly.


    Well then it should be a pre-requisite to study nursing, medicine or any of the other health professions that you are ABLE TO WASH YOUR HANDS TO INFECTION CONTROL STANDARDS! Otherwise you can work as an accountant or lawyer and get your hand dirty without the ethical concern of spreading disease.



    • Don

      Kill the caps lock, it doesn’t make you look like you have a brain. I’ve been to the Middle East. They aren’t that clean. Beyond that, I’m pretty sure the immigrants to England do use toilet paper, instead of their left hand and a water bottle (I hope) and I should hope that like the rest of us, they wash their hands every time they go. However, Hygiene rules are in place for a reason, and washing before prayer does not negate the value of those rules.

    • mina

      Rubbing water on your face, hands and privates doesn’t meet my definition of washing.

    • Eddy James

      L-) But how many times do they take a dump?

    • A-nurse

      @Someone – ‘more times than most people’ is not nearly as many times as a nurse should! Thanks for playing.

  • http://truereligions.biz/ Tony

    Putting lives and risk to protect the right to blindly follow the word of a mass murdering, pedophile pervert.

    People have the right to be stupid and blindly follow ignorant superstition. They should not have the right to put others lives at risk in the process.

  • Toppytope

    “Racist” = a trendy Politically Correct label used to try and discredit a person, the truth, or an opinion. Happily, becoming less effective by the day! 😀

    True meaning of racism = the belief that your race is “superior” to another race. Used incorrectly over 90% of the time by the liberal PC mafia.

    United Kingdom – NEVER confuse pride and patriotism for a superiority complex. The PC liberals are the culture destructive plague of the 21st century. May their reign be as short as their foresight into the future. :p

    Your country = your rules

    Land of Camelot and legends….YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mo

      it is racism if you pick on someone because of the colour of their skin and use that said person’s religon as an excuse to behave negatively because you know only an asian would be more likely to be following islam….another example of this is if an asian with pale skin was around most would not know he was a muslim unless they seen/heard him talking about it or walking to a mosque etc

      if that dont make you racist then nothing will, if not your view point would make you a “religionist” someone who believes their religion or lack there of is superiour to others religious standing and faith

      • Steve-o

        Actually as UNESCO defines racism does not have anything to do with Ideology/Religion. Ideology/Religion is open for public discussion and scrutiny regardless what race the people are having the debate. The fact that you hide behind the word ‘racism’ and draw it like a gun, is very asinine of you. However you did bring up a valid point of profiling which can be a form of racism sometimes.

      • Bill

        Religion is not a “Race”. I believe Christianity is the only way to salvation and all other religions are inferior, this does not make me racist.

      • Brian Davidson

        Religion isn’t a race. And a religion which supports paedophilia, rape, and murder, all in the name of their said religion, deserves to be condemned, regardless of the colour of its followers.

        Not only isn’t it racist to condemn Islam, but it’s racist not to condemn it, unless you’re a pile of filth who supports such evil beliefs.

    • Sweetlysmilin

      I agree with you totally, however I dont believe the “Your country = your rules” is not true here in the US, we let the muslims do EVERTYHING they do in their country, they have no rules here. They can wear all that garb to even have their driver license picture, they are never required to uncover their face. BUT a woman goes to their country and she is forced to cover her face. Plus, they get time off their jobs to pray, how many Christians do you know that actually get to say, I need to go pray, I will be back in 20? They would get laughed at, and possibly fired by their boss.

  • razeal

    Also the article and the title is unsurprisingly simply wrong – on purpose (i.e. a lie). All staff must still wash their hands. The change concerns exposed forearms. There is no change to the washing procedure what so ever.

    All staff involved in caring for patients should be ‘bare below the elbows’ (…) However female Muslim staff had been concerned about the rule as exposure of their forearms is seen as immodest.

    New guidance from the Department of Health said staff can wear disposable sleeves which are elasticated at the wrist and elbow when in contact with patients.

    The guidance added Muslim staff could wear uniforms with full length sleeves when not directly engaged in patient care and that they might not be loose or dangling. The sleeves should be able to be pulled back and secured for hand washing and direct patient care.

    • Lefty-liberal

      Well said

    • sandra

      I totally agree with u. The writer sooooo mean. He wants to mislead people.

  • Mrs Bennett

    Take no notice of this! It’s absolute propagandist nonsense dreamt up by the European Union in a crass attempt to make the UK look terrible on the world wide stage for not toeing the line and bending over backwards to be part of the Big Brother EU Superstate plan. Nothing like that happens here: in hospitals, all medical staff have to adhere to the same rules no matter what their religion is. I haven’t even see anyone using face coverings. To be honest, I don’t know a single Englishman/woman who would agree to be seen by someone whose face is concealed. They wouldn’t get near me like that! We are a very tolerant people, a very generous people – but we’re not easily walked all over and the day is coming when the English will reclaim our island from the pathetic, loony liberals that have undermined our culture and our people in order to kowtow to political agendas and correctness and cultural ideals that are foreign to our own. The English bulldog does not lie down and sleep forever.

    • Brian Robertson

      On the specific content of the article, I suspect that it is indeed (largely) propagandist nonsense. However, your assertion that we English are poised to reclaim our Island from the liberal left is palpable nonsense. The whole of Europe, not just the UK, is being invaded. For anyone who doubts me, look on Amazon for two books, ‘While Europe Slept’ and ‘Londonistan’. They are terrifying. Already parts of London and other major cities in the UK are effectively under Islamic rule. Recently there was a video clip placed on youtube of Islamic vigilantes patrolling the streets of London, taking alcohol off people, enforcing their dress code and chasing people away who they found offensive. Arrests followed, but only because it had been made public. For a long time before, the areas concerned had been plastered with posters warning people that they were in a ‘Muslim area’ and to conform to Sharia law, but this was ignored by the politically correct police. Does anyone doubt that it is still going on, and not just in Britain?

      And if you doubt the eventual impact of Islam on the UK, look no further than George Galloway, our traitor MP who admired Sadam Hussein. He managed to get elected again in Bradford entirely on the Muslim vote. How many other cities are getting close to a situation where they will be able to elect dozens of Muslim MPs, especially with apathy rife in this country. These people do not believe in democracy, yet they are getting into a situation where they can (and will) use our parliament to destroy us.

      Meanwhile, the British National Party have today revealed that in one area of London nearly 90% of claimants for housing benefit are immigrants. This at a time when ordinary British people who are disabled or who have been made unemployed through no fault of their own are being accused of scrounging.

      I’ll give the American readers one more example of how bad things have got in the UK. Many years ago a charity in the UK created a magazine called the ‘Big Issue’ to help the homeless. It not only highlighted their plight, but also allowed them to better themselves by selling the magazine on the streets. In recent years Romanian gypsies have flooded the UK and taken over almost the entire Big Issue operation. Muslim women, none of whom are even remotely homeless, stand on street corners selling the magazine where once our unfortunate countrymen stood. I was talking to one of the increasingly rare English sellers in Manchester the other day. He was telling me that when he goes to collect his stock there are vans, BMWs and Mercedes everywhere, all driven by the gang masters who are controlling the Roma sellers. A praiseworthy UK charity has become a huge con controlled by criminal gangs.

      And still the British bulldog sleeps, long ago neutered by political correctness and his comfortable lifestyle. When he finally awakens he will find himself in chains.

      • Arun Indian

        Brain – reclaim England and probably Europe; now that will be the biggest day for you folks much bigger than winning two wars. Else, minarets, burqas, long robes, dirty flowing beards will over power you. Unfortunate you have MPs like we do in India who support Muslims to develop separate identities that are not aligned national interests.

      • Liberal Lefty

        Get help. Paranoia like that is not healthy. You would happily have people forced to conform to your own ideals? How does that make you better than ‘them’? Britain has been a multi-culture since the Romans arrived. Its not new, and it’s not going away. The rose tinted view of a ‘Christian’ Britain gone awry is nothing but a fantasy put about by bigots and loonies, who feel their own supremacy and social privilege is being undermined.

      • Pam

        Thank you for sharing this. Thanks to the current administration the m*slims are gaining foothold in America. Incidents are happening, but our liberal media doesn’t report them. A few courageous people do and post them on conservative sites. The m*slim agenda is to take over the world and force their beliefs on everyone. They only have to look at the U.K. and the E.U. to see that happening. Too many choose to be blind to this truth. They may wake up too late. Good luck. May God protect you.

  • Speaknup

    Dirty hands and impaired vision. Why are these women even allowed to be nurses if the requirements of the job go against their religious beliefs? It defies logic. More to the point, why do THEY insist upon jobs whose requirements go against their beliefs? The answer is, To force change on our culture…to change us. They do it to change us. Don’t forget that.

  • Call me Hatfield

    Just an observation:

    I suspect this law would not pass in the US. Here, if you work in a restaurant and forget to wash your hands (and not just after using the bathroom… when handling raw meats, handling cash, doing just about ANYTHING) you can potentially be terminated from your job. I believe the post by Razeal has the right of it; they still have to wash their hands, but they are being allowed to cover their forearms for the sake of their views of modesty.

  • SilverFox

    Australia says NO – Second time she has done this!
    AMAZING You must read it !!!!

    Australian Prime Minister does it again!! This woman should be appointed Queen of the World.. Truer words have never been spoken.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard- Australia:

    Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks..

    Separately, Gillard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying she supported spy agencies monitoring the nation’s mosques. Quote:

    I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians. ‘

    ‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom’

    ‘We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society …. Learn the language!’

    ‘Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.’

    ‘We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.’

    ‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, ‘THE RIGHT TO LEAVE’.’ ‘If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.’

    Maybe if we circulate this amongst ourselves in UK , SA, Canada & USA, WE will find the courage to start speaking and voicing the same truths.

  • lubaedelman

    They shouldn’t even work as nurses.What one thing have to do with another.Why?By their religion they only wash their hands once a day.That is crazy.Rules are rules,and they have to work for every body.What ever they do in their own house it’s their problem.This is the only religion that still live like thousands years a go.If they want to live in sivilized country ,but dressed like cave times.Let them move back to their country.And the best country is Afganistan. They pray 5 to 8 times a day and kill innocent people.Ass holes.

  • gator75

    Your England, your English, your Christians…at least you used to be until you relented and succumbed to political correctness and lost your heritage. You are England no more.

  • john neeting

    I think it’s a good idea :) by all means allow the muslims to practice this.. with one provision, they only operate on muslims, see – Im not racist. With a little luck they will all get septocemia and we can be rid of the fucking lot of them. 3 cheers for islamic practices

    • jon

      I thought people in Australia use brain. You visibly are not.

  • Mountain Man

    This article must be a spoof. No one in his or her right mind would allow this stupidity to take place. Oh, wait. This is being done in Eurabia. Sorry for the clinical error. 😮

    • James

      clincal or cynical… :))

  • http://www.wvwnews.net Bob Fairlane

    Why are mudslims in Europe? They aren’t European!

    • jom

      And why are jews in Europe. They are not Europian. And by the way, even if you were born in the USA, you are Europian because only native Indians and Mexicans are there at home. Stop dividing people and start use your brain! I am sure you can figure out who is behind this crap…

      • alex crusade

        stfu you Mexican whiner,quit crying :(( ,america is a white country you colored assholes have too much realestate as it is, plus you freeload off us especially you Mexican parasites,you guys have no shame.

        • Patric

          I guess you are very uneducated not to know how much land USA have stolen from Mexico. Mexican people are not parasites. Mexico has never been involved in World War and look who is robbing countries all over the world? USA. By the way, reading a message from Mexico does not mean a Mexican person writes it. You also are not American :)

      • Mina

        You show brain? You’re so open minded that your brain fell out.

  • oo

    If i see some one like that any where in the u.s. ,i,m calling the cops on them ….and if i hsve my side arm on, i might hold them at gun point till the cops get there,it realy depends on where i at at the time

  • Roger Bellotti

    UK should take the example take by Canada and Japan

  • John McMillan

    The French government had the best idea to solve this. They passed the following law:

    “The only women who can legally be fully covered up are prostitutes. Therefore every covered up woman will be treated as a prostitute”.

    Problem solved.

  • JimUSA

    Why mention Sikhs? I work with Sikhs and they wash a lot. They just want the rights to wear their turban and beards, etc. No hygiene issues that I’ve ever seen.

  • mina

    Muslims, it’s time to free yourselves from Mohammad’s superstitions. I’m sure no real god cares which foot you enter the bathroom or eating with your right hand. It’s ridiculous!

  • http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ george whyte

    hope this is bullo shit

  • Jane

    What the fuck is wrong with England????? Do they really want to be the first Muslimcountry in Europe???

  • tj

    The muslim ritual hand and arm splashing with barely any contact is far different to a proper hygiene wash
    with soap and vigorous agitation . Is it their duty not
    to ensure the infidel’s well being , in islamic countries do they dress up in all that gear and carry on like they try here? .

  • Gordon

    Send them all the fuq

  • Gordon

    Send them all the fuq to allah…

  • radicaltruth

    let them only treat their own… natural consequences will result. :)

  • SandraC

    The first run of a contagious rash, or MRSA epidemics, and these Muslim nurses will either have to be fired, or adhere to tried and true Western cleanliness/sterile washing.

  • ccaveman84

    Well then if I go into hospital I will be making sure that I aint got no dirty bloody Muslim working me! lol. at the en of the day the hygiene rules are there for a reason our hospitals are flooded with infections and super bugs enough as it is without people being dirty bastards and not washing up before doing their rounds, this is just asking for trouble!

  • kotoc

    In my opinion, if a Muslim woman doesn’t have to wash her hands, neither should anyone else… when the doctors, nurses and hospitals get sued enough times from unnecessary sicknesses, they’ll see that it’s necessary for EVERYONE to wash… and to HELL with her “privacy” or “modesty.” Tell the b**ch to take a hike and work as a Port-O-Potty cleaner.

  • RDN

    Your English culture, being proper and not wanting to offend makes you blind fools. Muslims have no issues killing you, be it by knife or their filthy reglious beliefs. My the blood from a thousand swine flood your streets and clense you.



  • georgewalnic@yahoo.com

    what?! public safety should not be compromised. if you dont wash your hands you dont work in the medical field period!

  • Booga

    This is about HEALTH. Whomever works in a public place, especially a hospital, NEEDS to wash. Period. Staph & MRSA are just two nasty infections that can be caught via being dirty in a hospital. It ain’t rocket science & any one with the slightest intelligence will understand this. Protecting their modesty? How about protecting peoples health & well being?? Fucking idiots.

  • a concern

    ok this is wrong! it is a health and safety issue and should be not allowed .choose not to work under the safety requirements of your job??then they should not be hired. i’m sickened by the way people are forced to accept the dictates of this religion! it is NOT to be treated any differently from the rest of us. i suppose if we were to walk into their homeland and demand things done our way then that would be fine with them??? i think NOT! they have the choice to integrate or go! you don’t like it ?? get out and back to your islamic paradise you came from! L-)

    • a concern

      oh and another thing.. funny how the women are not allowed to speak or be alone with a man under islamic law yet can bathe,touch, handle one as a nurse!! where is your modesty now!!!

  • Joe

    =)) sand nigs dirty from sand :)) =)) 😀

  • Joe

    Don’t =)) get sand in my gangrene ya dune coon! L-) =)) :-8

  • Joe

    I need a transfusion of O-. X( =)) =)) :)) =)) :)) Wash your hands so I don’t have to shit in my catheter and piss in my shit tray. And then the car wouldn’t start. 😀

  • Greg

    Man, you guys are suckers. Muslim nurses are required to undergo the same hygiene regimen as all other medical professionals, the change is that the NHS is allowing them to wear disposable SLEEVES to cover their forearms AFTER they have been properly washed.

    This outlandish article is easily debunked with even basic research. So are you all too lazy to dig further, or too stupid? Which is it?


    By the way, having spent plenty of time in Muslim countries, while their religious-based laws are idiotic (just like ours), their toilet facilities are just fine. In fact, they think Westerners smell like shit because we wipe our asses instead of using a bidet. (That’s not a good enough reason to get me to spray my ass with a hose, though.)

  • Muslim

    This article is nonsense!!! Muslims wash more than anyone else…it’s a must before each prayer 5 times a day…. cleanliness in Islam is a must… not to mention for medical reasons!!! I do think the main purpose of this article is more sarcastic than serious just to draw humorous comments and invite more readers!! Cheap….


    Well, shall I need medical help I will excercise my religious rights to request to be served by a Christian nurse. Not a chance I will let these unhygienic muslims touch me!!!!!!! X( =;

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