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Russia Warns US Communist Threat Endangering Entire World


In a chilling speech to Russian defense experts on March 1, Prime Minister Putin ordered the buildup of strategic weapons and warned that the growing threat of the expansion of American Communism is endangering the entire World and bringing the Motherland closer to war than at any time since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

Putin had previously warned the United States against its planned adoption of Communism during his January, 2009 speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland upon Obama taking office, and had stated:

“The concentration of surplus assets in the hands of the state is a negative aspect of anti-crisis measures in virtually every nation. In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state’s role absolute. In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly. I am sure nobody wants to see it repeated.”

Unfortunately though, Obama, and those Communist forces backing him, do want to see this monster of a system repeated and have in the past year accelerated the United States descent into the abyss of total state control over all aspects of Americans lives and have created one of the most all encompassing “surveillance societies” our World has ever seen.

So dire has the situation become in the United States that one of their most dissident lawmakers, US Congressman Ron Paul, took to the floor of their House of Representatives this past week and warned that Obama’s forces were now openly stating that they have the power to assassinate any American citizen they deem to be a terrorist threat against them.

And not just from the right are these warnings against Obama coming, but also from their furthest left-wing ones too as the powerful black-Muslim leader and Obama ally, Louis Farrakhan, of Chicago’s Nation of Islam warned his followers this week that America is facing “imminent disaster” and they all must start “preparing for the worst”.

Obama, however, has chosen not to listen to these warnings and this past week accelerated his Communist takeover of America by appointing the powerful head of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and avowed Communist, Andy Stern, to the top US government commission to oversee its economy.

Victims of Communism

Though most Americans have never heard of Stern it was recently discovered that he has been Obama’s top visitor to the White House and is described as the President’s “right hand man”. But what should strike fear into all of them is Stern’s calling for the “workers of the world to unite” and destroy the United States to remake it as a Communist Nation. To Obama’s planned remaking of America into a Communist state Stern has further warned that if the “power of persuasion” doesn’t work, “the persuasion of power will”.

Not being understood by the American people is that their economic collapse has been long planned by their Communist elite leaders who know that the success of their takeover of the United States lays it its destruction from which their new “peoples utopian paradise” will arise from its ashes.

And to how successful the Communists have been in destroying America there remains no doubt as since upon Obama’s taking office, and for the first time in the history of the United States, more of their citizens are working for their government than in either their manufacturing or construction industries, and when combined with the 22% of their unemployed means that over 40% of Americans are now beholden upon their Communist leaders for economic support and are dependant upon the other 60% of their citizens to support them in what is the largest transfer of wealth in US history.

Worse still for those 60% of Americans desperately trying to keep from becoming wards of their new Communist government are the plans to throw millions of them from their homes by bankrupting them with catastrophic tax increases and making them dependent too, and as we had previously reported on in our February 16th report “Obama Plot To Throw Millions Of Americans From Homes Uncovered”.

Interesting to note is that a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released this past Friday shows that 56% of Americans think their federal government has become so large and powerful that it “poses an immediate threat to their rights and freedoms”, but contrasts sharply with the fact, and as reported by the Washington Times News Service, that “for the first time since the Great Depression, Americans took more aid from the government than they paid in taxes.”

To those Americans knowing of the Communist takeover of their government, and as reported by the New York Times, they are currently banding under the banner of the so called “Tea Party” movement  which some of their politicians by alluding to Patriot dogma.

This New York Times article further states about this movement, “At a Tea Party protest in Las Vegas, Joe Heck, a Republican running for Congress, blamed both the Democratic and Republican Parties for moving the country toward “socialistic tyranny.” In Texas, Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican seeking re-election, threw his support behind the state sovereignty movement. And in Indiana, Richard Behney, a Republican Senate candidate, told Tea Party supporters what he would do if the 2010 elections did not produce results to his liking: “I’m cleaning my guns and getting ready for the big show. And I’m serious about that, and I bet you are, too.”

And to how dangerous this “big show” will be that candidate Behney is warning his fellow American citizens about was further echoed by the renowned economist Dr. Marc Farber before a gathering of 700 pension and sovereign wealth fund managers in Tokyo last week where he warned that the situation in the US had become so dire that he was advising all of his clients to buy farmland and gold and to be prepared to evacuate their cities at a moments notice.

Not known at this time, and as Obama’s Communist forces continue to gather strength in their destruction of the United States, is if the US Military will come to defense of their citizens, but it is worth noting that their Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, who was appointed by the former President Bush, is still in firm control of Americas military might and has continually rebuffed Obama’s attempts to change their war fighting strategy.

The same, and sadly, cannot be said for America’s over 800,000 federal, state and local police forces who were given new powers by Obama this past week when in the middle of the night he signed the dreaded Patriot Act extension into law that has destroyed more freedoms for these people than any other legislation in US history in a “Yes We Can” slam against the Bill of Rights these people had so long enjoyed.

Even worse for these Americans is that their ability to defend themselves is soon to be lost as their Supreme Court is set to rule in a 2nd Amendment (gun rights) case that will outlaw their being able to own any type of firearm and that Obama’s recent appointment of Justice Sonia Sotomayar [backed by the Communist Party in her nomination as a “way to end “right-wing” terrorism in the U.S.”] , who is firmly opposed to gun rights, holds the key “swing vote” on.

Unknown to virtually all of the American people is that last years US Supreme Court ruling upholding the 2nd Amendment gun rights of residents of Washington D.C. ONLY applies to those citizens, and NOT to the citizens of the individual States, and as quoted about the current case to be heard this week by the court by the New York Times News Service: “Under the doctrine of “selective incorporation,” the Supreme Court has ruled on a case-by-case basis that most, but so far not quite all, of the Bill of Rights applies to states and cities. The court should dispense with the selectivity and make clear that states and cities must respect the Bill of Rights.”

Sadly for the American people (and Obama’s Communist “fellow traveler” Justice Sotomayar will make sure of it) they are not now, nor will they ever be afforded the full protection of the Bill of Rights given to them by their Founding Fathers and their descent into the darkness will continue.

Putin in his aforementioned remarks stated that he never would have believed that the United States would take the Iron Curtain surrounding the former Soviet Union they had helped to destroy, pack it up, and the re-erect it around America, but that is exactly what they done.  And if any American today wants to know what it was really like living under the tyrannical rule of the Soviet Communists they need only look around them at what their Nation is becoming, and then get very prepared for what is to come.

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  • Vlad

    well it sounds grim :(

  • alfred

    The Cold War was only between two shades of communism: Marxism-Leninism in the Soviet Union and Trotskyism in the US. It seems the latter prevailed. However, the former is still alive and kicking in Latin America and Russia.

    The only cure for communism is nationalism.

    • JamesTheJust

      The Cold War was only between two shades of communism: Marxism-Leninism in the Soviet Union and Trotskyism in the US.

      And they were ALL jews. Imagine that.

      And these are the people idiots worship as some damnable g-ds chosen people.

      • John Adams

        Ant Semitism, “JamesThe(un)Just, is the socialism of fools.

  • chris from oz

    What an excellent summary of current events in the US. I applaud your efforts in spreading truth rather than the corporate propaganda we’re drowning in here in Australia. What we wouldn’t give for a few journalists like this that haven’t become shills for their paymasters and fawning boot lickers of the New World Order.


    • Jackthekipper

      The Juwes are Men who will not be blamed for nothing.

  • MyName

    There is a logical system to replace current system. It is nearly equal to anarchy.
    We need it because:
    Boss can do grimes(secretly)=he WILL

    Human race must retreat back to the survival of the fittest. These are the times of technoLOGY so it ofcourse must be the LOGGICALLY FITTEST(see my logics?).
    No system can exist if it cant 1.expand 2.have hightech and be such that bosses can treath their people.
    ==>Individually moralogically superior komission.

    So I think it is just the capitalistic leaders reaching their target when things really globalise and get under the same roof.

    Russia has relatively young system.
    How ever they are not executing every physical violence griminal and ensuring getting the rigth people by removing abomination of privacy and putting PUBLICLY awailable spycams EVERYWHERE ect.
    Endresult will be that they will have to fully ably the same as far as they havent?? before these terrorist strikes end ect..

    What I am trying to explain that people should have all rigths possible. Even the rigth to SAFELY posses nukes perivately(umm held in goverment watched facilities but you own ehehe) drugs(completely firesafe box), nervegasses(ok, gov faclilitis or safe possession impossible as following explains).
    Carrying and posession are ok if in the case of worts accidet(all shells explode simultaniously) it is physically made impossible that others would be harmed. We can see how its easy and maby even possible for nerveagents in your house.

    Then pouple do not have rigth for imaginary thing. The privacy. It makes it easy to kill and not be couth. At worst even without weapons.
    When then we can clearly everytime proof completely cases of heavy physical violence grimes like rape we should aply execution. Those grimes also actually deserve it.(Everybody disagreeing will be the one in million or billion(doesnt matter) who get one secong rape and dies horrendous HIV death one year from now. Explenation for them “rapist didnt do it on purpose as NONE CAN ALLWAY BE CERTAIN WEATHER HE HAS IT”..

    This way bad people are selected of before realy bad grimes are made. Words dont hurt law ensures the starter gets penalised etc..

    These more important things require economical changes wich is the TRUE reason politicians resist them. I say change it because 90% of people can not affort bodyguards or farms.

    The only way to do rigth is to do it logically.
    Morallogically.. :) :)

  • MyName

    So what I am trying to say is:
    Communism has communes.
    Socialism has idea that everybody are equall all the ways.
    Nationalism means you work under anybody to death no matter the system just for your homelandmass.
    Capitalism means you work under anybody to death just for global world rulers.
    Keep the vocalbulary straigth people.
    The main reason I cant spam perfect worldsystem here is no languace has the structure or word for that logic yet.
    The main difficulty in my moral logics has allways been multiple meanings and complex consepts without possibility of description under too diversed usage of vocabulary.

    • cloward and piven strategy


      Socialism has idea that everybody are equall all the ways.

      Way off it makes everyone evenly poor. I’d rather live in the country that makes a Bill Gates, Millionaire, that GIVES equally as much out donating Millions. When you take his money it is tyranny, when you allow it to be given it is charity. BY your over use of your so called “complex Consepts” our concepts. You sound like a legend in your own mind. I bet your mom is proud, why dont ya grab the broom and bang on the ceiling to get your t.v. dinner and thank her for not applying her burning urge to abort you to help the overpopulation problem. You are so brainwashed by elite rubbish that its sad your whole life will probably be a waste, fighting battles that are made to lose, and fighting for things you don’t even understand. You my friend are playing checkers on a 3d Chess board. clueless.

  • Vlad Tsepesh

    G’day Chris 😀

    • chris from oz

      Gday mate:) How’s the Police State over there? Got a CCTV in the lav yet?

      • Vladimir Dracula

        u must be joking?
        what police state 😀 ?
        now they are installing a new system,to tax ya by mile and on average speed/fines.

        • chris from oz

          We’ve got a highway in Sydney called the M7 that has cameras over the road every few km to ‘toll’ you for the distance traveled. All bullshit. A corporate entity (the toll, ahem, ‘authority’) and me, free man on the land. No contract, so I use the road without paying for the privilege. There’s a bloke in the UK, John Harris, whose website (tpuc.org) covers a lot of this common law stuff for you guys (and us, since we have the same constitution and common law system).

          The truth is, we don’t have to pay, we don’t have to be licensed, we don’t have to give our bodies over as surety for the corporate entity listed on your birth certificate (driver’s license, passport).

          I love looking up and smiling at those cameras when I pass by them. I’ve got no fear left for these creeps stealing money and freedom from the people. They hide in the dark and send their policy enforcers (police) out to do their dirty work. We need our Peace Officers, not Policy Enforcers. The poor coppers here are being militarised like your team is over there too. Blue fatigue battle pants and boots on all of them now, no shiny shoes and slacks anymore. Policeman’s discretion – dead (everything being recorded now). Common sense – not needed. Follow orders without question – hey, promote that man, he got ‘is ticket quota this month.

          I’ve got a lot of time for our officers of the peace, but it is a fact that there is an IQ cutoff for them, just as there is for our soldiers. They want them smart enough to do their job, but not too smart. Imagine if each copper was seriously thinking about the differences between common and statute law every day (let alone trained in it), and was able to make a conscious choice about applying it when ‘fining’ people for no harm done. Oh, to dream of such a day..

          Anyway, sorry about the rant. I see the day coming where we either all wake up to this shit, or completely lose any chance to express it like this. Power back to the people..

          • JamesTheJust

            They say these things are for tolls and taxes. That’s just a side benefit. What they really want to do is track our movements.

            The thing about the White Western nations is that our attitude and our beliefs are in our blood. It is genetic. The beast system simply cannot win against that.

            Our kin are long-suffering, but we will only take so much. Once Anglo-Saxondom becomes a flame and a fire, those opposing us had better watch out!

  • jerry dudley

    we American people do not like what obama and congress are doing we have told them not to do these things but they want listen to us. if it keeps up i am afraid that the American people will take to the streets and we may have a war in this country between the people and the crooked government that has taking over. :(

    • chris from oz

      Hi Jerry,

      I visited your country in October last year just to see with my own eyes how bad things were getting. Australian’s by and large are still living on fantasy island – the level of community awareness of anything going on outside our borders that isn’t related to fucking sport (or reality TV) is sickening. Our corporate media has the population pinned in the electronic illusion a lot deeper than the US, and the apathy here is suffocating. Where’s the righteous anger at the erosion of our civil liberties? Non existent in comparison to the US. You guys have a national spirit enshrined in your constitution, which you all seem to know and protect in a way we sorely need down here.

      Our people are learning their rights slowly, but it’s thanks what’s going on over their (and in the UK, Europe police states as well), and the noise that so many patriots are making that is turning this thing around. Don’t give up, don’t stop shouting, we need you.

      • JamesTheJust


        We are a special people; and I do not mean “Americans”. I mean we White Western People. When you think about our history; how we have spread across the globe; how there was not risk to ominous for us to take; how our longing for freedom is inherent in us…while other races destroy and enslave, we built and demand justice!

        It is easy for me to see that we are a special race; a holy and chosen people. No other race or culture can compare. That’s not “racist”. That’s a simple fact.

        YAH bless ALL our chosen people.

        • chris from oz


          Since I awoke, I have spent a very loooong time taking a look at ‘our history’ as you put it. I feel that the views you express differ from mine. I do not speak of knowns, but of principles.

          The principles under which I exist at this time are derived from Natural Law, that which we understand as self-evident, rather than an opinion based only in the physical structure of this reality (such as “I am ONLY my physical body, and this physical body is superior to that physical body because mine is pretty and white, and I behave better than them because I say I do.”).

          Let me ask you this, James. If you (the created) have got all the bloody answers on which of these bodies (provided by our creator, whatever label you wish to attach to that) and then presume to speak for that same incredible force and intelligence that created us all, you must know WHY so many different human being ‘models’ were created. Please, tell me James, if you’re so certain that white is right, why all the fucking around? Why not just make us all white to begin with?

          If it is your sincere belief that a vague fluctuation in the assembly of 70 to 100 trillion cells that roughly make up the average human body is what separates us, without any inclusion of the true ‘sense’ of humanity, our shared consciousness and will, our ability to feel love and empathise with another’s pain; then I wish you well on your burning cross way. I’ve seen an Iraqi man scraping what was left of his son off the road with a shovel, and having looked at his face I can safely say that he was as human as I.

          James, there is far more to us than the flavour of ice cream. I disagree with your opinion, but I will fight to the death for your right to express it.

          • JamesTheJust


            I would love to answer all your questions. The problem is, I’d have to go way back; discussing both ancient history, scripture (which is nothing more than recorded history) mythology (in which we now know that many myths were based on historical facts) as well as archeology and etymological studies.

            The fact is, not all races were created by the same creator. Fact is, there was a rebellion and there is a force (a group of people descended from another “god(s)”) dead set on our destruction.

            It took many years of research before I finally put together the pieces of this puzzle and the puzzle isn’t complete yet.

            I can give you links to help you, but I cannot outline such a difficult and far reaching question as you have posed in such a venue as this.

            Before you begin your search, it may be helpful for you to ask yourself why it is that the White race has so excelled while other races don’t.

            We have been taught, by the enemies of our people, that we should not even ask such a question. And if you never ask the question to begin with, you will never think to look for the answer.

            If you have the gut reaction to look at “racism” as being bad, then you may want to ask yourself why that very emotion, designed to protect nations, peoples, tribes and kin causes such a reaction.

            In your studies, you will note that the same attack plan against White nations has been used over and over again. You will find that this M.O. always includes:

            1. Sending waves non-Whites into White nations.

            2. Taking control of the economies of White nations.

            3. Through economic control, gaining governmental control and control over the organs of information; including education and religion.

            4. Destroying the moral fabric of White nations.

            Historically, we are in the final phases of their attack plan. The problem is that historically, White people have been able to migrate to new areas and set up new nations (and once the hard work of nation-building is complete the enemy moves in to suck it dry). Whites could also immigrate to other White nations where they could find peace and engage in INHERENT moral law.

            Now, there is no place left to run. Now, it’s do or die time. There is no “fight or flight”, there is only fight or die.

  • Vlad

    G’Day Chris.
    I am Mick Dundy from Walkabout Creek 😀

    • chris from oz

      Then you must know my Uncle Wally 8)

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  • Tannim


    Notice this was written on April Fools Day.

    However, this may be no prank!

    • Josh

      April fools day is not celebrated around the world like it is here.

      • Ray

        being an outsider, there seems to be a lot of fools in america, (re election of Obama).

  • Vlad

    wot about the “toll” when crossing the bridge into or from north sydney?
    you had these red light cameras,i’ve been in sydney some 10 years ago. no much idea how it looks like now..
    i heard the cops in australia have live streaming cameras on them.is this true? now they can’t even have a joint :)

    • chris from oz

      Mate, there’s tolls everywhere around Sydney. They’re taking one away apparently (not sure why), but I noticed that they’ve jacked the toll up in a couple of places. The company doesn’t want to lose revenue after all.

      I don’t know about the streaming video to the coppers. Like those poor buggers don’t have enough to do. That’s how they do it to the cops – same as the military. All of the training is strictly controlled, with a culture of intimidation against speaking out. They talk a good game about transparency, but on the inside it’s different. Deliberately trained in the policy necessary to maximise revenue and increase control. It’s recognizable by its inhuman/anti-life activities. It exists totally for its own existence, keeping control and expanding that control wherever possible.

      If it were well known information that (historically), an increase in state power and policing RESULTED in an increase in petty crime, accidents, suicides as society became more fearful and wound up, then perhaps the Peace Officers (sworn to uphold the Common Law) might question the ever increasing (and never decreasing) militarization of their Forces.

      They are kept so snowed under with the ENDLESS policy enforcement (the divvying up of the control mechanism known as ‘money’), that their Peace Keeping role and capacity is reduced (over time); while on the other side of the battle to divide Police from The Public, we have a thousand flavours of poison laced alcoholic/energy drinks that turns adults (& children) into beasts, brought to you by the same corporate paymasters. This gives the worn out policy enforcers some serious peace keeping to do to justify, hmm, what next, body armour for sure, automatic rifles, yup, MP4, no problemo, civil rights, BBBBTTTzzzzztttzzzzz, Taser O’Clock!

      Its the same in Britain, Europe, the US, Canada, France, shall I go on… We’re all in the same boat team. All in the same game, the deck is stacked, the dice are loaded, the table is rigged. The game has been going on a long time, lot longer than anyone here typing has been around. Lot longer. Things are getting real interesting, and I’m stunned at how quickly things are changing. Rome fell in days, not weeks or months. Get ready for some of that ‘change’ we been hearin bout..

  • Eddi

    This”information”is a 1 April joke.

    so caled”russia”is in reality a dirty 3 world hell-hole,full of asians and under the rule of yids.

    • John

      They do not celebrate April 1st around the world like we do here.

    • amy

      No American would ever say “1 April joke”. Ever.

  • slobo

    Resurrect though Grace Borthers…Best Regards, Slobo :)

  • Fffff

    im praying really hard for Obastards death. please pray with me

    • amy

      you have my prayers

  • wheninthecourse

    pray with me for obastards death

  • truth

    Everything that was said in the article is true. Obama has plans to take over our formerly great country and control it. To do so, he must ruin it first and make the people dependent upon him and government. The people who voted for him ignored the evidence about who he truly was and like sheep they voted for “change.” None of them thought to ask is the change going to be better or worse. As a fellow American posted above, there is growing dissent. We will NOT let the usurper destroy what our Forefathers and other great Americans sacrificed with their blood, sweat and tears and gave their lives for – FREEDOM. We are AMERICANS. We will fight to save our country from the fascist in the White House.

  • Vlad

    James, you’ve got the guts.Bravissimo!
    it is said in the Book that, if you are not hot or cold (meaning political correct/warm), I shall/will spit you from my mouth or something like that,isn’t it?
    even if you are wrong,u still please the Boss (Almighty).
    May the Boss of Bosses sharpen your sword,so His enemies have no cover to hide/run.
    Banzai James and smash the serpant’s head!

  • Brian

    Exactly what the Jews and their useful idiots like Obama were doing in 1920s Germany. Exactly what Sen Joseph McCarthy warned America about in the 1950s. Looks like lots of Europeans from Russia, Europe and America fought on the wrong side of that war.

  • Lazarus

    All these things are going on in America as we speak.
    1)Restore America Plan is in action
    2)Oath Keepers organization
    3)Articles of Freedom
    and about 20 other organizations who are bent on change

  • Lazarus

    by the way… almost every person alive today has some amount of “other race” in their blood. I don’t know about you, but i have seen white people to be in many cases the most despicable of races. The catholic church must be run by secret black Muslims from Ethiopia right. Come on, each race has its benefits and evils. What about Asians? definitly more technologically advanced. Africans are born into war. Americans born into prosperity. no different are they than the people who have been slowly forced into bondage and slavery in a moment of weakness.

    • amy

      you are a compete moron. don’t talk. i’m embarrassed for you.

  • abc

    Is this an article lifted from the Onion or something?

  • Jen

    Can someone say over-exaggeration…..

    This is such a biased report.

  • Tyler

    Concentration of assets and capital in the hands of the state is a bad thing only when the people are NOT the state. Such was the case in so-called communist states like the old Soviet Union. Communism doesn’t suggest a state that is above the people, it suggests a state that IS the people. There’s a big difference.

  • Comrade Nancy

    What a ridiculous text ! Putin is a fxxking plutocrat and an ennemy to the russian poeple, he is a puppet in the hands of the ruling class. Obama is unfortunatly not a socialist, so stop your propaganda. Stupids Tea Party brainwashed morons !

  • Schuyler

    Ok, i’m an American and all this is rong and i feel bad that the only other Americans that commented on this site were part of the conservatist, glenn beck loving, birthers. Obama is not killing America. He’s trying to fix the 8 years of chaos brought on by Bush’s administration. Just because he’s not working to his fullest ability doesnt mean he has dastardly plans for us all. Get real.

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