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Russia Moves Against US In Kyrgyzstan, Thailand As World War III Nears

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Early reports circulating in the Kremlin today from the Foreign Military Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU) are showing that Russian forces have successfully engineered government coups against the American “puppet states” of the United States, Kyrgyzstan and Thailand.

To the dangerously chaotic situation now existing in Kyrgyzstan we can read as reported by London’s Times Online News Service who are reporting:

“More than 100 people were feared dead tonight after police fought street battles with protesters attempting to storm the presidential palace in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan.

The opposition claimed that the Government had been driven from power and President Bakiyev had fled the capital. That assessment was contradicted, however, by the US State Department, which said that the Kyrgyz government was still in control.”

To the equally dangerous situation in Thailand we can further read as reported by the LA Times News Services:

“After weeks of demonstrations that saw glitzy shopping malls blocked, blood splattered on the prime minister’s residence and tourism dented, Thailand’s leader on Wednesday declared a state of emergency in Bangkok, handing the army broad power to restore order.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva made the move after anti-government protesters broke into the parliament building, leading some lawmakers to make a rooftop escape aboard a Black Hawk helicopter as other parliamentarians scaled compound walls.”

Fueling Russian anger against the Untied States were this past weeks series of terrorist attacks against the Motherland masterminded by CIA-linked al Qaeda terrorist forces that  included the catastrophic bombing of Moscow’s subway system leading to the loss of over 40 innocent lives and which President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin vowed to find and “destroy”.

Also angering Russia has been US President Obama and NATO’s refusal to stem the devastating Afghan heroin drug trade run by the CIA and which to date Victor Ivanov, head of Russia’s federal drug control agency, has estimated has claimed over 30,000 Russian citizens lives.

[Note: Important to note about Afghanistan’s heroin drug trade was that by early 2001 the Taliban had totally eradicated its production thus depriving the CIA of tens-of-billions of dollars of drug income necessitating the 9/11 “charade” which then allowed the Americans to regain control and re-start this vital component of their vast illicit Global drug empire under the “protection” of US Military Forces.]

According to these reports, Russian Military Forces are attempting by these Great Game “shadow wars” in Kyrgyzstan and Thailand to deny the US and its NATO allies the use of critical airbases [Don Muang Royal Thai Air Force Base: Thailand and Ganci Air Base: Kyrgyzstan] needed for their, the Americans, attempt to seize control of the vast oil and gas deposits in Central Asia, and which both Russia and China have vowed not to allow them to accomplish.

[Note: For the reader to fully understand the enormity of these latest Great Game moves more research and information needs to be acquired than this one report, or any single report for that matter, can do. Suggested reading on this subject includes: “The Great Game”, “The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia” and “The New Great Game. Blood and Oil in Central Asia”.]

Important to note is that the United States and its NATO allies began this latest chapter of The Great Game with their devastating attack upon the former European Nation of Yugoslavia in the spring of 1999 under then US President William Clinton in order to secure for the West the vast Central Asian pipeline transit routes needed to terminate on the Adriatic Sea.

Since the West’s deliberate destruction and breakup of Yugoslavia only the Motherland has been able to counter their moves, that is until 8 weeks ago when the Chinese entered the fray, and as we can read as reported by the Diplomat News Service in their report titled China Enters the ‘Great Game’, and which, in part, says:

“When the leaders of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and China gathered in the desert of eastern Turkmenistan in December to inaugurate a new 1,800-kilometre natural gas pipeline running from Central Asia to China, it marked China’s dramatic entrance into a battle previously dominated by Russia and the West over access to the region’s natural resources. It also was a measure of Beijing’s increasingly confident foreign policy, and its growing ties to–and interest in–its neighbours of the former Soviet Union.

‘This project has not only commercial or economic value. It is also political,’ Turkmenistan’s president, Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, said at the time. ‘China, through its wise and farsighted policy, has become one of the key guarantors of global security.’

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the five ’stans’ of Central Asia became independent countries, China has for the most part taken a back seat to the United States and Russia in this strategic region. In the 1990s, the United States began trying to gain influence largely to secure access for US companies to the oil and gas reserves that were just starting to be discovered, while also, through various democratization and human rights efforts, trying to get the authoritarian governments to liberalize their political systems. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, the US focus turned to military cooperation as it set up air bases in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The region was a useful gateway into Afghanistan (which borders Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan) and was also thought to be susceptible to the same sort of radical Islamism that vexed Afghanistan.

Russia has viewed all of this as an unwelcome intrusion into its backyard, and a threat to its own interests. The Soviet-era oil and gas infrastructure oriented all the export routes for Central Asia’s petroleum resources through Russia, from which Russian state-owned companies profit handsomely. US democracy promotion campaigns look, from Moscow’s vantage point, to be stalking horses for the sort of anti-Russian ‘colour revolutions’ that took place in Georgia and Ukraine. And US military bases in Central Asia compromise Russia’s strategic depth in the region–Russia has its own large military base in Tajikistan and smaller facilities in Kyrgyzstan.

China, meanwhile, has carried out relatively quiet diplomacy in Central Asia, focused on narrow issues like delineating borders between it and the newly independent states, and in gaining cooperation on shutting down networks of dissident Uyghurs, a Turkic people closely related to Central Asians who were using the ’stans’ as rear bases for anti-Beijing activities.

For most of the past 20 years, China’s presence in Central Asia was innocuous enough to allow both the United States and Russia to believe that it benefited them. In US eyes, the primary goal was to loosen the grip that Russia had on these territories for centuries, and China would help in this. In addition, especially after September 11, the US welcomed China’s cooperation in fighting terrorism in Central Asia.

Russia, too, cooperated with China in Central Asia, especially in trying to thwart a US military presence there, in both of their backyards. They formed the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a regional security group originally billed as a ‘NATO of the East’ and including all of the ’stans’ except Turkmenistan, which in 2005 called for the United States to leave its military bases in Central Asia.”

Interesting to note in these reports is their asserting that Obama upon becoming aware of Russia’s planned assault in Kyrgyzstan and Thailand “begged” United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to go to Asia to try to prevent his, Obama’s, Asian allies collapse. UN leader Ban, however, upon his arrival in Kyrgyzstan 4 days ago sided with the Motherland and slammed the United States “puppet” leader President Kurmanbek Bakiyev by openly declaring to the Kyrgyz Parliament, “Quite frankly, ladies and gentlemen, recent events have been troubling, including the past few days. I repeat: all human rights must be protected, including free speech and freedom of the media.”

UN leader Ban today expressed his “shock” at the violence taking place in Kyrgyzstan, but by all accounts he was instrumental in furthering Russian and China’s interests against those of the United States and their allies.

Important to note about these “puppet” rulers of the US are that they all came to power in what are called the “colour revolutions” engineered by the CIA, and include Kyrgyzstan’s “Tulip Revolution”, Ukraine’s “Orange Revolution” and Georgia’s “Rose Revolution”. The “common thread” connecting Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Georgia are their all being major oil and gas pipeline conduits for Central Asia, only one of which, Georgia, is still controlled by the West, but after it’s disastrous 2008 war when it tried to invade Russia will, without a doubt, be the next “domino” in the Great Game to fall against the Western Powers.

Equally important to note is that while just about everyone in the World has full awareness of the potentially catastrophic import of these events, the same cannot be even close to being said about the American people, and who continue to live under one of the strictest propaganda regimes seen since the Axis Powers of World War II and rivaling that of the Soviet Communists of the Cold War.

And no where is this more evident than in the events occurring in the US war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq…where in Afghanistan, US Special Forces Troops after a killing spree targeting women and children tried to cover up their crime and were supported by their military leaders and lapdog press…that is except for one British reporter, Jerome Starkey, who refused to “toe the propaganda line” and exposed the truth; and in Iraq where US Forces savagely massacred 12 innocent civilians…which came to light only because the actual video of this atrocious attack was leaked, and not by the American propaganda media who would never report on it anyway.

So as our World today veers ever closer the abyss of Total Global War, the American people continue to live in denial of what their monstrous war leaders are doing in their name and the consequences they are going to ultimately suffer because of their deliberate ignorance, the cost they will all be paying much sooner than they can ever imagine.

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6 Responses to " Russia Moves Against US In Kyrgyzstan, Thailand As World War III Nears "

  1. willy says:

    Griminals are griminal independent weather they acted for stupidity or weather it was planned. This is why it is smart newer to think an act as nonplanned in just as evil purpose that came out of it.
    No matter wath Capitalist griminal leaders want the structure of truth will allways reveal itself trough the lines. Accept in China for wich its ok to be China because thay would suffer hell if they ever submitted to white leadership and as they are barely recovering from opium war to maby being ably to follow nonparlamental act called human rigths the Russia is starting to loose a new age opium war because it doesnt penalise drug users and allow possession in no parliamentary way.. :) :)

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  2. Patrick says:

    I am an American Patriot, and this above message is true, every American who believes in truth should care enough to forward this to just one friend.

    America bless God again, like we did way back when
    Lets turn back to Him, be free and bright once again.
    Without His Son, its all over and done for us
    If we dont want His protection over us anymore, He’ll let our enemies over run us into ruin
    Only He can turn the tied, with our willingness to labor in the Spirit of Christ

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    • JamesTheJust says:

      Before America became JWEWdized, we were blessed. Our forefathers knew the truth. The more we bless the Edomite jews the more YHWH will curse us. That is a simple fact, easily seen by all with eyes, but SOME people never read the bible, they NEVER study to show themselves approved unto YHWH, and they love it so. Church is nothing more than a glee club to them where they go to have fun; hearing all about the love of some Jesus, they do not know, but never understanding HIS wrath!

      YHWH will bless HIS people again IF we stop calling evil; good and good; evil.

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    • Malcolm Gladwell says:

      Amen Patrick

      People like Jamesthejust are using the name of YHWH to weaken the Christian faith and are interested in building up the Christian Church, into the White Man’s Racial Hate Religion advocating the genocide slaughtering some 90% of White Americans

      • Jamesthejust follows his GURU and spiritual idol WILLIAM FINCK THE MURDERER (14 YEARS IN JAIL).
      • WILLIAM FINCK is a spiritual partner with The Nut phedophile <b Pastor-Lindstedt (spent 3 years in a nut house and 10 years in Jail for having sex with his grandchild).
      • Pastor-Lindstedt , talks about his spiritual partner and Jamesthejust guru WILLIAM FINCK
      “William Finck is one of the cutting edge Dual-Seedline Christian Identity scholars today, just as I’m the cutting-edge DSCI political pastor of today.”
      • Pastor-Lindstedt and Jamesthejust guru WILLIAM FINCK run talkshows – quotes :
      “To build a new Racial Hate Religion, advocating the genocide slaughtering some 90% of White Americans.
      They are interested in building up the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church, into the White Man’s Racial Hate Religion. And yes, we will exterminate all the jews and niggers and beaners, but first we must exterminate the whiggers whites, the typical ‘white nigger’
      Frankly, we intend to either skin alive whigger regime criminals or let them pleads guilty to the mental disorder of Piglice Testicle Eating”
      The goal of the CJCC/AN is to enhance the Great Tribulation to where ONLY 5 TO 10 MILLION Whites exist on the continent when Christ returns………
      JamestheJust wrote quote :
      “we’ll start collecting Edomite jew heads for trophies along with the White traitors who sided with them.”
      JamestheJust and his Guru main role is to weaken the Christian faith and the Church, to further destabilize the formerly Christian West and must be exterminated along with their descendants , Those facts should be exposed everywhere.

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  3. Joe says:

    Are the editors of this webpage off their fucking rocker?

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  4. Piotr says:


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