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Pretoria schoolgirl stabbed to death, hands hacked off

The Victim

A Pretoria schoolgirl who stayed at home with an ear infection was stabbed to death and had her hands chopped off, reports Beeld newspaper.

The father of the 17-year-old Anika Smit found her naked body at their home at Theresa Park in northern Pretoria on Monday afternoon when he returned from work.

“When I saw the overturned chairs in the dining room, I knew something was wrong. I called her, but she did not answer,” said Johan Smit, 54.

Moments later he found his daughter’s body in her bedroom.

“She was lying on the floor, without clothes. Both her hands were cut off and gone, they must have taken it with them.”

“The police told me she was stabbed six times in the neck. They are investigating the possibility that she was raped,” said Smit.

Police spokesman Constable William Mahlaole said a post mortem would be conducted to find out if she was raped.

Smith lived alone with his daughter, who was a Grade 11 pupil at Hoërskool Gerrit Maritz in Pretoria.

This happened just days after Julius Malema (ANCYL) sang” Shoot the boers, they are rapists”

“It is our understanding that the Youth League claims this song should be seen within a political context and that it has no physical or emotional affect on whites or Afrikaners,” Roets said.
AfriForum was therefore providing the list of victims to show that singing the song may have consequences.
“This is not a game of cowboys and crooks. People are being murdered while Julius Malema is singing and sipping champagne.”
South Africa is in a state of siege with regards to crime with more than 18 000 murders a year. Just consider the following on farm attacks: From 1991 until March 2010 there were 2538 farm attacks in which 1396 people died.

Source 1 and Source 2

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  • niggerhater

    every damn nigger who just put an eye on a White woman must be castrated and shortly hanged.
    niggers die!

  • Jackson

    “N”hater: You are probably some FBI or CIA cointelpro posting here just to divide people. You hate White “N”s or latino “N”s also? “N”s come in ALL races you severely uneducated asswipe. :-x

  • Vlad

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  • JamesTheJust

    Our people are going to have to learn that despite our giving nature and the innumerable BLESSINGS we have provided the world; we are hated!

    If we don’t stop worshiping the Edomite jews and the satanic doctrine of White guilt, we are doomed.

    Sometimes I am sad; sometimes I am mad because our people WILL NOT STUDY! If they knew history, then they would know that the jews (in fact the entire seedline of Cain) has been at war with us from the beginning. And what’s worse is that these demon seed people always use the same M.O.

    Plying our White nations with non-Whites is one of their methods to our destruction. Controlling the economics of our nations is another. Creating wars in which so many of our kin die is another.

    The children of Cain (most notably, the jews) want us to race mix. They want our destruction – and yet, I hear so many idiot whites, who haven’t got a clue, either condoning the PC satanic cult of “We are the world” and/or they are actually worshiping the literal children of the devil, as the chosen ones of g-d.

    Well, I know who I am. I am a SAXON! I am Isaac’s Son and it is in Isaac’s seed that the true children of YHWH are called!

    • south african

      What a bunch of insensitive pricks. If any of you knew what the history of South Africa was and that ”whites” settled before blacks and Jan van Riebeeck settled in the Cape before black people migrated down from the north you may be entitled 2say something.

      I am a white south african, and I went to the same school as Anika and I remember her well. What’s more, home is home and we are the back bone of the country and have always been due to farming, and providing education, healthcare and so much more to the ”apartheid” generation. Don’t dare comment if you’re not from South Africa as you won’t have an idea what you’re talking about.go do your homework you bunch of outlanders then come back but unless you lose a friend at a drive through because your friend was shit dead in cold blood you have no say. I’m proudly Afrikaans and I am south african. More so than you could or would ever understand.

      Plz don’t comment if you’re not south african. Whether you’re white, black, yellow or brown peace as Mandela wanted it should be present and unless your countries intervene you don’t have a say. Oh I 4got, we don’t have oil like the middle east. Stay in your countries but respect us and know we don’t care about your comments.g

  • Vlad Dracula

    well done,james!

  • genadi

    And where are the human rights activists. Where are the anti-apartheid and anti-racist activists?

  • Lich King

    James what you say may be true but this case happened in South Africa and I don’t understand why you are blaming this on Jews. Jews didn’t murdered this girl nor did Jews sent her parents or grandparents to Africa! SA is a country that has always been black.
    Whites have no right to be there just as much as blacks have no right to be in Europe.
    I’m also sad about what happened to this girl but all whites from the African continent should get back to Europe and start sending blacks from Europe and America back to Africa.

    • Malcolm Gladwell

      Lich King

      The following will give you an explanation regarding JamestheJust sick mind.

      • Jamesthejust follows his GURU and spiritual idol WILLIAM FINCK THE MURDERER (14 YEARS IN JAIL).
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      “William Finck is one of the cutting edge Dual-Seedline Christian Identity scholars today, just as I’m the cutting-edge DSCI political pastor of today.”
      • Pastor-Lindstedt and Jamesthejust guru WILLIAM FINCK run talkshows – quotes :
      “To build a new Racial Hate Religion, advocating the genocide slaughtering some 90% of White Americans.
      They are interested in building up the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church, into the White Man’s Racial Hate Religion. And yes, we will exterminate all the jews and niggers and beaners, but first we must exterminate the whiggers whites, the typical ‘white nigger’
      Frankly, we intend to either skin alive whigger regime criminals or let them pleads guilty to the mental disorder of Piglice Testicle Eating”
      The goal of the CJCC/AN is to enhance the Great Tribulation to where ONLY 5 TO 10 MILLION Whites exist on the continent when Christ returns………
      JamestheJust wrote quote :
      “we’ll start collecting Edomite jew heads for trophies along with the White traitors who sided with them.”
      JamestheJust and his Guru main role is to weaken the Christian faith and the Church, to further destabilize the formerly Christian West , Those facts will be exposed everywhere.

      • Vladimir Dracula

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        • JamesTheJust

          Macolm “X” is a jew, posting out of Israel, using a proxy server. He pretends to care about Christiandom, when in fact he only cares about his satanic brethren. Malcom X actually wants to destroy Christiandom, telling Christians that they should not arm themselves and that we should willingly go to jail even though we have been found innocent in a court of law.

          What do you expect from an Edomite child of the devil?

          As I ahve said, I have come to know the M.O. of the Edomites and one of their telling M.O. is spamming threads. If you look back on Malcom X’s posts you will se that he cuts and pasts the same lies over and over again.

          He is truly like his father, the devil. He was a liar from the beginning and there is no truth in him. Like father like demon son.

          I hope my White kinsmen can see through this tormented demon. He knows he has but a short time left. They are getting desperate.

    • JamesTheJust


      You really need to study the history of SA. It is not as simple as you may think. It was the jews who decided that they wanted black rule in order to destroy the White prohibitions imposed by the Africans of European descent on their diamond and raw mineral mines.

      It is the same M.O. the jews used in America. ALL of the slave trading ships and slave auction houses were owned by jews. Once they had flooded our nations with black slaves and there was sufficient breeding stock, which no longer required owners to purchase them, they then started the Civil War, through the Rothschild banking mafia using slave abolishion as the pretext to infiltrate and take over the economics of America. (This is an over simplication of the facts, but it is truth none the less.)

      During the 60’s the jews became instrumental in causing tension between the races (again this is an OLD M.O. used by the jews). And even though it is historically provable that the jews were the slave masters, they blamed it on Whites and claimed that they were once slaves too (even though in the scripture, their forebearers admit that they were not ever slaves to anyone).

      Again, this is a simplification necessitated by this type of forum.

      YES Jews are to blame! YES they were instrumental in the fall of SA and the subsequent murders and mayhem against the White Europeans in SA!

  • John Taurus

    Negros are the tools of the Jews and are being used to destroy whites. The Jews are known for pitting their enemies against each other. While their enemies are fighting and killing each other, the Jews sit back and rejoice at the mayhem and devilment they have caused. Whites are also Jew tools used to destroy Jew enemies. American soldiers are doing Israel’s fighing all over the world. How do you keep a slave happy? Never, ever let the slave know he/she is a slave. Remind the slave often of his/her freedom, give them votes in a farce called an election. Tell them they are fighting for their “freedom”. Meanwhile, per capita, America has more people in jail than any other country on earth. Freedom?

    • Vlad

      well elaborated,john!
      i bet james would do in the same way,but in depth.
      you’ve been strait to the point.

    • JamesTheJust

      Negros are the tools of the Jews and are being used to destroy whites.

      Archeology has now confirmed that the White race built Egypt. Egypt was at its height of achievement during White rule.

      Canaanites (what we call jews today) infiltrated Egypt, took over the economics and flooded the country with Nubian black savages. From that point forward, with the exception of a short period of “recovery” under White forcefully retaking rule, Egypt fell, never to be a great nation again.

      The Edomites (called jews today) have been at this for a long time. White people need to wake up. Historically, when the “jews” moved in and destroyed our nations, we migrated away and started new nations, or immigrated to other White nations which had not yet fallen prey to the jews. Now, there is no place left for us to go and start over again. We must take a stand. The nations of the West belong to us and us ALONE! STAND!

      We are a holy people. We are to be separate and apart from all other races. WHITE RULE FOR WHITE NATIONS ONLY! No outsiders allowed.

      (Imagine…IMAGINE how wonderful this nation would be today if there were only Whites in it? Can you see it?)

  • http://boere-eenheid-forum.cultureforum.net/portal.htm Krieket vd Linde

    I Live in Pretoria in South Africa. The media does not tell it all! The blacks shouts “Shoot the Boer” to our faces at traffic lights. Our kids are harrassed by blaks and openly threatened to be shot! I also know a friend of this girl, and apparently she was also mutulated in a horrible way. A piece of broken bottle was pushed up in her private parts. This is fairly commin when blacks murder whites. They usually do this when their victims is still alive.

    • JamesTheJust

      Kreiket vd Linde,

      I am horrified by the carnage in SA. Our own kinsmen are too damned busy sending their money to help voodoo niggers in Haiti to even care what is happening to their own blood in SA.

      The very ancestors of these voodoo niggers mass murdered White French people only a little over a hundred years prior to that, and yet Whites (mostly JEW-DOO-DOO Anti-CHRISTians are sending their money to help those savages.

      It is appalling to see the number of Whites who call good, evil and evil, good.

      There isn’t a day that I do not pray for my kinspeople in South Africa. I pray for all my kinspeople.

      • slobo

        SA is one of the few countries that still allow possessen of firearms. What is required is a covert response. Which I am sure is already taking place. USA, covet your arms! USA, do not give up your personal firearms! USA, be prepared to fight for your God Given Rights!

    • As 4 me and my house….

      The ‘seedline’ – as you call it, is actually from Seth! So you are correct – GO STUDY – learn the history!
      Although you are off point, we are talking about a young girl who was brutally murdered, had her hands hacked off and taken as ?souvenirs! And a man who is a political leader telling/asking his followers to kill White people.
      He is an adult black man. She was a white schoolgirl. Those are the facts, deal with it!

    • As 4 me and my house…

      Trek liefie, trek….

  • Heckenschutze

    John Taurus—why not call them niggers, that is what they are. They are subhuman monkeys that don’t have any sense of right or wrong. Apes in the wild are better than they are. Read the article about the sister of S.A. soccer star being raped and left for dead by about 50 subhumans.

  • HelloKitty

    If Anika was absent from school, then IF the person she knows exfriend or someone. They might be from her school. I think that they should inspect her school, classmates she use to hang out and such. They should check the absent records and then they might find out who it was. If it was a friend from school they shoud easily be found.

    • JamesTheJust


      You are talking about a nation that is now under black communist rule. You are talking about a thoroughly corrupt government which arrests Whites on minor infractions; placing them in jails to be gang raped by blacks and then released the next day without being charged.

      I highly doubt anyone really cares about the Whites in SA; not even most kinsmen in the West, who would rather send their money to voodoo heathens in Haiti than help Whites who are being MURDERED by the tens of thousands every single year.

      I am shocked and amazed by the complete ignorance of most Whites, who would rather help murdering satanic heathens than there own, and who willingly sacrifice their time and resources helping their very enemies than their own.

  • Robinson

    As we want all the Niggers out and back to Africa, what the fuck are those whites doing there, its Africa man, if those Idiots choose to live in a Jungle with the niggers, they should expect to be eaten alive by those animals.

    So who gives a fuck about those idiots, if they wanne stay in this nigger jungle , its their problem .

    • JamesTheJust

      Typical Robinson of total White ignorance of history.

      South Africa DOES RIGHTLY belong to Whites. And your disregard for kinsmen makes me believe that you are not White AT ALL.

  • Robinson


    I am sometimes amazed how stupid and primitive low level people can be, but I guess there is no boundary to stupidity.
    What’s you gone bring up, some lunatic prophecy that whites 20000 years ago were transferred by a Flying saucer to south Africa and took over………..
    Damn you make white people look like morons.

  • Vlad

    when the whites arrived in SA there were only “4 leg” animals. that’s what james meant and do not try to paly the smarty,robinson.
    the other 2 leg animals arrived later on from a sauce pan.

  • satan

    all niggers should be kicked out of africa. they don’t belong there. kill them all!

  • Montreal1898

    to james the so-called just: The hatred and ignorance you post is disgusting and shameful there is nothing just about you. True the horrid crime against this poor girl is disgusting as well and the murderers should be locked up tight for it or killed. But then you and the rest of you guys took it way too far. You preach how blacks are savages but when you rant on about killing innocent people who have nothing to do with the girl or SA or YOU then you are not much better than the killers. I personally don’t care about my so-called “kinsman”,or any other “racial” belonging group I am an individual and look out for myself not people I don’t even know who live half a world away. As far as im concerned here is the rank I see: the human race (which includes “non-whites”), then Jesus Christ, then the All Mighty.
    We are born, we live, we die then our bodies decompose into the ground and our souls are judged by God. No one is better then others. We are nothing but a bunch of ignorant sinners in God’s eyes and HE has the final say and only he can judge, humans have no right to judge others so FUCK OFF JAMES. PS worry about your own well being and your life will be much less stressful. The crime has nothing to do with you and you are not directly affected by it. Move on.

    BTW The Haitian revolution happened over 220 years ago from 1791-1804, get your facts right.

  • andre

    hi i remember Anika very well we had 2 classes together math and afrikaans she was a very nice and outgoing girl i miss her alot and sometimes wish that they would just get her killer , lost of kids sayed she owed people money for drugs but i never seen anika high or nothing ,i just wish they could find her killer i don,t think it was a satanic thing i think it was just someone that walked pass her house and saw that she was alone and then killed her it could have been a friend or not but the point is the police have,nt found the person yet and that is bad because they don,t do there jobs right , and the awful thing is the police have made so many people mad because of false charges of murder and rape and then they let the people go because they are inocent how must does people feel and what must there famly,s say and do i think if the police would stop fooling around then mybe they will find the real killer Anika was a nice and pretty girl the way her eyes looked when she was happy and sad i will never forget them and the way her hair had blown when she walked at school at break time,s and her amazing laught there was so many good things of her that i miss and all her friends miss , Anika RIP we will always remember yo and we miss yo alot :-(

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