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Massive Muslim riots in Norway

Radical Islamists and Muslim gang members will gather for a massive protest outside ‘Stortinget’, the Norwegian parliament at 15.00, 12th Feb. after Norwegian newspapers yet again printed drawings of Muhammad the Prophet.

There were major riots in Norway a year ago on behalf of the Muslim community after Israel invaded the Gaza strip.

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Massive Muslim riots in Norway, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  • TaN00Ki

    Unlike your 3rd world countries, we have freedom in our nations, muslims, so fuck off!

  • Logan

    Europeans, you must shut down your borders now. It is not white people’s job to create great societies only to have them invaded and destroyed by non-whites. If non-white societies can’t create societies with high standards of living than tough. We can’t solve their problems. You got to realize that immigration is only going to make the situation worse on both ends.

  • JamesTheJust

    Every White can thank the Jews for the massive immigration of non-Whites into our nations. The Edomites are behind this and this is provable. WAKE UP!

    Muslims, niggers and ALL non-White – get the hell out of our nations! You do not now nor will you EVER belong within our borders! You are inferior in every way.

  • Fuad


    Euroep belongs to the Muslims.
    Your days are over, in 10 years we will take it over completley.
    So find yourself another PLACE.

    Long live Allah.

    • Lenagoth

      JamesTheJust- over my dead body,,I know that’s your goal- it’s a totally different story to “complete the mission”. LMAO!

      • lenagoth

        Sorry James, I see his name is FUAD :-D

    • Vladimir Dracula

      soon it will,unfortunately..

    • JamesTheJust

      You and your monkey relatives don’t have ten years left sand nigger. You don’t know the end of this story. I do.

      Just remember you said that mud turd, when you see your demise and your eyes bugger out and you murmur, “oh shit”!

      Fuck allah.

      • Fuad


        Ha Ha …… when did you last toured cities like Malmö or Barbès or Offenbach (I bet you don’t even know where the hell those places are).
        Those are MUSLIMS cities already.
        While you scratch your white stinking balls, we take more and more cities over……….
        Soon Europe will belong to us as it should be……..
        Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

    • http://twitter.com/RyanJMurdough Ryan J. Murdough

      Muslims belong in a big pool of pig blood.

    • Joe

      Fuad,if your statement becomes a reality,the Muslims will have a very difficult time surviving in the Scandinavian countries without the help of native whites.It’s to cold for Muslims.There is not enough work to be had for an over populated Muslim society.Why do radical Islamist want to bring sharia law to Europe?what makes you think that Europeans will live with sharia law and any Islamic?Norwegian government spends taxpayer’s money to support Muslim refugee,these refugees get every thing for free.Food,shelter,clothing,education.They get to do their dirty laundry in a clean washer &dryer in a laundrymat instead of washing their dirty laundry in a river like some Muslims do.

  • Thor H. Asgardson

    Where are the Vikings?

    Sacrifices must be made to Odin; bogs must be filled.

    • lenagoth

      Once people realise they’re left to fend for them selves- no government defending us- the viking within will wake up again. Study their tactics, they will try to conquer not thru bloodshed but thru politics and increased immigration.

    • Joe

      What do you mean by “bogs must be filled?”Filled with the remains of Muslim corpse?Odin was Thor’s father.These two white Nordic men would not tolerate Muslims rioting in Norway.These two men would not let Norwegian feminist have their way with Muslim immigration and Muslim men gang raping young Norwegian women&girls.

  • Wotan gig

    Thor H. Asgardson

    I am with you, looks like the Christian-judeo are pushing their Jesus other Cheek morals again.
    Christians destroyed the white race in Europe.
    Only Odin will save us from those Muslims.

  • WeisseTod

    Listen everybody, the Muslims are breeding like the lower life forms that they are, all at our expense. Look who is giving them food and medicine, the white race. Realize this, they would still be throwing stones at each other if the whites didn’t sell them firearms. No muslim is smart enough to invent anything, they’ll say they did but not quite true. See you have to be able to read and write intelligently to invent something. No real thought process. Stop feeding them, stop giving them housing and send them home. No one wants them, they show up like the unwanted dogs at your door begging. Push them back to where they came from, even their dumb kids born in your country at your expense. Wouldn’t you like to have had several children if the govt were feeding and housing you for FREE?????

    • gregory


      Muslims are not the problem !
      We should accept them to our societies and learn to benefit from what they can give us.

  • Allisio Rex

    At this late point in history of each European Nations, only the Military can save us. Muslims and all the others will have to be forcibly deported.

    Europe and all White Nations must be liberated or we will eventually become insignificant. The worst is that we will be subject to the abuses,insults and oppression of the emerging majorities in our own lands. What a shame! Fight Back brothers and sisters. The end is near.

  • Vlad Dracula

    Weisse Tod,how to throw them out? we/you are a minority having such views.
    better to start with fellow whites who are dumber than moslems,by supporting/ellecting all these white c*n*s in power..

    • Jim

      Vlad Dracula

      let me understand your point.
      We will start with fellow white………..
      And once we finish with them, the Moslems are goig to finish us.

      That’s what the Mmoslem want, to push us away from the main target, they go step by step, guess they are smarter…….. .

      • Vlad

        Well Jimmy,I thought it is not hard to get my point.
        not the blacks,nor the mahomedans imposed these f***’ “political correctness” and all this horseshit associated,right?
        the very f**g white cunts in power (mainly leftist wankers)allow all these 3rd worlders to come over here and overrun us.
        so,what is so hard to understand my point?
        U know what Vladimir Dracula done some centuries ago in Romania? he f**d up his fellow countrymen for high treason.

        • Jim


          “U know what Vladimir Dracula done some centuries ago in Romania? he f**d up his fellow countrymen for high treason.”

          And…. did it help look at Romania today, a poor country about to brake up……
          Did it solve the problem, NO
          So it means, that your way and his way was wrong as he did not take care of the main problem.

          Meaning once we finish with the traitor whites (looks like you push to kill whites), the Muslims are goig to finish us and then what, you will write your IDEAS again to whom…..

  • WeisseTod

    Gregory, I don’t see any whites running around blowing up people, I don’t see any whites hijacking airplanes and plowing into buildings, I don’t see any whites wearing explosive underwear trying to blow up planes. I don’t see whites slaughtering women and children. Maybe these subhuman life forms you love so much are all real nice cowards. You can move to their country and they can go back with you, I don’t want you or your kind living near me. They belong living in the desert like the animals they are. Also Gregory, what could they possibly give us?????????? They don’t have the intelligence of a monkey, giving them anything is like giving a newspaper to a chimp.

    • JAK

      Well these things are done behind the scenes with a very strong PR for public consumption. There is an overwhelming evidence of 9/11 being an inside job. Entrapment, agent provocateurs have been used routinely used to instigate people. Need more be said. Anyway just do a bit of research on genocide and you will find out who were the perpetrators. I am not a racist but this should open up your mind to facts and help you refrain from generalizing.

  • gregory


    Muslims are not the problem, they were invited so we need to keep them and integrate them in our countries, we don’t have any other choice.
    As they will not move back and you cannot move them back even if you want, what other choice do you have.
    Don’t live in a dream, they are here and they are here to stay.

    • JamesTheJust


      You’re an idiot. No, I take that back, your a TREASONOUS idiot. I pray to YHWH that you are one of the victims of the shit muds “integration”. You deserve no less and it would be divine justice that would cheer the heart of any self respecting Saxon.

      • Gregory


        I don’t even try to go DOWN to your level
        As You must be an Ostrich or one of those Primitive Americans that come here and don’t have a clue or Understanding where Europe is.
        So spare your time and hide your head in the ground and take care about your Niggers and Mexicans in your Hillbilly village.

        • JamesTheJust


          You can try to insult your way out of this one but all you’re doing is side-stepping the FACT that you are a treasonous bitch. People like you are going to get what’s coming to you along with all the muds you support.

          You have NO RIGHT to be included among the noble Saxon race. You are inferior in every way.

          Go down to my level? Boy, you cannot even hope to obtain the heights of Saxondom for which my forefathers fought.

          While MY people were busy building Saxon society, your pussy forefathers were trying to stomach a woman long enough to procreate (when they were wanking with their buddies).

          You’re a faggot and a disgrace. Bugger off!

          Those among our race who aid and abet the enemy must be destroyed along with the enemy.

    • kerdasi amaq

      So, Gregory, you’re saying that you would like to see the programme introduced:

      1) no alcohol allowed.
      2) no gambling.
      3) no pork products allowed.
      4) capital punishment for murderers.(beheading with a sword, in public, on Friday afternoons)
      5)Strict segregation of the sexes.
      6)Prohibition of atheism(death penalty for atheists).

      Islam cannot co-exist with non-Muslims in the long run. It is all a game of numbers. As long as they are a minority; you non-Muslims will retain control of your society.

    • Joe

      If Muslims are not the problem,then who is?Maybe the problem is the Norwegian feminist and the politicians looking for a bigger voting base.I have read about Muslim crime on other web sites concerning Norway.Why should Norway take in Muslim refugees and asylum seekers like the militant Islamic scholar Krekar?From what I read about Muslims in Norway and other Scandinaian countries,very few Muslims want to integrate and assimilate.Do you think that Norway needs to take in destitue Muslims and then see them have riots in the streets and live off the generous dole?You must be a Jewish man?Do you know what has happened to the Jewish community in Malmo,Sweden?I know you do!Since when does Norway have to take in Muslims?why can’t Norway keep its sovereignty?

  • WeisseTod

    Gregory, I didn’t invite them, you damn liberals with your Zionist controlled politicians did. I want them and the Zionists out of America, once they are gone, things will be normal again. If you like them so much, see if they invite you to their sandcastles.

    • Gregory


      This is Europe here, I don’t give a shit about America.
      They f**ked up Europe Enough.
      So take care of your Niggers and Mex before you come here for advice.

      • Joe

        Gregory,I am a black American man.I hope that you don’t hate black Americans.As for Mexicans,I work with some of them and they are hard working and they earn a pay check unlike most Muslims living in Norway and black Somalian in U.S.A. There is a Samalian community in Lweiston,Maine that receives welfare money and section eight housing.I have seen a you tube video about Muslims in this former lumber mill town.There were about a dozen or so young black Somalian boys ages 8-20 and they were following him as he walked on the sidewalk,the boys were taunting him but not touching him.There have been reports of Somalian boys/men attacking whites in this small town.Do you live in Norway?Norwegians have the same problem as this small economically depressed town in Maine except that the Muslim crime problem in Norway is many time greater.You say that Norwegians need to take Muslims into their country and integrate them into Norwegian society.Muslim men have been gang raping young white Norwegian women/girls because of the way the Norwegian women dress and because of Islamic ideology towards women,Muslim and non Muslim women.This is not integration or assimilation.Did you know that Obama signed an executive order in 2010 that will allow for about 80,000 Muslims to immigrate into the U.S.A.?It was Obama and not me that made this possible.

        • Joe

          Correction on the name of the town.It is Lewiston,Maine.

    • Joe

      There are Muslims and a mosque in Louisville,KY where I live and I did not invite them into our country and the mosque used to be a funeral parlor and I did not like that referbishment because I don’t like any thing Islamic because of the stigma and Islamic ideology.

  • Gregory

    kerdasi amaq

    Strange name – I can go to the extreme on the other side, Go to Christian Sicily its even worse then your list.
    Using lowest level propaganda want help Europe.

    Take a tour to Lebanon and see how your list falls down one by one.
    1) no alcohol allowed (IT IS ALLOWED Arak comes from there).
    2) no gambling (THE CAPITAL OF GAMBLING).
    3) no pork products allowed (it is alowed).
    4) capital punishment for murderers.(beheading with a sword, in public, on Friday afternoons)(SHOW ME NEWS ABOUT THAT)
    5)Strict segregation of the sexes (TAKE A VISIT TO THE BEATCH ).
    6)Prohibition of atheism(death penalty for atheists)

    Christians and Muslims live in Harmony most NON religious.

    • Glyndyer’s Right Sock

      The Lebanon is a Christian country not an Islamic one.

      • Joe

        Look at what the militant Muslms did to the “French Riviera”of the middle-east.This is what is happening in Malmo,Sweden and other Swedish cities.

  • Gregory

    Glyndyer’s Right Sock

    Go back to first grade
    Muslims (including Druze) account for 61% of the total population of Lebanon
    28% Muslims Shia
    28% Muslims Sunnis
    5% Druz
    Language – Arabic
    Christian country ?????

    • Glyndyr’s Right Sock

      It is a Christian controlled country. It was set up that way. The Maronite Christians control the government, even if they are a minority.The Constitution is rigged that way.

  • Gregory

    Glyndyr’s Right Sock

    What fantasy books are you reading?
    Since when is SYRIA a Christian Country ???
    They totaly control the country.

    But on the other hand, you just proved that the system works.
    Muslims and Christian live together…..

    kerdasi amaq – “Islam cannot co-exist with non-Muslims in the long run. It is all a game of numbers. As long as they are a minority; you non-Muslims will retain control of your society.”

    Well look at Ireland A Christian country…….
    From day one Christians are killing one another as a hobby.

    You find it better…………….

  • WeisseTod

    Vlad, you some dark skinned Untermenchon from Eastern Europe. Have of that part of the world is muslim and terrorist states. Gregory, yes, America has become a shithole, but whites are regaining since the minorities have it figured out that the whites are paying for all their benefits and freebees. Many whites are becoming educated toward the liberal Zionist ideals—-mainly that all people are equal. About as much so as the animals in a farmers barnyard. The best will come out and deal with the venomous puke fed to us by our media. Thank God for EUTimes.

    • Joe

      You can also thank god for another anti Islamic web site that I like.Bare Naked Islam is the name of this web site.

  • Nikolai

    WeisseTod you said “Vlad, you some dark skinned Untermenchon from Eastern Europe”

    Why do u say that, we Eastern European are more white then you Mother F**cker American.
    Get the f**k back to your Niggers and stay there

  • Attila József

    Great response Nikolai

    WeisseblackTod This is an European site, we don’t need american scum
    We had enough of your Bullshit.
    So go chase your Indians…………….

  • WeisseTod

    Vlad, Nikolai, Attila Jozsef, sorry boys, Ich Prussian, blonde, blueeyed, aryan. No nigger, Jew, or any type of subhuman. Teutonic in form. So let us join forces and remove the subhuman’s from America and Europe. Sorry, but my love of the Fatherland far outweighs my love for America. If it came to war between the two, I would side with Germany

    • JamesTheJust


      As long as there are Whites who still buy into the artificial lines in the sand, drawn by treasonous kinsmen and devious jews, they will never be effective leaders or fighters in the White cause. The most they will ever accomplish is a whine fest.

      I currently reside in the US, but my nation is my kinspeople, where ever they live. Until Whites start waking up to the crucial FACT, they will be idiots; jousting at windmills. Maybe they “think” they can vote their way out of this mess; that the same treasonous murderers, liars and thieves controlling their current governments can be replaced with better treasonous murderers, liars and thieves.

      Maybe they’ll write a letter to the editor! Yeah, that’s the ticket! lol.

      Those who sow disunity among our kin are worse than worthless. They are whiners within the enemy’s camp, posing as “white”.

  • Attila József


    You are a Primitive Untermenchon American, you inbreed with your daughters, that why you are all f**cked up.
    Get an Indian to chase after……. Europe is for Europeans .

    • JamesTheJust

      You are a Primitive Untermenchon American, you inbreed with your daughters, that why you are all f**cked up.

      And by your flag, I see that you’re an Edomite jew!

      Get an Indian to chase after……. Europe is for Europeans .

      And what concern is the WHITE RACE to you jewboi? I AM White. I AM a European BY BLOOD. You’re just another worthless mamzer jew; the enemy of my kinsmen. You are fit for destruction. It must suck being you.

      You are nothing but a broken cistern, unable to hold the water of life. I, on the other hand, am a true Israelite; pure in all my generations (race). You are a mamzer; a mixed bag of African and Asiatic polluted blood, and a mamzer shall not enter into the temple of YHWH even forever.

      The temple is reserved ONLY for the White Race. PRAISE YHWH!

  • WeisseTod

    Attila Jozsef, must be a polish unter you shall forever be ignored by me.

  • WeisseTod



  • http://tasgardson@yahoo.com Thor H. Asgardson

    Sacrifices must be made to Odin. Bogs must be filled.

    Time to gladden eagles.

  • Death To ISLAM!!

    Remeber Evil only succeeds when good men do nothing!

  • Ukrainian Cossack

    You insolent moslem camel-fuckers, you incredibly stupid lizard-eater tribe who fled your lousy countries, using European warm-hearted laws and now you have the grit to raise your stinky voice in Europe? Europeans, let us the Slavs do the job, you’re too pinky and slobbery.The sooner we forget the oil and connected with it Arab terrrorism and get the pure energy, the better we’ll finish up this moslem scum.

  • Vladimir

    The so-called “liberal” European politicians are actually just a bunch of shamelessly greedy rats who don’t even have a trace of conscience, moral and responsibility for the future generations. They’d sacrifice the whole heritage and European culture in order to obtain more funds and votes.

    Their politics of aggravating the excessive muslim immigration, ignoring the horrible clash of two incompatible cultures and mentalities, and forcing Europeans (through law and aggressive propaganda) to blend in with Arab immigrants and lose their own identity IS only going to bring the heat and explosion. An EXPLODING pot it is gonna be, not a MELTING pot !!!
    Common people have had enough! Only a tiny minority of extreme communist can still preach that fake “tolerance” (that is, let the savages conquer you and shut your mouth), insist on race/culture mixing and call fascist or nazi everyone who denies that we are all same and equal !

    Enough! One way ticket for everyone, I don’t give a damn if they are born here, just pay them expenses and OUT!

    Otherwise things will turn ugly – there won’t be another golden economic age in Europe for a long time

  • Joe

    I am an American black man and I have been reading eu times comments on Muslim men raping young white Scandinavian women&girls &making all kinds of demands from permits for mosques being built to forcing young Norwegian school girls to wear head covering when in school to a mufti in Copenhagen,Denmark warning Danish white women to cover them selfs up from head to toe or they risk getting rape by Muslim men.Then there is the rape&murder of Swedish citizen Elin Krantz last September by an Ethiopian refugee that was a criminal in my country then was taken in by a compassionate Swedish government.I am very sympathetic to you white Europeans.Obama signed an executive order last year that will allow for 80,000 Muslims to enter the U.S.A. as refugees,Obama said that he is doing this for humanitarian reasons.Most Somalian refugees are not compatible with American society and they don’t want to work or assimilate with us black Americans and the rest of Americans.Minnesota has a large population of Scandinavian&German desendents and they are very generous with Somalian Muslims and other Muslim immigrants just like the Scandinavian governments and still the Somalian Muslims behave the same way like Somalians do in Scandinavian countries.I am very happy to read about angry white Europeans expression their out rage!I hope that one day when a white Scandinavian woman or girl gets raped or gang raped by immigrant men,Muslim or non Muslim that a lynch mob either hangs him/them in a tree(s)or castrates him as soon as the mob catches him/them or worse.Have there been any riots this year and any Muslim gang rapes this year on Scandinavian women?

    • Ukrainian Cossack

      Good for you,Joe, I voted for you.

  • Joe

    Looks like a one man riot happened earlier in the day in Oslo answered my question!

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