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German police arresting nationalist leaders

German police arresting nationalist leaders!

Shocking or not, but Germany is back to nazism/totalitarian system! However this time is not back to a nationalist dictatorship but to a multicultural/democratic dictatorship.

The German cops are going house to house to arrest people involved with the Dresden march.

After an interview with a journalist this morning at 7AM, he said the number of marchers was around 10,000 nationalists, with 6,000 cops and several hundred antifa communists.

After the recent commemorative march in the name of 500,000+ German victims of the Dresden Holocaust, the German police has decided to raid the attendant’s homes and even arrest them. In 1945 the Allies have firebombed Dresden, a German town not only once but twice! The story is much more tragic than the Jewish Holocaust. After the first Allied air-raid over Dresden which killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians, the Hospitals sent ambulances and medical staff to take care of the injured but the Allies were on their way for a second air-raid to kill each and every one! All victims were civilians! It was an deliberate WAR CRIME and not a mistake.

So Jews can build museums and worship their exaggerated ‘holocaust’ figures, but when a few White people march to commemorate 500,000 murdered men, women, and children, they are to be arrested?

This is a perfect example of our brothers and sisters in OUR white lands being hunt down like freaking animals for being WHITE and proud.

How sad that holding a rally to honor dead German children and woman can get you arrested. A bunch of racist radical anti-German Communist show up trying to interfere and the government persecutes the nationalist honoring dead refugee woman and children.

We must remember that the Communist are just an annoyance, should not even be worried about them, their still trying to fight WW2 and the Cold war. It is the government which has the real upper hand, but the government is full of former Communist and Socialist, so maybe it is the Communist which has the upper hand?

Please stay tuned for more updates.

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  • http://twitter.com/RyanJMurdough Ryan J. Murdough

    This type of thing is going to make people WANT another Hitler, and they will get him.

  • JamesTheJust

    At the very least, this sort of thing is going to awaken the White people with a fire and all the damned jews and their worshipers are going to be sorry they were ever born.

    Let the streets run red with the Edomite jews blood! Death to them all – man, woman and child.


    • Andrei

      not the jews … but the zinist’s are the problem

      • JamesTheJust

        THE JEWS were a problem BEFORE the Zionist movement even began. The entire history of the White race is replete with THE EDOMITE JEWS’ CONSTANT infiltration, subversion and destruction of our nations and our race.

        This history is long and detailed enough to warrant no mercy.

        People can dismiss the biblical accounts of OUR RACE if they want, but the fact is that the Bible is a historical text concerning the White Race and our constant struggle against the House of Cain, which is absolutely confirmed in secular historical accounts, archeology, etymology and most recently; genetics.

        Everything I have studied over the years confirms the scripture and the scriptures calls for the COMPLETE destruction of Edom.

        It will happen.

  • Andrei


    • Watson

      Andrei must be Jewish

      Asshole Jews or Zionist are the same S**t.
      Been only a Zionist want save you JEW.

  • Durbedico

    This is all our fault. We even fought against each others, because of another race. Hitler said something in this lines: I could have annihilated all the Jews, but I left some of them to let you know why I was Annihilating them. I think this a fake quote, but it makes sense in this moment.

    • JamesTheJust

      YHWH told our forefathers that because they did not utterly destroy ALL of the people of Cain, when they entered into the Promised Land, that the children of Cain would be for us a curse and a thorn in our sides until the end of the age.

      HE wasn’t kidding.

      YHWH also told us that we are to be a separate and holy people unto HIM and that we were not to allow non-Whites into our nations or we would be cursed.

      HE wasn’t kidding.

  • GD

    You need to get your terminology correct. This has nothing to do with the Gestapo or National Socialism at all. German national and racial pride was protected by the Gestapo.

    These are Left-wing, Communist thugs preventing any Nationalist resistance. They are quite simply continuations of the Stasi, KGB, NKVD, OGPU and Cheka, not the Gestapo.

    This is perfect proof that with the reunification, West Germany joined East Germany, not the other way around.

  • Jeff

    Hey guys, I think James is right. Jews are the problem. Let’s not forget that Jews have infiltrated white countries since the times of Moses! Moses himself has tryed to become a Pharaoh in Egypt.

    But even so, we can’t openly talk about the Jews because they are powerful and they can do whatever they want to us so I think Andrei’s tactic to attack Zionists instead of Jews is better.

    Let’s fight the ideas not the people, because we don’t have a choice.

    • JamesTheJust


      I appreciate your comments, but Moses was a White Adamic man. The twelve tribes of Jacob Israel were White.

      The Priesthood of ON was of the House of Shem, which was White. Joseph obtained his wife from this priesthood.

      The ruling cast in Egypt, at the time of Joesph, was White.

      It was not until the time of the Hyksos Kings, who were clearly of the House of Cain and predecessors to today’s “jews”, that the Israelites came under persecution.

      I can confirm all of this with archeology and inscriptions, not to mention the mummified remains of that period, which are clearly White.

      There is so much to our history that most Whites do not know but should. There are mummified remains of Whites in Australia, The Americas, China, Egypt (to name the most well known discoveries) all of which were White and predate ANY so-called “natives” to those lands. Even many of the so-called “natives” of these various lands have stories they have past down through the generations, which confirm that the White race preceded them.

      There is much more to our illustrious history than most people know. We truly are a special race and a special people. And the children of Cain (which includes today’s jews, but is not exclusive of them) have been trying to wipe us out for thousands of years.

      Yahshua knew what HE was saying when HE said that we are sheep being led to our slaughter.

      It is time for the Saxon to awaken.

  • Evan

    Hey guys beware of the Antichrist, also, the rapture is coming soon. Then all of the world will be deceived. The breakdown of governments into totaltarian systems is the sign that one world government is coming. Trust Christ Jesus!

    • JamesTheJust


      There isn’t going to be a rapture. Why do you think the scripture keeps telling us of the tribulation and our ability to survive it, based on our faith? We will be IN the tribulation. In fact, the tribulation has been going on since the time of Yahshua. Otherwise we make a mockery of the millions of Christian Martyrs, who have paid the ultimate price for their belief. We aren’t “all that” special.

  • Vlad the Spike

    GD is right. This is not gestapo,this is the f**g multiracism against whites/nationalists.
    and when u look who these cops,ruling parties etc are,we come back to my point: these white pricks have to be fought in first instance and after the rest of the zoo.

  • http://historicalexactitude.blogspot.com Elisabeth Angel

    “This type of thing is going to make people WANT another Hitler, and they will get him.”

    I hope so! Under Hitler Germany was not a police state, as it obviously is now. Many, many open Communists lived freely under National Socialism — but many of
    them gradually became believers in National Socialism as they discovered the benefits for ordinary people of living in a country not dominated by the money-grabbing international Banksters, and a society not dominated by rich Jews trampling on a largely destitute German population.

    Under Hitler everyone, Communists included, had the benefit of a system that made it possible for everyone to have affordable housing, food, and jobs — commodities that had been very inadequate during the Weimar period.

    If the Jews were unhappy at Hitler’s reforms (in fact many German Jews were still quite happy in Germany since they remained the wealthiest stratum of German society; and they resented the trouble-making of the International Jews), well, for one thing, they made up no more than 2% of the population. Whom should a responsible leader try to please, a 2% powerful and affluent minority, many of whom cared nothing for the welfare of other German citizens, or the other 98%, who wanted to contribute to creating a happy and prosperous home for all Germans?

    Germans today fit all the requirements to be listed as an endangered species, with their low birth rate and the invasion of Germany by invasive, heavily breeding foreign strains — and they must become militant about their survival if they, an ancient and very important culture, hope to survive as an ethnic group. Other endangered species get to live in preserves which are not permitted to be invaded or altered in ways that make them unfriendly to the indigenous inhabitants.

    It would help, of course, if the massive criminal fraud of the “Holocaust,” which provides the excuse for abusing Germans in their own country and brainwashes them into accepting that abuse, were totally exposed. Then no one could whine that simply refusing to let their own country be overrun by hostile strangers “will lead to a second Holocaust.”

    If you would like to learn more of Germany’s forbidden history that has been carefully kept from you by mainstream media, an easy way is to go to http://historicalexactitude.blogspot.com and click on links on the right hand side. You will find many carefully written and footnoted books and articles, made available free for the downloading, as a public service. There is also an article on the page itself called “The Good Society,” that is very enlightening on the subject of life in Third Reich Germany.

    BTW, the Gestapo was simply a political police force such as every country has; it was against regulations for its members to use torture – and you’d better believe that in NS Germany such regulations were strictly enforced!

  • http://www.subvertednation.net Subverted Nation

    There is a great article honoring the suffering of the German people by an American activist here: http://www.subvertednation.net/dresden-the-real-holocaust/

    It’s no question these communist rats don’t want German people to commemorate the only REAL HOLOCAUST during WWII. Then the rest of the world might figure out what a hoax the ovens were.

  • Evan

    James you are mistaken. The tribulation will be worse than anything ever in the history of the world. Millions will disappear as Russia and Iran together attack Israel or America and then begins the wrath of God. When the world’s economies collapse, the time is near.

  • Vlad

    James,have a look at this which explains about some jews or else:


  • torrence

    Let this abuse and madness against our folk, culture, heritage and ancestral homelands continue. Only through such pain will the necessary awareness dawn and desire ignite and burn to take corrective action against the traitors and aliens who have deprived us of what is rightlfully ours.

  • Heckenschutze

    Evan, I trust in my firearm, then I trust in everything else. I believe in the True God, not some idol, not American Idol, not some deity the Jews came up with. Anybody that doesn’t believe that these communists and their ideals (along with the Zionists)are NOT behind this is NUTS!!!!!!! Everybody must rise up and fight, you must be counted, you must retake your lives and livelyhood.

  • The Insurgent

    What cherrycake wrote this article?? Germany is back to “Nazism”??? Germany today is a marxist-communist shithole, during Hitler and Nationalsocialism could not happen to the German people.
    Get real facts and stop blaming on Nazis and Hitler everything. The real enemy for the German people is this merkel bitch and her communist asskissing cabinet. Get rid of this bitch and start a revolution with guns in Europe!

  • dn

    the jewish holohoax never happened

  • Юрий

    Hi normal Europeans!!! I don’t turn to blue, lesbiancom, pederasts and other homoserine.
    Your rulers spread in schools securoty to turn your children into a commodity for pedophiles. It is in the Netherlands will soon be raping children under the age of six months. You want it? Because of sanctions against Russia, You will have to pay from his pocket. You have now the most popular name, Mohammed. Soon your immigrants displace You. I especially feel sorry for the Germans, carrying Western Europe on their shoulders. Merkel has sold You Americans and your gold reserve is there. Grab your friends and loved ones and come to us in Russia. Plenty of space. We have many lives of your countrymen, and no one complains. Come and You will be far to watch homoserine from Holland absorb Western Europe, Together with centuries-old culture and tradition. And your immigrants who live at the expense of your budget and you will be all to ruin. The US does not need a strong Germany or Europe. So the US has unleashed a civil war in Ukraine. Ukraine does not want to pay for gas, so when the transit, it will steal the gas. In Europe gas is not enough, and the USA and your corrupt rulers will tell You that the fault of Russia. Okay Americans, but You Europeans, the wise old Russ, should understand it. Come, all goes as it should go, and You never will be able to help the old Europe.
    Yatseniuk has said that Russian gas supply to Europe, problems can occur. Simply put, they will steal your gas, and your leaders will tell You that the fault of Russia. Money gives US the Ukraine, go to the Armory. The US needs a war, as the dollar dummy, a balloon can not be assured. Them all on the spit. I write to You not from Putin. I write You from yourself, from a pure heart. And if You don’t want to hear me now, don’t tell then, when disaster strikes your home, that You were never warned.
    And why am I, a simple Russian pensioner must prove such simple truths. You know perfectly well that I’m right, but You stubbornly argonaute his thoughts about what may happen something terrible. Who wants to wait, but who doesn’t want to come.
    You probably forgot that after the capitulation of Nazi Germany, the Americans bombed several cities in the Western part of Germany, there was not even Hitler’s troops? You probably also forgot that after the capitulation of Japan, the Americans threw two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? You forget how the Americans bombed Yugoslavia? Don’t want not expensive Russian gas, will get expensive shale gas. And your corrupt rulers will tell You that the fault of Russia. :-8

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