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Black History Month Myth of the Day – Cell Phone Invention

Dr. Henry T. Sampson and Dr. George H. Miley (both pictured at right), are two engineering professor teaching in Illinois. Though it looks like Sampson has since retired from teaching and now writes books on the history of blacks in theater and movies. In 1971 they jointly obtained a patent for their own version of a “Gamma Electric Cell” they designed to convert gamma rays into electrical output.

Sampson was also employed once at a Naval Weapons station in California where he worked on developing binders for rocket propellant. It is alleged that he also holds patents that grew out of this research.

Henry T. Sampson, a Mulatto, could be considered a significant black scientist. However, that is not what the Afro-mythologists are calling him. Last year CofCC.org actually received an e-mails from a parent who’s child was asked to write reports on Sampson, because “he invented the cell phone.”

Apparently the Afro-Mythologists saw the words “gamma,” and “cell” and said “hot dog” a Negro invented the cell phone. Now the media and the public schools are propagandizing this false and easily disprovable claim.

It is also noteworthy, that absolutely none of the Afro-mythologists mention that the patent in question was jointly obtained with a white scientist! Nor do they mention that the first patent for a device that converts gamma rays into electricity was obtained by white scientist Bernard Gross in 1964.

What does converting gamma rays into electricity have to do with cell phones? Absolutely nothing!

Who really invented the cell phone? Martin Cooper, pictured at right is considered to be the father of the cell phone.

In 1973 Cooper took out a patent for his new invention the “radio telephone system.” When Cooper first walked onto the streets of New York with it, people were stunned. Cooper remains in a leader in communications innovation to this day.

So what have we learned?

Henry T. Sampson, was not the first to convert gamma rays to electricity. A white scientist did it first seven years earlier.

Sampson only co-created a similar device with a white scientist.

That device had nothing to do with cellular phone technology and has no bearing whatsoever on the history of the cell phone.

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  • http://aconjob.blogspot.com Thor Ravenshammer

    LOL! Black history month, all about the boombox and break dancning! Make sure to celebrate with watermelon and fried chicken!

    • JamesTheJust

      Niggers have done absolutely nothing to advance Western civilization and yet here they are in the greatest of Western civilizations hogging an entire month for their WORTHLESS asses.

      Niggers are spoiled little lazy liars.

      • Jarius

        I guarantee you it was a White person that said that Black people invented the cell phone. This is another crazy article. Instead of praising the things that people have done, then condemn something that no one cares about. I have never seen in any Black history book, or reference, where a Black person invented the cell phone.

        Black people, however, did create: air conditioning(Frederick M. Jones), the clothes dryer(G.T. Sampson),the elevator(Alexander Miles), the fountain pen(W.B. Purvis), the gas mask(Garret Morgan), the horse-shoe(J.Ricks, 1885), the ironing board(Sarah Boone,1887), the lawn mower(L.A. Burr), the mail box, peanut butter, riding saddles, the refrigerator, the PHONE TRANSMITTER(not cell phone), traffic light, thermostat control, they type write and many others.

        • James

          Wow Jarius, anyone who didn’t actually know the facts may believe your bullshit, especially since you started out so sincerely.

          Black people, however, did create: air conditioning(Frederick M. Jones)


          The Air Conditioner was actually patented 43 years earlier by Dr. Willis Carrier. Dr. Willis Carrier built the first machine to control both the temperature and humidity of indoor air. He received the first of many patents in 1906 (US patent #808897, for the “Apparatus for Treating Air”). In 1911 he published the formula that became the scientific basis for air conditioning design, and four years later formed the Carrier Engineering Corporation to develop and manufacture AC systems.

          BTW: Dr Carrier was…white.

          the lawn mower(L.A. Burr)


          English engineer Edwin Budding invented the first reel-type lawn mower (with blades arranged in a cylindrical pattern) and had it patented in England in 1830.

          Mr. Budding…white…

          the clothes dryer(G.T. Sampson)


          The “clothes-drier” described in Sampson’s patent was actually a rack for holding clothes near a stove, and was intended as an “improvement” on similar contraptions:

          Here are Mr. Sampson’s OWN WORDS:My invention relates to improvements in clothes-driers…. The object of my invention is to suspend clothing in close relation to a stove by means of frames so constructed that they can be readily placed in proper position and put aside when not required for use.

          So while he did invent a rack to sit near a stove, there were already 18 patents for similar devices.

          It was a Frenchman by the name of Pochon in 1799 who built the first known tumble dryer — a crank-driven, rotating metal drum pierced with ventilation holes and held over heat. Electric tumble dryers appeared in the first half of the 20th century. While the basic design of Pochon’s dryer remained, the addition of an electric motor in place of a hand turned crank, made the dryer more appealing.

          So Pochon…a WHITE man, invented the modern dryer. Your black hero invented a rack on which to hang clothes and even then, he was not the first to do so.

          the elevator(Alexander Miles)


          Steam-powered hoisting devices were used in England by 1800 fully seven years prior to this erroneous clam of a black inventor. Elisha Graves Otis’ 1853 “safety elevator” prevented the car from falling if the cable broke, and thus paved the way for the first commercial passenger elevator, installed in New York City’s Haughwout Department Store in 1857. The first electric elevator appeared in Mannheim, Germany in 1880, built by the German firm of Siemens and Halske. A self-closing shaft door was invented by J.W. Meaker in 1874 (“Improvement in Self-closing Hatchways,” US Patent No. 147,853). US patent #476416, 1892

          the gas mask(Garret Morgan)


          The invention of the gas mask predates Morgan’s breathing device by several decades. Early versions were constructed by the Scottish chemist John Stenhouse in 1854 and the physicist John Tyndall in the 1870s, among many other inventors prior to World War I.

          the ironing board(Sarah Boone,1887)


          Of the several hundred US patents on ironing boards granted prior to Sarah Boone’s, the first three went to William Vandenburg in 1858 (patents #19390, #19883, #20231). The first American female patentee of an ironing board is probably Sarah Mort of Dayton, Ohio, who received patent #57170 in 1866. In 1869, Henry Soggs of Columbus, Pennsylvania earned US patent #90966 for an ironing board resembling the modern type, with folding legs, adjustable height, and a cover. Another nice example of a modern-looking board was designed by J.H. Mallory in 1871, patent #120296.

          I could IN FACT disprove every single thing you have said. In a nut shell, Blacks were NEVER the first to invent any of the things you have said.

          Now, I will not call you a liar, because I don’t know if you’re simply misinformed or deliberately misleading, but now that you have the truth. You would most definitely be a liar to continue to assert that blacks invented any of the things you claim.

          Anyone can look up these patents and see, but the Politically Correct liars, who have an agenda are counting on the fact that people will not go through the trouble.

          BTW: Of all the black people who could have signified a race, why in the hell did these same elite choose King? For GOD’s sake, that little vile man was an avowed communist, drug user and repeat sexual offender! But for some reason, black people are perfectly content to have that CREATURE as their god.

          I swear with the liberal creeps pushing the black agenda, you people don’t need any other enemy.

        • http://Niggersareuseless.com White Truther

          :( I have some news for you there BOY! You are a LIAR; Hey everyone( White Humans) Go to Black Invention Myths and you will see the real inventors of these products with the patent numbers as well. By the way you lying nigger, the horse shoe was around you know for centuries before 1885 and most people know this. I don’t even have to go back far nigger, just to the 1400’s; the Templars used to have blacksmiths to shoe their horses and there are artifacts in England to prove it as well!!! This is just ONE of the numerous lies you have told you worthless piece of shit skinned nigger!!

        • Dr. Hayes

          It saddens me alot of racist people try & strip africans of their natural wonders, which is why this man patented his invention in 1971,knowing their would be disputes from bigots about Martin cooper’s cell phone invention in 1973…So lets do the math this black guy here had a P.H.D. in nuclear engineering which lead him to invent the gamma electrical cell(used to not only detect nuclear presence but also to manipulate it for the use of transferring data)…as for mr. coopers invention of the 1st motorola mobile phone 3yrs later wouldve never worked without this black man’s technological advancements, cause cooper had a masters degree in electrical engineering…which i’m an electrician myself & can tell you mr. coopers field of study has nothing to do with anything wireless, infact IT’S ALL ABOUT WIRES lol so pay homage to our very own nuclear engineer…Dr. Sampson…I bet bigots will aim for aim for Mark Deans invention of the gigahertz microprocessor next huh,or Andre Reboucas’s torpedo lol it’s funny cause it wouldnt surprise me coming from a bunch of pathetic bigots

      • shania

        you fucking rese fucker black people invented the phone that you use fuck you pussy i will fuck you up i hope you and your famliy burn in hell your friends too fucker :-x

      • Randy

        Americans invented alot of things here in the good old USA. Not african-american, white, spanish etc but just plain AMERICANS!

        Another thing you can’t reason with uneducated individuals like JamesTheJust. This fool uses foul uneducated comments. People like him don’t go far in life. This white trash probable lives in the hills.

        Ignore the white trash comments they don’t know any better. Their still living in the 50’s 60’s which are long gone!!!

        Jarius your statement is nothing but ridiculous.

        I will pray for all the white trash in our great country!

      • girl t

        Jamesthejust–the only thing you left off of your name is …a FOOL!!

      • YOU

        YOU dumb Ass…those niggers haven’t invented most of what we use today…..they even invented YOUR MAMA…because all races come out of them!!

      • LOL

        I guess a few centuries of free labor didn’t cause any advancements whatsoever. How about we go back in time and rebuild the America we have today without nigger slaves. Oh wait.. :lol:

    • 78DMan

      Henry Sampson PhD earned his doctorate in Nuclear Engineering.
      He earned a number of honors and awards.
      He served as Director of Mission Development and Operations of the Space Test Program at Aerospace Corp.

      His patens included binder system for propellants and explosives
      Case binding system for case composite propellants… both of which are related to sold state rocket motors.

      The Gamma Electrical cell (patented in 1971) produces high voltage from radiation, proposed to generate auxiliary power from nuclear reactor shields.

      Yes, a Black person can be a rocket scientists, intelligent and successful in his or her field of interests.

      Many Blacks have made significant contributions towards human civilization, what have you contributed? Let me guess, nothing.

  • Jeff

    Jarius you are a fucking liar and moron.
    All can be researched on Wikipedia. Your enlisted niggers didn’t invented any of those except peanut butter.
    That’s all there is. That’s what niggers invented. Peanut butter. All other stuff you mentioned were invented by whites from Europe and America.

    • James

      Your enlisted niggers didn’t invented any of those except peanut butter.

      Sorry, but they didn’t invent peanut butter either…

      Peanuts, which are native to the New World tropics, were mashed into paste by Aztecs hundreds of years ago. Evidence of modern peanut butter comes from US patent #306727 issued to Marcellus Gilmore Edson of Montreal, Quebec in 1884, for a process of milling roasted peanuts between heated surfaces until the peanuts reached “a fluid or semi-fluid state.” As the product cooled, it set into what Edson described as “a consistency like that of butter, lard, or ointment.” In 1890, George A. Bayle Jr., owner of a food business in St. Louis, manufactured peanut butter and sold it out of barrels. J.H. Kellogg, of cereal fame, secured US patent #580787 in 1897 for his “Process of Preparing Nutmeal,” which produced a “pasty adhesive substance” that Kellogg called “nut-butter.”

      Whites really shouldn’t blame blacks for these lies. They are only repeating lies that they’ve heard. They, like most people, are too damned lazy to research things for themselves before believing them.

  • Jarius

    What did you invent Jeff? I am not a moron. Morons have to use profanity to express themselves because they have limited vocabulary skills. You are nothing more than a blind individual who is ignorant to the world around him. First of all, no academiac would use Wikepedia as a source. Secondly, there is no race of people formally called “Nigger.” If they are Niggers than you are nothing better than they. Little children call each other names, and also adults who have no control over their emotions, which makes them nothing more than a grown child.

    • George

      I guess that shut Jeff up. I don’t know why I am surprised of the extreme ignorance of people.

  • Ivy

    I’m not going to pretend that racism doesn’t exist, but for you all to act the way you are acting is simply sad. We as HUMAN BEINGS have all had some contribution to the growth and set backs of our society. It would be nice to live in a world where the months aren’t segregated! I pray for you all! If you would like to respond please respond with dignity and save the vulgarity! :(

  • Angela

    Good Job, Jarius. I am so happy you did not bring yourself down to Jeff’s level. Regardless of what we (African Americans) do in history someone will want to discredit us. I am the chair person of the Black History Committee at the school that I teach at and it is amazing how some of our own children do not know the important contributions that we have made to society because of the lack of knowledge. We have the shortest month in the year to share our culture with others. Thank you Carter G. Woodson for starting this wonderful month (originally called Negro History Week), and we still have people wanting to take away the knowledge we have come to acquire about great people like Harry T. Sampson, Madame C.J. Walker, Elijah McCoy and Lewis Latimer. Thank you author of the article and bloggers for reminding me that racism still exist and that these reacist are producing children that I teach everyday and that is why my some of my students act the way they do.

    • Paul

      At least you have a month. European Americans have no month that ever mentions any of their contributions that tie in ethnic pride from having European ancestry. Never, ever is my ethnicity acknowledge with any kind of pride anywhere. St. Patrick’s day and Oktoberfest are about the closest. Both events glorifying alcohol. If you disagree, what month, day or week are known as European American History month. I know that there are plenty of very, very smart Black inventors…. however they had the benefit of being educated in America with White examples and influences that can only make them so much better. I am more interested in hearing about an African major accomplishment for the world that has no European influence or advantage. Surely their must be. Thank you.

      • LOL

        How about every month that European descendants continue to reap benefits on the blood of Native Americans and Africans? :lol:

  • http://www.kemetnu.com lamin ibrahim

    I see we have some ignorant white people here, so let me dispel some notions that they DIDN’T teach you in your Eurocentric curriculums. Africa is the Mother of Civilization and that, unfortunately, includes Europe. Up until the construction of the Empire State Building, the pyramids in Kemet, which mean land of the black faces, were the tallest structures on the face of the earth. Europeans, up until 500 years ago, thought the earth was flat, while Africans were mapping out the stars 10,000 years ago.
    Africans began mining in Swaziland 43,000 years ago. What were Europeans doing back then? The concept of one God first came from Africa and the name of that God was Amen who Christians still use is their prayers today. The moral of the story is that Europeans know very little about their history, let alone African history. No matter how you want to twist or turn it, Africa predates all Western Civilizations by thousands of years. I can careless about racism and bigotry on the behalf of Europeans because everything you learned today was taught to you by Africans. Aristotle, Herodotus, Thales and Hipocrates all studied in Kemet (Egypt) and were taught by the very niggers you hate today. Know your history…….it will teach you who the real grandmasters of this planet are!!!

    • pepjrp

      C’mon man…. by 1750, Europeans far out paced Africans at every level. We had ships that went around the world and you had canoes. We had guns and you had arrows and spears. All the latest inventions, medicines, air travel, electronics of every magnitude that you enjoy everyday, come from Europeans and European Americans. You owe all the luxuries of today’s life to people of European and Asian ancestry.

  • http://Fler Wes

    I feel bad for Jarius. Jarius was neglected, sexually and mentally abuse. That’s why we as parents should pay close attention to our kids. You may think it is cute that your child is saying “This is MINE, MINE, MINE, ME, ME est. Give them love and confirm it with them. Jarius was not loved as a child by his parent, that’s why he grew up a Selfish SELFISH, ANGERY, MONSTER. Jarius does not have the love of Jesus in his heart. Jarius I’ll show you love and will continue to pray for you. GOD Bless!!!!!!! LOVE THY NEIGHBOR you’ll feel better. I hope you feel better the next day. Take care. We all are from the human race, mankind. Love each other!!!!!!!

    • Cantwealljustgetalong

      Well said!

  • John

    Pepjrp, you are completely correct.. Who cares who were the first on this earth, and what happened 3000 years ago when the Alien’s came and made the pyramid’s? Its about evolution and not that I’m racist, but blacks are just more primitive then there counterparts.. What’s truly a shame is how Africa a continent so rich is resources cannot be harvested by its people, and the people are walking around with distended stomachs, and flies on there eyes because of it.. Listen it will always be brains over brawn, and blacks unfortunately have more brawn then anything else, while the white man has the perfect mix of both….

  • charles

    martin luther king was the man.

  • ZZ Amsterdam

    You know I came to comment on this because I am sick and tired of niggers trying to lie about their so called history; niggers have very little or no history; let’s look at the FACTS; niggers have the lowest IQ of all the races; how could they have done even one quarter of what they claim since it takes an IQ of 90 on average to sustain a civilization; the niggers have an average of about 80 or less; this has been proven the world over and anyone who disputes it is living in denial and can’t face the truth. Niggers are useless; Somalia is starving right now as I write this; they can’t even feed themselves!; how can niggers claim all these things they claim and Africa looks like a shithole and has for thousands of years; because Egypt and Arabia are close or in Afria they will assume they are niggers; look at coins and artifacts; all of them have caucasoid features; these beasts are liars and really I think they are Demons in the flesh. Everything niggers touch turns to shit and everyone in the world knows it; so to even consider that niggers accomplished anything significant is purely delusional. I don’t care what garbage the internet sites try to promote, niggers were, are, and always will be 4th class citizens; they are the scum that scum is made of and are nothing but parasites, fungus, and diseases; humanity would be WAY better off if they didn’t exist at all, and every human knows this.

    • 78DMan

      Firstly, how does Africa look a shit-hole? Are you talking about poverty? Poverty is pretty awful, but it looks the same everywhere- Africa, Europe, Americas, Asia…. doesn’t matter. There are different climate zones and vegetation so not sure how those are ugly.

      Secondly, do you have amy statistics regarding IQs in Africa or are you basing your assessment on American statistics? A place where education is largely based on taxable income rates? A place that for centuries used segregation and chattel slavery and later a “war on drugs” and “Stop and frisk” policies to propagate stereotypes and institutionalize inequality? Gimme a break.

      There are 56 countries in Africa, many of which are quite sizable and have a number of physiological conditions that thwart development. Were modern African states designed by Africans? No. Are African states independent of globalization? No. Are African states independent of climate change? No.

      These are some of the foundations that have slowed development in Africa. Nothing to do with IQs.

      African states rely on global and international markets for trade. Who sets the pricing mechanisms? New York. How do US and European agricultural subsidies impact developing agricultural economies- it artificially keeps market values low so they can’t sell their goods as competitively on the international market. How to economies develop? By having a tax base- if you can’t sell a product for a decent price, you can’t tax it. Without taxes you can’t develop vital infrastructure and institutions to promote industrialization. To worsen these conditions, you have groups like the IMF, WTO and World Bank obstructing their ability to advance social agendas- leaving them dependent on American and European aid agencies for FDI. If conditions are too terrible to operate foreign production facilities or whether a political leader decides to give the finger and defy Western interests, then Westerners retaliate by staging a coup, militarize a combatant group, assassinate the leader or support whatever military dictator they can to maintain the status quo- instability, poverty and inequality. The real “niggers” are the white trash elites who do what they can to keep US as human beings divided so we don’t question the system or press for greater rights.

      Somalia is undergoing severe and rapid desertification and climate change- those issues have nothing to do with IQ.

  • James

    I see we have some ignorant white people here, so let me dispel some notions that they DIDN’T teach you in your Eurocentric curriculums. Africa is the Mother of Civilization and that, unfortunately, includes Europe.


    In order for this to be true, you must prove that White races earliest remains are in Africa.

    While they did settle Egypt and build a great empire, there is no evidence that the White Race originated in Africa.

    Please don’t even try top tell me that Negros, who had not even invented the Wheel while Rome was at its height, were somehow magically capable of creating an advanced civilization.

    No, what happened to Egypt is the same thing happening to the great Western nations of today.

    Now there will be blacks and politically correct MORONS who never seek truth, relying on spin. And when they are called out for their lies, they IMMEDIATELY resort to name calling and personal attacks.

    Next time this happens, remember…if they had truth on their side, then the truth would speak for itself and the name-calling and attempts to “shoot the messenger” would not be necessary.

    We know that the earliest Egyptian dynasties, from which we are still able to recover enough DNA, show EXPLICITLY that the rulers were White European (for lack of a better word.)


    I also find it interesting that Negros will give the jew a pass, when it was the jews who enslaved them, sold to the jewish slave traders BY FELLOW BLACK AFRICANS. Imagine…jews and blacks, betraying blacks and dealing in the souls of men….and the blacks pretty much give the jews a pass, while a never ending tyrannicide of lies are told about my people.

    If you understand that those who call themselves jews today are NOT the Israelites of old, rather they are Khazars from the steppes of Russia, in the area historically termed GOG, then the bigger picture comes into view and prophesy gains real teeth.

    The jews have been instrumental in getting the other races here. In the case of the Blacks, they just borrowed a page from the Nubian conquest and subsequent infiltration of Egypt.

    It is a shame that blacks in Western nations WHO ARE FAR BETTER OFF THAN THEY WOULD HAVE EVER BEEN IN AFRICA, yet the take every opportunity to lie, betray and conspire against us.

  • James

    martin luther king was the man.

    An abuser of women. An animal that could not control ITS emotions and sexual urges. In short, a perfect description of a walking talking ANIMAL.

    A Communist, posing as a Christian Pastor, King often hand orgies in his room, culminating and slapping, beating and punching the women (Usually White ones).

    King was a liar and a pagiarist, taking most of his speeches from other speeches made by other people and calling them his own. Reprimanded in Seminary for outright Plagiarism (All of this can be proven so I suggest you do some research before you respond.)

    King was certainly no Christian!

  • Samhain3333

    Believe me, I am NOT racist!!!!!! I’m really NOT ( heaven forbid )!!!! For I truly DO recognize and have exceptional admiration for the great achievements and cultural contributions of african americans! Thus, in the interest of fairness, HERE are but a few of the truly wonderful and crucial things that were genuinely and incontestably invented by blacks. Let’s see, there’s, . .. bill-caps worn backwards ( genius!!! ), baggy-butted jeans or “saggin”, ebonics ( “Yo, ho, pimpin, dawg, jiggy, bootey, fly, Yoo go gurl” .. and the sort ), the thong ( modeled on african native tribal wear ), body piercing ( also having native african cultural origins ), lewd dancing, certain types of beat and rythm oriented music ( blues, boogie woogie, rock ‘n roll, rap, R&B, disco, funk’abooty ) which makes people everywhere “GET DOWN, moove, groove, shake their booties to the beat’ and generally behave like barnyard animals, .. . and THOSE are but a mere handful of the terrific and very important innovations curtessy of blacks! Now, never let it be said that I don’t recognize and refuse to bestow onto blacks their fair and proper due.

  • Xavier Moore

    WHITE FUTURE-FACT – You’re all dying because you’re unnatural to this Earth. 700 million mutant albino lepers whose only reason for existence is to spread war, death, and disease. You’re human-sized (but inhuman) cancers – while the symbol of your strangness and your ultimate demise – the thing that nourishes the people you mock, gives YOU cancer, and hangs over your furry heads like a god – that giant nuclear fireball called So(u)l, which is only 93 million miles away!

    How’s that for a fun science fact… assholes? =))

  • Noel Rogers

    Don’t worry. In a few generations the white race will barely be around and in a few hundred years the white race will not exist. You will be like dinosaurs in a museum. A twisted memory of a war like race who is extinct. Thanks to your race traitor women who can’t get enough blackness inside them. If I were white I would be angry.

  • Dying Whitey

    By the way white truther (is that a word)The Hu in Human is for color which whites do not have so You are not Human you are Mankind-Some Kind of Man?

  • http://Google Pat jones

    Hi all ,
    Please forgive me with reference to whom invented what,
    It’s more important to think colour should never be the issue because of the fact people will always need people irrespective of what the goal is .China had and still got a civilization along with South America and Africa .Lastly these continence were around before there was Europe ..Lastly look up the word moor and Scotland because they to have black meaning happy researching .

  • love all

    Funny thing is when white people always want to start black history from when the first African was enslaved here in America, not Egypt or Africa itself. When you as a white person understand that if it wasn’t for black people you would still be crawling on all fours like a dog and learn to walk, talk and think like men and not man like or Man-kind the stronger of a nation we would be. White people have been able to educate and inform blacks who they are for so long no one knows what a real man do anymore. So while you copy and create useless and pointless inventions that only work with Africans having to tell you how they work doesn’t surprise me or insult me because it is expected. Remember the first inventions that African made could not be patented so therefore after they were stolen from my ancestors off course it took us to come and show you how to make them work. Thieve you have no original thought just creative ways to take and claim, me being here is living proof.

  • eric

    That’s why the Chinese are making better cars because your race can’t do better so the thruth is out there so don’t get mad because some other race made something stop hating an worry about your life you can’t stop it

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