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Obama Orders US Government To Begin Preparing For Biological Attack

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The US Post Office could play a key role in distributing medical aid in the event of a biological attack, according to an executive order released by the White House.

The order signed by President Barack Obama directs government agencies, local law enforcement and the US Post Office to work on a model for distribution of medical countermeasures in the wake of a biological attack.

“This policy would seek to: (1) mitigate illness and prevent death; (2) sustain critical infrastructure; and (3) complement and supplement State, local, territorial, and tribal government medical countermeasure distribution capacity,” the order said.

“The US Postal Service has the capacity for rapid residential delivery of medical countermeasures for self administration across all communities in the United States,” the order added.

The US Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano were instructed to work with the post office to develop a “dispensing model for US cities to respond to a large-scale biological attack, with anthrax as the primary threat consideration.”

The order calls for the model to be drawn up within 180 days, but gives no details as to whether the idea of using the US postal system to assist Americans in the wake of a biological attack is a new one.

The United States has sought to bolster its capacity to respond to biological attacks since 2001, when anthrax-laced letters mailed to people across the United States led to five deaths.

The order came amid heightened security concerns here following an attempt to bring down a US-bound jetliner on Christmas Day. A 23-year-old Nigerian has been charged in the case.

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  • didi

    would this be another spray job like in Ukraine? the persistent contrails have been increased this year. (chemtrails) bariumblues.com
    the pneumonic plague that sickened and killed many in Ukraine was ignored by the US mass media outlets. mutated H1N1 is what it will be called… nice
    marshall law will be a natural after the “National Emergency” Obama called for in the spring. what a crock :evil:

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    • sobber

      Obama is a Lizard of reptylian race so he goes with an agenda for his race and ours is to be disposed of or to be kept in work camps

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      • Agenturl

        Sobber: At least President Obama doesn’t look like a reptile. Like you and yours! Don’t let me catch you in the work camp crawling around since I’ll crush anything that’s not human.

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  • Charles McPherson..

    According to the regularly-updated ‘Swine Flu’ news reports and information on the home page of Mimico-by-the-Lake.Com, a Canadian web site, allegations of a planned US pandemic are already being made: “According to a man claiming to be a US army colonel, massive amounts of mutated swine flu and bird flu H1N5 viruses are being transported in refrigerated trucks to Texas and New Mexico for storage in military installations with aircraft facilities, ready for release in January, 2010…”

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    • Kim Hamilton

      Charles thank’s for the info I will be sure to look it up.

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  • It very much looks to be the only way left for the US Gov. to fight their greatest opponents – their own people. Remember Kissinger said last year Americans would be disarmed by fall 09, this didn`t happen, also the forced vaccination program didn`t work out because of too many protests.
    They are behind their schedule! Thus connecting the dots:
    Bird Flu Virus To Be Released In January:

    others were removed…(!)
    in German:

    Beware people they will try to do it!

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  • A

    Sebelius and Napolitano were instructed to work with the post office to develop a “dispensing model for US cities – I want to know by WHOm they were “instructed”????

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  • MrB

    A —

    Dig your handle. By “WHOM” I presume you mean from whom did OBAMA receive his instructions to instruct Sebelius and Napolitano to instruct the Post Office and so on and so on. I think they call him “Mr. Big.”

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  • Chuck

    This is nothing more than aline in the sand, If it were crossed. Millions of folks would eradicate them all. There are people who are advocating cleaning up you old firearms now. I do not think anyone wants to cross that line. Not even mighty mouse.

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  • Gene

    The articles and news reports I read here on EUT is wonderful real insight what is happening. I read the story of “Pres. Obama orders a miliion troops for US Civil War” and the recent story of news accounts of eye witnesses of military operations being prepared from Washington, DC and other parts of the US for something horrific to happen. What is shocking is that if people themeselve do not see it or read it somewhere in the media…they are beyound having any manners whatsoever until it really happens. After the Christmas terror attempt in Detroit Gen. Jones have said along with others within the Administration that alot was left out “kept classified” in the report released to the public about what is really happening. They are waiting for the next shoe to drop and it will be a combination of tactics and weapons across the nation with several targets with mass loss of life. Bin Laden has stated that this will be the next shoe to drop on the last few video releases and unfortunately…he does not lie. Russian and Chinese intelligence is also working hrad to destroy the West and the US along with “extreme” Muslim, criminal, and terror groups to hit all of us. It is right there infront of us and it is a multi-prunged attack–cyber-political-social-terror-psychological-and military tactics. Now it is in the “force” phase”. Attack. We need to be ready and I am afriad that this country(USA) has gotten so liberal(soft) that we are in trouble.

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  • Sarah

    I am shocked at so,\me of the most incompetent messages left here, wont you please get a grip on yourselfs, you all watch to much TV and sci fi shows, realy, its not that bad, and besides Bush is the moron that started this parade, and now a bunch of Democrats want a turn ripping off all the hard working stiffs, you cry baby’s have to pay now. Get over yourselfs.

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  • carol

    its all in the bible people, obama is the anti-christ jesus is coming for the born again so get right or get left behind. everything you are hearing is in the bible for the last days.

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