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Israel paying agents to post pro Israel Propaganda on Internet forums & blogs!

Future Internet Trolls

Future Internet Trolls

The Foreign Ministry unveiled a new plan this week: Paying talkbackers to post pro-Israel responses on websites worldwide. A total of NIS 600,000 (roughly $150,000) will be earmarked to the establishment of an “Internet warfare” squad.

The Foreign Ministry intends to hire young people who speak at least one language and who study communication, political science, or law – or alternately, Israelis with military experience gained at units dealing with information analysis.

Beyond the fact that these job requirements reveal a basic lack of understanding in respect to the dynamics of the online discourse – the project’s manager argued that “adults don’t know how to blog” – they are not too relevant either. An effective talkbacker does not need a law degree or military experience. He merely needs to care about the subject he writes about.

The sad truth is that had Israeli citizens believed that their State is doing the right thing, they would have made sure to explain it out of their own accord. Without being paid.

Foreign Ministry officials are fighting what they see as a terrible and scary monster: the Palestinian public relations monster. Yet nothing can be done to defeat it, regardless of how many foolish inventions will be introduced and how many bright communication students will be hired.

The reason is that good PR cannot make the reality in the occupied territories prettier. Children are being killed, homes are being bombed, and families are starved. Yet nonetheless, the Foreign Ministry wants to try to change the situation. And they have willing partners. “Where do I submit a CV?” wrote one respondent. “I’m fluent in several languages and I’m able to spew forth bullshit for hours on end.”


You can also read more on this topic from here and here.

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7 Responses to " Israel paying agents to post pro Israel Propaganda on Internet forums & blogs! "

  1. Anonymous United States says:

    Where do we apply for these jobs? Seems pretty simple, just copy what CNN or FOX news says and repost it…right?

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    • jasonberg United States says:

      The Jew run media has a strange way of sounding extremely anti-Semitic lately.

      I can understand the need to engage in battle on all fronts, including P.R.

      Israel has very few allies and many of them aren’t as vocal as they should be.

      If the Jews do run the media in the US, where’s my check???

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      • Shelly Ecuador says:

        I agree with you.

        Reuters news service is especially notorious. Their photo-shop team is at it again! This time they cropped all the hunting knives, blood, broken bottles, and even additional bloodied, concussed and fractured soldiers from it’s photos.

        The photos where then published true and complete and ere published with captions like “Palestinians offering aid to injured IDF soldier in the midst of the attack!” when in fact the attackers surrounding the soldiers were dragging them below ship to be held hostage. see:
        http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/36479_Pro-Palestinian_Peace_Activists_Tried_to_Take_Hostages and also camera.org

        And this not the first instance of Reuter’s creative photo manipulation see: zombietimes.org and nyetnews for another example of the propaganda machine that is being created by both Hamas and Hezbollah.

        Just passing along information ~ and no pay needed.

        It’s actually grown into a cottage industry and they are calling it Pallywood

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    • k United States says:

      CNN pro Israel?

      Shows how retarded you are

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  2. Tomek Poland says:

    Such israeli Propaganda Squads are very active on polish internet. They are very annoying people.

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    • Tom United States says:

      They are active on ALL country’s internet. I am shocked at the number of Poles I meet that have been brainwashed by the jewish stooges. I have been to Poland 2 times recently in the last several years and it is sickening to see what is happening to the country. Apparently the people have a short memory of when the jews laughed that the owned the country…. It looks like they own it again…..

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  3. anonim United Kingdom says:

    The crude pro-Jewish propaganda and pro-Semitic/Zionist re- writing of the history is contra prodactive as it is recalling old suspicions and antagonisms of pro-Nazi sentiments about the Jews.

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