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IQ by Country

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According to these studies it is very clear that human races differ not only in physical aspect but in intelligence also. It is also clear that IQ is something attributed to people by their genes and it can not be altered through culture or education. Asians and white Caucasians are the smartest human races on earth. From the following chart it is also very clear that IQ has decreased in Europe, America and all white nations of the world from 2002 to 2006 as the number of non-white immigrants, particularly Arabs and Africans get higher and higher. The more migrants we receive, the lower our IQs per nation are going to be as they will be included in the tests so instead of having for example a country of 10 million Europeans with an IQ of 105, you have 8 million Europeans with 105 plus 2 million non-European migrants with an average of 80, then you add them together and divide the number and voilla! A lower national IQ. It won’t be long until you see Europe with yellow colors on the above map, given the number of migrants we receive every year.

IQ isn’t something you learn in school. You are born with it, you die with it. You can’t become Einstein or Tesla by studying. Culture and education are irrelevant to IQ. Geniuses are born geniuses, they don’t become geniuses by reading books, going to school, etc. In response to the egalitarians, there is no one stopping Africans from building schools in their own nations, nor is it the duty of the white people to build schools for them. No one ever gave anything to Europeans for free. So why Africans should ever receive something from Europeans? And why would anyone expect Europe or the US to give something to Africa? Why doesn’t Asia help Africa? They are much richer and technologically advanced than Europeans. Most of the stuff is made in China, Taiwan or Korea these days… we don’t need to be the intermediaries who buy products from China, then give to Africans. Let the Chinese directly give to Africans.

And while we’re at it, speaking about Korea, for total proof that IQ has nothing to do with culture, education and social aspects, the final total irrefutable proof is Korea. Both South Korea and North Korea have the exact same 106 IQs. They are the same nation, same ethnic group, same race of people, same IQ, yet totally different societies. North Korea is a closed communist society, isolated from the rest of the world, no access to Western culture whatsoever, no movies, no books, no computer games, they are entirely Korean. Their society is also based on constant fear of the communist oppressive authorities who torture and kill them as soon as they make a mistake. They are also malnutritioned and poorly fed which should affect brain development.

Almost zero outside influence in North Korea, yet they somehow “magically” have the same IQ with South Korea which is a capitalist democratic state, in contact with the entire planet, huge access to foreign culture, movies, music, anything, zero poverty, one of the richest countries on Earth, high life expectancy, making Samsung and LG electronics for the entire planet along with Hyundai and Kia cars. That’s how totally different the two Koreas are yet they have the same IQs. Why? Because both communist and democratic Koreas have chosen to ban any type of immigration. There are no Africans or Arabs in the two Koreas. So the IQs you have there are purely Korean IQs, with no foreign IQs tainting the overall national tests.

Remember that in countries such as Australia for example, the total Australian 98 IQ includes the Aboriginal IQ which is somewhere at 62. The human IQ is mostly influenced by the average cranial capacity. Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, not including Arabs, Indians) have an average 1380-1420 cubic centimeters cranial capacity, Europeans have an average 1350-1399, black African average size is 1250-1299, average black Aboriginal found in Australia 1200-1249. Now Iceland is almost entirely 100% white, among the few countries of the planet at almost 100% homogeneous white European, yet it still gets beaten by Asian countries, proving that whites are in fact inferior to Asians. So yes we seem to be inferior to East mongoloid Asians yet we shouldn’t go around trying to mix with them just to increase our own intelligence in our kids like Africans are trying to do with us. Each with its own uniqueness. Besides children of mixed race are having enormous difficulties later in life if they ever try to find a donor organ such as a kidney, a heart or anything else, none is compatible to them, not a European organ, not a African nor a Asian organ. This should also deter parents from making mixed children.

The information you find in this article should make perfect sense to anyone with an IQ of 90+. However it won’t because IQ isn’t all there is to humanity. Personal ideological beliefs have nothing to do with the IQ. You can have an IQ of 120 and still be a liberal social justice warrior!

Country/Region IQ (2002)[2] IQ (2006)[1]
Hong Kong 107 108
Singapore 103 108
North Korea 105* 106*
South Korea 106 106
Japan 105 105
China 100 105
Taiwan 104 105
Italy 102 102
Iceland 98* 101
Mongolia 98* 101*
Switzerland 101 101
Austria 102 100
Luxembourg 101* 100*
Netherlands 102 100
Norway 98 100
United Kingdom 100 100
Germany 102 99
Belgium 100 99
Canada 97 99
Estonia 97* 99
Finland 97 99
New Zealand 100 99
Poland 99 99
Sweden 101 99
Andorra N/A 98*
Australia 98 98
Czech Republic 97 98
Denmark 98 98
France 98 98
Hungary 99 98
Latvia 97* 98*
Spain 97 98
United States 98 98
Belarus 96* 97*
Malta 95* 97
Russia 96 97
Ukraine 96* 97*
Moldova 95* 96*
Slovakia 96 96
Uruguay 96 96
Israel 94 95
Portugal 95 95
Armenia 93* 94*
Georgia 93* 94*
Kazakhstan 93* 94*
Romania 94 94
Vietnam 96* 94
Argentina 96 93
Bulgaria 93 93
Greece 92 92
Malaysia 92 92
Ireland 93 92
Brunei 92* 91*
Cambodia 89* 91*
Cyprus 92* 91*
Lithuania 97* 91
Republic of Macedonia 93* 91*
Thailand 91 91
Albania 90* 90*
Bermuda N/A 90
Bosnia and Herzegovina N/A 90*
Chile 93* 90
Croatia 90 90
Kyrgyzstan 87* 90*
Turkey 90 90
Mexico 87 90
Cook Islands N/A 89
Costa Rica 91* 89*
Laos 89* 89
Mauritius 81* 89
Suriname 89 89
Ecuador 80 88
Samoa 87 88
Azerbaijan 87* 87*
Bolivia 85* 87
Brazil 87 87
East Timor N/A 87*
Guyana 84* 87*
Indonesia 89 87
Iraq 87 87
Myanmar 86* 87*
Tajikistan 87* 87*
Turkmenistan 87* 87*
Uzbekistan 87* 87*
Kuwait 83* 86
Philippines 86 86
Seychelles 81* 86*
Tonga 87 86
Cuba 85 85
Fiji 84 85
Kiribati 84* 85*
New Caledonia N/A 85
Peru 90 85
Trinidad and Tobago 80* 85*
Yemen 83* 85
Afghanistan 83* 84*
Belize 83* 84*
Colombia 88 84
Federated States of Micronesia 84* 84*
Iran 84 84
Jordan 87* 84
Marshall Islands 84 84
Morocco 85 84
Pakistan 81* 84
Panama 84* 84*
Paraguay 85* 84
Puerto Rico 84 84
Saudi Arabia 83* 84*
Solomon Islands 84* 84*
The Bahamas 78* 84*
United Arab Emirates 83* 84*
Vanuatu 84* 84*
Venezuela 88* 84
Algeria 84* 83*
Bahrain 83* 83*
Libya 84* 83*
Oman 83* 83*
Papua New Guinea 84* 83
Syria 87* 83
Tunisia 84* 83*
Bangladesh 81* 82*
Dominican Republic 84* 82
India 81 82
Lebanon 86 82
Madagascar 79* 82
Egypt 83 81
Honduras 84* 81
Maldives 81* 81*
Nicaragua 84* 81*
Northern Mariana Islands N/A 81
Barbados 78 80
Bhutan 78* 80*
El Salvador 84* 80*
Guatemala 79 79
Sri Lanka 81* 79
Nepal 78 78
Qatar 78 78
Comoros 79* 77*
Cape Verde 78* 76*
Mauritania 73* 76*
Uganda 73 73
Kenya 72 72
South Africa 72 72
Tanzania 72 72
Ghana 71 71
Grenada 75* 71*
Jamaica 72 71
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 75* 71
Sudan 72 71
Zambia 77 71
Antigua and Barbuda 75* 70*
Benin 69* 70*
Botswana 72* 70*
Namibia 72* 70*
Rwanda 70* 70*
Togo 69* 70*
Burundi 70* 69*
Côte d’Ivoire 71* 69*
Malawi 71* 69*
Mali 68* 69*
Niger 67* 69*
Nigeria 67 69
Angola 69* 68*
Burkina Faso 66* 68*
Chad 72* 68*
Djibouti 68* 68*
Eritrea 68* 68*
Somalia 68* 68*
Swaziland 72* 68*
Dominica 75* 67
Guinea 63 67
Guinea-Bissau 63* 67*
Haiti 72* 67*
Lesotho 72* 67*
Liberia 64* 67*
Saint Kitts and Nevis 75* 67*
São Tomé and Príncipe 59* 67*
Senegal 64* 66*
The Gambia 64* 66*
Zimbabwe 66 66
Republic of the Congo 73 65
Cameroon 70* 64
Central African Republic 68* 64
Democratic Republic of the Congo 65 64
Ethiopia 63 64
Gabon 66* 64*
Mozambique 72* 64
Sierra Leone 64 64
Saint Lucia 75* 62
Equatorial Guinea 59 59

Source 1 & Source 2

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89 Responses to " IQ by Country "

  1. Anita (Russian woman) says:

    I agree with the map, it looks accurate to me. Most of my nationals are naive and men in Russia have pretty small dicks, to be honest. That’s why we are still underdeveloped and in deep demographic collapse. Men are totally guilty for the evolution of states because they kept power for themselves so they affected the ongoing of development according to their IQ.

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    • Nigerian man says:

      You are 100% correct. Russian chicks love black dongs. My wife is originally from Sankt Petersburg and we live in Switzerland. I agree with you about Russian having small dicks.

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      • Ivan says:

        F*ck you nigger, I am Russian! You f*cking hungry people coming to Europe f*cking our women but very few like you. You mostly date those ugly Europeans that have no chance finding husbands. Go back to Africa and eat coconuts!

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        • Nigerian man (with big dick) says:

          Suck my LONG BIG NIGGA’ COCK, you dwarf-Putin-like-tiny-dicked-fucking-alcohool-adict-Russian!

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  2. yoB yroehT says:

    mY iQ iS 133.

    buT iQ iS noT worlD-shakinG.

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  3. robin says:

    I agree. This person might be good and kind. But the attitude is bias against non-Europeans/non-Asians. ‘In God’s eyes there is no such thing as black or white,’ (Bahai Faith). I.Q. is a test developed/fashioned by white Europeans. Just as race is a social construct (there is no ‘race’ except the ‘human race’) Whites are not ‘God.’ Although, many think so (unconsciously or not). I.Q. tests are a white supremacists’ tool.

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  4. JAnonymus says:

    Dear Whoever Wrote This:

    An IQ test is supposed to measure intelligence regardless of culture. Agreed? Good. However, your article shows that it does not, perhaps geniuses are born geniuses and not made in school. If that’s the case, then how come the places with more and better schools have better IQ scores? coincidence? Unlikely

    Also: Afircans never gave anything to Europeans? Have you read any history books… ever? Scramble for Africa? South African colonies? The complete opposite occurred: Africa is in such a state thanks to Europeans sucking everything valuable out of them when they were their colonies. To put it bluntly, it is Europe’s fault that most African countries are poor.

    Read a book and get out of your close minded propaganda.

    Love (Not) A Highschool Student That Knows More Than You (Mexican)

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  5. amin says:

    This article is wrong
    iam iranian .. my iq is 132

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    • hamed says:

      dear amin it isnot wrong you are at fault because this is the average iq of a nation or race, not indiviudials

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    • That just means you’re smarter than most of the folks in your country; so am I. Sucks being surrounded by morons and having a shitty government doesn’t it? I know how you feel.

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      • Eddy Unruh says:

        this POS think one person can represent the whole nation which means his IQ is half of that so 66 MAX

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  6. Freddy says:

    This has to be the most biased absurd survey i have ever seen. The reason for the low IQ in Africa is directly proportional to the lack of education. There’s a laaaaaaarge difference between Intelligence and education. You lack the understanding to write a thread on such a subject.

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    • You are simply frustrated says:

      Shut up and go to school. Stupid people live in poor countries. That’s a fact and doesn’t need justification.

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  7. Bill Gates says:

    Truth makes all free free free.

    All Data is now in the public domain (PD).

    Free free free in the public domain (PD)

    Copy/Paste to all web pages

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  8. Hey dude says:

    Norton has blocked two cyber-attacks while I’ve been on this site. I get the feeling that there is a nasty
    neo-nazi slant to many editorials. I searched the site
    on google and clicked on the second link. Here’s what
    came up:

    “The European Union Times claims to be a news site. Its articles on Barack Obama have been linked from a few Libertarian teabag blogs, presumably pleased to find what is apparently a news site that supports some of their views. It even has lots of mainstream advertising served by ContextWeb! Eminently respectable to all appearances.
    Upon closer inspection, however, it is little more than a compiler and regurgitator of various news stories and a particularly unpleasant far-right leaning blog. The reporting is, without exception, shockingly unprofessional. Do not be fooled by the nice WordPress theme – this is utter neo-Nazi bollocks.
    Contents [hide]
    1 Bias
    2 Mindless propagation of bullshit
    3 European?
    4 Quality as a source
    5 Footnotes
    [edit] Bias

    Examples of xenophobic, anti-semitic and even racist bias abound. Note, for example, how many article titles unnecessarily point out the ethnicity of people accused of carrying out crimes.[1][2][3] Note also the sheer amount of articles relating to Israel or Jewish people in general.[4][5] More bias? Here, have a load of nonsensical Obama bashing.[6][7][8]
    [edit] Mindless propagation of bullshit

    In addition to the raging xenophobia, the European Union Times”…

    I am leaving this comment for any poor innocent ten year-olds who might come stumbling upon this site.
    If you are more naive than skinhead, exit EU times and
    do not come back. Over and out.

    Rating: 1.0/5. From 1 vote.
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    • Carl Wilmington says:

      So this site pretends to be a news sit ?
      Well, the NYT and the Times, and many others are doing the same. What’s wrong with that, idiot ?

      Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.
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