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IQ by Country

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According to these studies it is very clear that human races differ not only in physical aspect but in intelligence also. It is also clear that IQ is something attributed to people by their genes and it can not be altered through culture or education. Asians and white Caucasians are the smartest human races on earth. From the following chart it is also very clear that IQ has decreased in Europe, America and all white nations of the world from 2002 to 2006 as the number of non-white immigrants, particularly Arabs and Africans get higher and higher. The more migrants we receive, the lower our IQs per nation are going to be as they will be included in the tests so instead of having for example a country of 10 million Europeans with an IQ of 105, you have 8 million Europeans with 105 plus 2 million non-European migrants with an average of 80, then you add them together and divide the number and voilla! A lower national IQ. It won’t be long until you see Europe with yellow colors on the above map, given the number of migrants we receive every year.

IQ isn’t something you learn in school. You are born with it, you die with it. You can’t become Einstein or Tesla by studying. Culture and education are irrelevant to IQ. Geniuses are born geniuses, they don’t become geniuses by reading books, going to school, etc. In response to the egalitarians, there is no one stopping Africans from building schools in their own nations, nor is it the duty of the white people to build schools for them. No one ever gave anything to Europeans for free. So why Africans should ever receive something from Europeans? And why would anyone expect Europe or the US to give something to Africa? Why doesn’t Asia help Africa? They are much richer and technologically advanced than Europeans. Most of the stuff is made in China, Taiwan or Korea these days… we don’t need to be the intermediaries who buy products from China, then give to Africans. Let the Chinese directly give to Africans.

And while we’re at it, speaking about Korea, for total proof that IQ has nothing to do with culture, education and social aspects, the final total irrefutable proof is Korea. Both South Korea and North Korea have the exact same 106 IQs. They are the same nation, same ethnic group, same race of people, same IQ, yet totally different societies. North Korea is a closed communist society, isolated from the rest of the world, no access to Western culture whatsoever, no movies, no books, no computer games, they are entirely Korean. Their society is also based on constant fear of the communist oppressive authorities who torture and kill them as soon as they make a mistake. They are also malnutritioned and poorly fed which should affect brain development.

Almost zero outside influence in North Korea, yet they somehow “magically” have the same IQ with South Korea which is a capitalist democratic state, in contact with the entire planet, huge access to foreign culture, movies, music, anything, zero poverty, one of the richest countries on Earth, high life expectancy, making Samsung and LG electronics for the entire planet along with Hyundai and Kia cars. That’s how totally different the two Koreas are yet they have the same IQs. Why? Because both communist and democratic Koreas have chosen to ban any type of immigration. There are no Africans or Arabs in the two Koreas. So the IQs you have there are purely Korean IQs, with no foreign IQs tainting the overall national tests.

Remember that in countries such as Australia for example, the total Australian 98 IQ includes the Aboriginal IQ which is somewhere at 62. The human IQ is mostly influenced by the average cranial capacity. Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, not including Arabs, Indians) have an average 1380-1420 cubic centimeters cranial capacity, Europeans have an average 1350-1399, black African average size is 1250-1299, average black Aboriginal found in Australia 1200-1249. Now Iceland is almost entirely 100% white, among the few countries of the planet at almost 100% homogeneous white European, yet it still gets beaten by Asian countries, proving that whites are in fact inferior to Asians. So yes we seem to be inferior to East mongoloid Asians yet we shouldn’t go around trying to mix with them just to increase our own intelligence in our kids like Africans are trying to do with us. Each with its own uniqueness. Besides children of mixed race are having enormous difficulties later in life if they ever try to find a donor organ such as a kidney, a heart or anything else, none is compatible to them, not a European organ, not a African nor a Asian organ. This should also deter parents from making mixed children.

The information you find in this article should make perfect sense to anyone with an IQ of 90+. However it won’t because IQ isn’t all there is to humanity. Personal ideological beliefs have nothing to do with the IQ. You can have an IQ of 120 and still be a liberal social justice warrior!

Country/Region IQ (2002)[2] IQ (2006)[1]
Hong Kong 107 108
Singapore 103 108
North Korea 105* 106*
South Korea 106 106
Japan 105 105
China 100 105
Taiwan 104 105
Italy 102 102
Iceland 98* 101
Mongolia 98* 101*
Switzerland 101 101
Austria 102 100
Luxembourg 101* 100*
Netherlands 102 100
Norway 98 100
United Kingdom 100 100
Germany 102 99
Belgium 100 99
Canada 97 99
Estonia 97* 99
Finland 97 99
New Zealand 100 99
Poland 99 99
Sweden 101 99
Andorra N/A 98*
Australia 98 98
Czech Republic 97 98
Denmark 98 98
France 98 98
Hungary 99 98
Latvia 97* 98*
Spain 97 98
United States 98 98
Belarus 96* 97*
Malta 95* 97
Russia 96 97
Ukraine 96* 97*
Moldova 95* 96*
Slovakia 96 96
Uruguay 96 96
Israel 94 95
Portugal 95 95
Armenia 93* 94*
Georgia 93* 94*
Kazakhstan 93* 94*
Romania 94 94
Vietnam 96* 94
Argentina 96 93
Bulgaria 93 93
Greece 92 92
Malaysia 92 92
Ireland 93 92
Brunei 92* 91*
Cambodia 89* 91*
Cyprus 92* 91*
Lithuania 97* 91
Republic of Macedonia 93* 91*
Thailand 91 91
Albania 90* 90*
Bermuda N/A 90
Bosnia and Herzegovina N/A 90*
Chile 93* 90
Croatia 90 90
Kyrgyzstan 87* 90*
Turkey 90 90
Mexico 87 90
Cook Islands N/A 89
Costa Rica 91* 89*
Laos 89* 89
Mauritius 81* 89
Suriname 89 89
Ecuador 80 88
Samoa 87 88
Azerbaijan 87* 87*
Bolivia 85* 87
Brazil 87 87
East Timor N/A 87*
Guyana 84* 87*
Indonesia 89 87
Iraq 87 87
Myanmar 86* 87*
Tajikistan 87* 87*
Turkmenistan 87* 87*
Uzbekistan 87* 87*
Kuwait 83* 86
Philippines 86 86
Seychelles 81* 86*
Tonga 87 86
Cuba 85 85
Fiji 84 85
Kiribati 84* 85*
New Caledonia N/A 85
Peru 90 85
Trinidad and Tobago 80* 85*
Yemen 83* 85
Afghanistan 83* 84*
Belize 83* 84*
Colombia 88 84
Federated States of Micronesia 84* 84*
Iran 84 84
Jordan 87* 84
Marshall Islands 84 84
Morocco 85 84
Pakistan 81* 84
Panama 84* 84*
Paraguay 85* 84
Puerto Rico 84 84
Saudi Arabia 83* 84*
Solomon Islands 84* 84*
The Bahamas 78* 84*
United Arab Emirates 83* 84*
Vanuatu 84* 84*
Venezuela 88* 84
Algeria 84* 83*
Bahrain 83* 83*
Libya 84* 83*
Oman 83* 83*
Papua New Guinea 84* 83
Syria 87* 83
Tunisia 84* 83*
Bangladesh 81* 82*
Dominican Republic 84* 82
India 81 82
Lebanon 86 82
Madagascar 79* 82
Egypt 83 81
Honduras 84* 81
Maldives 81* 81*
Nicaragua 84* 81*
Northern Mariana Islands N/A 81
Barbados 78 80
Bhutan 78* 80*
El Salvador 84* 80*
Guatemala 79 79
Sri Lanka 81* 79
Nepal 78 78
Qatar 78 78
Comoros 79* 77*
Cape Verde 78* 76*
Mauritania 73* 76*
Uganda 73 73
Kenya 72 72
South Africa 72 72
Tanzania 72 72
Ghana 71 71
Grenada 75* 71*
Jamaica 72 71
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 75* 71
Sudan 72 71
Zambia 77 71
Antigua and Barbuda 75* 70*
Benin 69* 70*
Botswana 72* 70*
Namibia 72* 70*
Rwanda 70* 70*
Togo 69* 70*
Burundi 70* 69*
Côte d’Ivoire 71* 69*
Malawi 71* 69*
Mali 68* 69*
Niger 67* 69*
Nigeria 67 69
Angola 69* 68*
Burkina Faso 66* 68*
Chad 72* 68*
Djibouti 68* 68*
Eritrea 68* 68*
Somalia 68* 68*
Swaziland 72* 68*
Dominica 75* 67
Guinea 63 67
Guinea-Bissau 63* 67*
Haiti 72* 67*
Lesotho 72* 67*
Liberia 64* 67*
Saint Kitts and Nevis 75* 67*
São Tomé and Príncipe 59* 67*
Senegal 64* 66*
The Gambia 64* 66*
Zimbabwe 66 66
Republic of the Congo 73 65
Cameroon 70* 64
Central African Republic 68* 64
Democratic Republic of the Congo 65 64
Ethiopia 63 64
Gabon 66* 64*
Mozambique 72* 64
Sierra Leone 64 64
Saint Lucia 75* 62
Equatorial Guinea 59 59

Source 1 & Source 2

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84 Responses to " IQ by Country "

  1. Sylvy says:

    Oh come on! These “statistics” came from Wikipedia??? I hardly consider that site to have the final word on anything cuz ANYONE can post the info. They don’t even have to prove they know what they are talking about! I don’t even go to Wikipedia when I am looking for info on something because of that.

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    • WhiteArkansan says:

      You ever noticed the footnotes in Wikipedia? Those show you the sources.

      Welcome to the 4th grade, now take a seat.

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  2. bollockybollocks says:

    eugenics baloney.

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  3. Gabriel says:

    This is ridiculous, but in any case, if Argentina has an average 93 and Ireland 92, there’s a small problem with the colors in that map.
    Even if intelligence would differ as much as a per human type (or race if you prefer) the differences inside every society are much bigger among individuals. A genius child in Ethiopia could still be our best promise as humans. That’s why the schools are important.

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  4. this is pure nonsense says:

    all the information given here is nonsense, IQ is something you’re born with? Why is it that it’s been shown that identical twins with the same DNA can have IQs varying by 15 points?

    IQ is not something you’re born with anymore than literacy is something you’re born with

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    • Hi IQ says:

      Actually, the research says within families (and this would include twins) IQ varies only about 10 points. It’s been proven true with my family. Also – more than 10 points apart and people have difficulty understanding each others reasoning and behavior.

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  5. TheWaters says:

    A sense some knee jerk and emotional reactions from people here. The situation is probably more complicated then either side here is ready to admit.However with that said, consider this,individuals with Down Syndrome have a lower IQ than the average human, do you really think that at some point that same individual will have an IQ of 180 if we put them through school?

    IQ’s may fluctuate, but that does not mean that there is not a real cap on one’s IQ.

    The reaction of course will be: “but IQ is not everything” to this i readily agree, however while not every person with a high IQ is intelligent, no intelligent person has ever had a low IQ.

    Food for thought……..

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  6. Rande says:

    You people know nothing of what you are talking about. All you know are the lies the media vomits up.

    We have had over 100 years of testing IQ’s. 70% of the IQ is based on genetics, while the other 30% is environment.

    In other words, if a child from Africa with an IQ of 65, is brought to America with private schools, the best you expect is an IQ of about 85.

    Why do you think that ALL western (ie: white nations) have prospered, while all the dark skinned nations are cesspools?

    Liberals are going to get what they deserve … a 3rd world hell-whole of crime,poverty, and disease.

    Read IQ and wealth of nations:


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    • billy says:

      Agreed!!!!!!!!!! Too bad that intelligent whites as well as intelligent minorities are to be fed to the wolves due to political correctness, aka white guilt, because of inferior “dark” people. They, unfortunately, rule the world….And we allowed it:(

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    • Alfredo says:

      Remember also that the 85 iq in afroamericans is due to 25% mix with caucasians, otherwise with education it will only be around 75%, I’m Mexican, I’m also the result of a mix of Scotish, French, Spanish and certainly amerindians, and I’ve observed that in every generation the human capacity in my family tree goes down as we’ve mixed with amerindians, from professions like medic, writers now we go down to simpler careers and this is something serious, since EU and U.S.A. are going to deal with this very same problem quite soon, rather than east Asians whom doesn’t receive waves of immigrants and as a result, their iq won’t be lost, I’m afraid of this but unless a more strict, or as some call racist society erupts from white countries this will go backwards in technological achievements terms. I’m not a racist but is impossible not to see this.

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  7. John Holmes says:

    IQ is not an accurate test anyway. That was disproven a long time ago. Every person has something to offer.
    Except bigots, that is.

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  8. WAKE UP says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that the same people ready to fawn over (for example) African marathon runners, because they are clearly the best at RUNNING, can’t find the intellectual rigour to congratulate other people that are better at other things – like THINKING, INVENTING, and creating a stable, non-tribal society, to start with.

    Whenever I’m told “White men can’t jump”, I respond: they don’t have to – they inveneted the aeroplane.

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  9. Sergio says:

    The info and the people in here makes me sick, gotta say that before keep writting. Europeans and NORTH americans are more “developed” just because they have use the resources of other continents for centuries. War and guns have been their treasures…not intelligence, nor IQ, but keep dreamming. Let`s see where does your intelligence leads the world. Shame on humanity.

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    • JamesTheJust says:

      Get bent Sergio. You parrot the lines of communist jew propogandists like a good little shill, but through it all, I see you green…with envy.

      BTW: You are an idiot; parroting the propganda of the communist jews, while it is THEY who are stealing your resources.

      In case you haven’t heard; you are nothing but cattle to them.

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      • Mohammad says:


        They enslaved Africans.

        They invaded India (richest country during early 1700s) and looted them.

        China isolated itself until Europeans traded tea with China.

        They lost money, they then had an idea.

        They made India produce opium, sold the opium to China, and made so much money out of it.

        China became addicted to the illegal drug; Opium. Tried to wage wars and lost.

        Opium Wars – 1800s. Traded until early 1900s. Even during World War 1.

        The people who started Opium Trading in China was Jewish, yes. Check it on Wikipedia.

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        • Greetings shitface says:

          Muslims: Enslaved 1000x more africans than eurpeans. treated them even worse. heck, even enslaved 1000 000 europeans.

          Terror attacks india constantly.

          Kills 100 000 christians every year, just in egypt.

          Has almost 2 billion followers whom spreads proganda on the internet more effect than anything ever seen before. If able to fool nazis that they’re on the same side.

          Rape and murder more than any other people on the planet.

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          • muhammad says:

            i do not understand from where you get your information you are one of two an ignorant or a liar
            do not spread false information

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  10. Sergio says:

    Another thing, Who did this metrics and how did they tested all africans and all latin americans…this is just bs from and for bs`s

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  11. Ivantheterrible says:

    You can’t become Tesla by studying,but you can become Einstein by stealing like he did,from dePreto,Hilbert,Marić,Lorentz and many others.Of course,you have to be jewish.
    White people are always acused for all african misfortunes.It is time to let africans to solve their own problems.They are grown up people and they should care about themselves and not we.And if they won’t,nature will.And nature is always right!

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    • JamesTheJust says:

      Amen Ivan!

      Even with the jew infiltration into the West’s education system, they have not been able to completely dumb us down. And even with the outrageous number of darker races dragging our overall IQ levels down, we’re still showing fairly well.

      I knew of a school in Danville Virginia, whilst growing, up that was 100% white and Christian and it was able to maintain that status because they were private and did not accept any ZOG funding. Their average IQ level was well above 110 each year.

      The falling level of IQ in the West is directly related to the growing non-White population.

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      • Jan says:

        Non whites? I hope you are not including East Asians in your definition :-D

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      • Greetings shitface says:

        Well the growing population of non-westerners is caused by leftist white people. You see the exact same thing in european countries, even without “jewish” influence.

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  12. Gipsy Kong says:

    Americans have yet to invent the wheel,they are a primitive culture.

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  13. Disappointed says:

    Just about comment voted down has been against eugenics. You are are fucking racist, plain and simple. It isn’t even worth trying to argue with you skinheads.

    You are now free to vote this post down into the Earth’s core where you don’t have to look at it.

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  14. sirika says:

    me mom and daddy african and we smart people .
    yo counry cold and back home mom say it is hot and good and we have better than you
    my 3 bro and 5 sista say so also

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  15. karthiq says:

    IQ measures only academic intelligence but not other types of intelligence.

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  16. Patrick says:

    That’s right folks, China and North Korea have some of the smartest people in the world. That is why they love to work and live in factories. Bow to the great leaders and be amazed! Ah, hahaha.

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    • Mohammad says:

      They don’t all work in factories.

      And they do have the highest IQ. Hong Kong is richer than China per capita, that’s why it became the highest IQ average per person.

      Look at which countries were the richest in the 1500s-1700s – India and China.

      Until the Opium Wars where foreign countries sold Opium to China, and made a lot of money out of it while China sufferred. That’s why China is having lower jobs, they had more discoveries before 1700s than any other country, blast furnace, gun powder, compass, coal refining, paper printing, farming before anyone else etc. If you look at Japan, they are developing much technology now – Fuji, SONY. They designed/made PS3 as well as PS3 games and much more games for the American Market. The Americans also dominated 20th century technology.

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    • Jan says:

      Do some research, they do not LIVE in factories.

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  17. shedsomelight says:

    what a bunch of neo nazi bullshit. Jew blaming was the music peddled by the nazis. Nazis also believed in euthenasia, so while you might think you have something in common with them, they would exterminate you if they felt you were of inferior intellect or physique. And judging by the display of intelligent argument here, many of you would have met the same gruesome fate that was bestowed on your hated jew.

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    • David says:

      Not just the Nazi’s Shed,there is over 60 separate instances in European history of Jews being kicked out of either whole countries or Cities for whatever reason,so obviously its not so black and white as you make it out and the truth most probably lies in the middle somewhere.

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  18. Avi says:

    Patrick: HK, Japan and Singapore are on the top, too. Are they working on a factory or stuffs like that?

    Wake up, nobody is the best in the world. Do we, the yellow people with short penises, come and say Americans are stupid and love shooting?

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  19. Miguel says:

    Argentina has the highest Caucasian population ratio in the world, doesn’t it would be supposed to be among the most successful of nations? Instead only the 5th larger economy in Latin America behind, Mexico (75% mixed, 15% Caucasian, 10% others) Brazil (roughly 50/50 between Africans and Caucasians) Colombia and Chile. In fact, Brazil is among the fastest growing economies in the world faster than any other European nation and the United States. Don’t you think there is something wrong with the conclusions you are bringing up? Try and see what is real and not what you want to see…

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    • Nexus789 says:

      What drops down the potential of Argentina is the low IQ’s of their politicians.

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  20. Jan says:

    “Asians and white Caucasians are the smartest human races on earth”

    Techinically, it is wrong to say Asians are the smartest human races on earth because a lot of Asian countries are way down at the bottom of the list. This article should stated “East Asians” to be in line with the list shown.

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  21. Jack Longchamps says:

    Well there is no final scientific proof (I did
    three different IQ tests in my 20s and they all differed by at least 10 points, so there´s that) –
    but there is of course also cultural
    difference and political correctness which would
    dictate that everyone had an IQ of 100…
    I would say this stats is probably the result of white noise average error margins and tells us exactly nuzzins.

    Mind, I am not saying it couldn´t be true ;)

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  22. Tiffany says:

    I laughed, because it’s so obvious. They are given everything. You do research and Europe only sent 45,000 people to Africa, and Africa is still one of the richest countries in the world for minerals and resources. Because they’re too stupid to have figured out how to mine them. Furthermore, black americans on average have an IQ of 85, whilst white ones hold 100. People keep making excuse after excuse, but the truth is, a dog isn’t a dog, and a person isn’t a person.

    Use your heads.

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    • East European says:

      Africa is not a country.

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  23. Darwin says:

    Without standard deviations this comparison is pointless.
    The spread between the top 33 countries is barely 10 IQ points.

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  24. dave says:

    The u.n and the u.s has umded down the americans so much its became rediculos.

    If any one thinks they are smart,just take rhe1888 macaffie 8 th grade test to graduate the eighth grade
    Let me know how you do
    That eill let you know if you are as smart as a1888 american eight grader or a home schooled child today in america.This will show you how the puppet master has used the schools to destroy america

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  25. My Plastic Brain says:

    This is just some neo-eugenic nonsense that panders to the knuckle scrapers with low IQs and sloping foreheads.
    Statistics can tell you anything you want to hear.

    Frankly, I’m astounded that Africans are considered to have an IQ just above the legal threshold of retardation when half the consultants in my local hospital are African.

    I’m even more astounded that the US is ranked so high.
    USA! USA! USA! chanting deluded sheeple sleepwalking their way into totalitarianism or worse does not seem to be a sign of excessive intelligence does it?

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  26. John says:

    Asians? Be more specific for god’s sake. Asia extends from Japan to Russia to India and to Turkey. The appropriate term to describe the ethnic group in Asia with a high iq would be ‘East Asians’ or ‘Northeast Asians’. This data is accurate but the reliability of the iq test is highly questionable.

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  27. Cynthia says:

    This is absolutely not the case as statistically and experientially the smartest race are Jew… end of story

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  28. Mr E.N Teritus says:

    The Direspore Yids have a hidden lower IQ.

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  29. ShtPikl says:

    hahaha! i can’t stand how much people believe everything they read without making any research, and think that Zionist are Communist and Nazist are Socialist… They neve read a f*king book. lol.

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  30. JGa says:

    How test it …

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    • James Holland says:


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  31. MENSA MAN says:


    No votes yet.
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    • Hey dude says:


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  32. Chan Soo Itt says:

    Going through the IQ stat is good for a laugh. If it is correct, I’ll chop off my head.

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  33. crayven says:

    I was pointed out to this article by a white-nationalist on Youtube.
    Not being close-minded i decided to investigate, having the “EU” in the name, maybe there’s something to it.
    Sadly no, just pseudo-science babble to cover up one thing “them niggers are shit and we’re so cool”.

    Same old, same old…

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  34. bestIQ says:

    we may not be that cool, but niggers are shit.
    do not give them your business or your business will suffer.

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  35. Klaus Barsocchi says:

    WELL, ITALY again!!! :-D

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  36. the tinker says:

    Wow I cant believe the stupid statements posted, haha its funny how the racists talk about whites being brighter but fail to talk much about east asians kicking our ass.
    Culture is what influences intelligence. East asian culture is all about working hard and that shows in the stats. Countrys like USA are dumming down because the educated are having less babys while the simple people are breeding like rabits. People easy manipluated are told to create big familys to keep there god happy while people with good jobs and high intelligence are delaying familys because they are too busy. The term LCD kids (parents having kids so they can get a baby bonus the a TV0 is very scary.

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    • someone says:

      i find it hillarious that the people presenting the most facts here ( non nazis ), have the most downvotes … Most of you people who write these racist comments just attack the oponent without showing any credible information, proving why you are right. feel free to downvote or verbally attack me ( like in a political debatě where the oponent doesent know what to say ), I dont care.

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  37. James Holland says:

    No multicultural societies at the top.

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  38. Picard578 says:

    IQ depends on education, culture, nurtrition, and it changes through life. So I call BS on first paragraph.

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  39. Jobjed says:

    To those who say that IQ depends on environmental factors, why don’t you try your hypothesis on a person with down syndrome? Polish a turd, it’s still a motherf*cking turd. You are born with the default, unchangeable hardware called a brain. No matter how upgraded the software, if the hardware is shit, the software will be laggy too. You can shove a ton of knowledge and know-how into an Australian Aborigine, but their brain can’t even begin to process the information. The only smart Abo is on the 50 dollar note. I have no idea how on earth East Asians became so smart but all genetic variations comes from mutation, most likely the East Asians just had a chance mutation tens of thousands of years ago which spread throughout the population. Jews are the smartest race in the world with 2 points higher average than East Asians, although they only number at max 20 million.

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    • East Asian says:

      Jewish should be high on the chart as they are hunted down throughout the ages. Only the smartest of the Jews can survive.

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    • East European says:

      The ranking in the table above clearly contradicts your claim with Israel lagging far behind the Asians. Do you have any statistics in support of your claim?

      Also, for the record, Jews are not a separate race, they are caucasian.

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  40. thetinker says:

    jobjed are you serious!! first of all down syndrome is a genitic error in the makeup of the person aka sickness, they can and do have 2 parents with high intelligence but means nothing because something has gone wrong in there prebirth development. Studies have constantly proved that a persons intellectual development is 50% enviroment 50% genitics so cultures with better work ethics will subject there brain to more learning hence higher IQ in asia. The stats for international IQ are based per capita so jews are not at the top there are some small countrys close to the top one being nz. Dont forget too we white people are proven to be genetic mutations from our darker coloured skined distant cousins.

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  41. Viktor says:

    Dear all,
    I’m glad to tell you that I am fond of testing my IQ once in a while. You know why? Because, I get pleasing results which ranges from 105 to 194!!! I challenge most of you!! But what makes the story sad is that I sometimes think of using my skills to migrate to a country where I could find better facilities. I am sure that people who have already done such decisions now contribute to IQ level of richer countries. Please have a look to find out where do the present professors of American and European nations are originally from. Also please do not forget that countries like China, Japan and Korea contribute to about one forth of the world population. This means that a white European is number two in four which not a bad result but close to average and just only add 15% to Indians-not 30% for their lack of facilities, you will see that European are no where. Please do not forget that Chinese can at least increase their IQ by another 10% by enhancing their facilities. I am sure that will make every white European feel bad when talking to an average Chinese in coming future.

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  42. Viktor says:

    Dear all,
    I’m glad to tell you that I am fond of testing my IQ once in a while. You know why? Because, I get pleasing results which ranges from 105 to 194!!! I challenge most of you!! But what makes the story sad is that I sometimes think of using my skills to migrate to a country where I could find better facilities.

    I am sure that people who have already done such decisions now contribute to IQ level of richer countries. Please have a look to find out where do the present professors of American and European nations are originally from. Also please do not forget that countries like China, Japan and Korea contribute to about one forth of the world population. This means that a white European is number two in four which not a bad result but close to average and just only add 15% to Indians-not 30% for their lack of facilities, you will see that European are no where. Please do not forget that Chinese can at least increase their IQ by another 10% by enhancing their facilities. I am sure that will make every white European feel bad when talking to an average Chinese in coming future.

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  43. Muhammad Ali says:

    I am not here to preach Islam,
    But Quran says: Allah moves the days between human.
    Explaination: easy times & hard times come for everyone.

    I am not Arab, but Arab scientist were much ahead centuries ago.
    Same can be said for Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and
    so many other nations.

    Lets see who is next!

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  44. AuntieChrist says:

    People getting awfully emotional about scientific research. If you want to deny the results of a scientific experiment simply because you don’t like the results, that’s your business. For me, the truth is the truth, unpleasant or not. I would, however wish to know the specifics concerning how these results were compiled. For example, whether or not ravens matrices was used for testing, since it’s the only test I’m aware of which does not test accumulated knowledge, but native intelligence.

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    • Jack Longchamp says:

      Okay Auntie – there are also the ones who claim that “emotional intelligence” should be considered,
      I guess they assume this tobe some more female sort of logic that can exist without truths and hard facts – but it is much worse.

      My opinion is that we are almost unable of anything BUT emotional “intelligence”, 95 % of our decisions are gut decisions with shit to follow.

      The only thing we really have in way of intelligence rather than emotions is the little bit of language-generated ratio and I remain unconvinced
      that this tiny plant can be proven to even exist
      without QUITE SOME “learned” content – in a word,
      a program is available but without data it will
      not show results – this is a dilemma.

      It also means that knowledge IS a part of intelligence and will remain exactly that.

      Also many years ago or more another push
      of humanity went from Africa into Europe only
      to discover that an earlier tribe of African Homos
      had arrived long before them, the Neanderthals.

      The Neanderthals may have been shaggy but they were not stupid, they could even interbreed with the new Sapies from Africa (sounds almost modern, eh ?) –
      at least with the more kinkily sexual ones.

      So does this (a fate the Asian clearly evaded somehow) make is into simple-minded shaggy ones basically maybe and should we give up the fight
      to some slanteyes whom we were able to dominate so easily for hundreds of years ? Ha !
      All is not lost ! Asians may be emotionally inept.

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  45. AuntieChrist says:

    I think some people make decisions that way, others begin with an emotional investment in reaching a certain conclusion, then set about creating a rationale for it, and still others who actually employ logic.

    We haven’t come up with a way of measuring emotional intelligence. I don’t recall the results saying anything about rating the value of humans, just intelligence. All these reactions I have read are attaching the value themselves. If you don’t think intelligence is the be all and end all of human existence, then what’s the problem? Why such an emotional response?

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  46. Jack Longchamp says:

    You either get an emotionally originated response from a human or none at all – “some people make decisions that way, others begin with an emotional investment in reaching a certain conclusion” – that sounds like you are a believer in the religious concept of “free will”, a concept as stark as “the soul”.

    Luckily, there is no free will nor soul so we can relax. There are emotions and a bit of unneeded thinking space in SOME brains, there is accumulated data from thousands of years of language (also in script) – if a primate bothers to read at all and has an exceptional IQ (for a primate, that would be about 30 points *at least* above average primates). Below that you will find it hard to do “visionary thinking” or even sound planning, and you will find that people generally do not have plans as they are unable to distinguish worthy from nonsensical info and cannot combine all the facts to reach a conclusion – that is left for the “chess masters” who are able to combine many facts and often intuitively reach a conclusion –
    lesser brains cannot reach such heights though there is no reason to assume the IQ differences is merely genetic – that makes it so complicated.

    Anyway without emotional investment nothing will be thought through as the motivation is lacking.
    Geniuses sometimes have to be psychos to be able to walk their path as being a “normal human” would not allow that at all.

    You are the one unwittingly taking an emotional approach – then again, what else can you do.
    I am starting to lose the motivation (emotional :
    morning tea, sun shining, got to walk the dog ;)
    Musing how I almost know it all and still I cannot change anything – maybe I could if I had gotten into politics at an earlier age but I doubt even that.

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  47. AuntieChrist says:

    Firstly, yes, emotions are fuel, the body is the vehicle, and the intelligence must do the steering. What that has to do with our discussion, I don’t know. My words “such an emotional response” were an attempt to comment on the gauge or how fervent the emotional responses were. It was not meant to convey the concept that emotion should not be present whatsoever.

    However that wasn’t the point of my statement “some people begin with an emotional investment in reaching a certain conclusion”. That was intended to illustrate the fundamental difference between actual logical thought, and rationalization. Rationalization begins with an emotional need for a certain thing to be true, then employs the intellect to create a rationale for why that thing is true. That isn’t thought, it’s creating an alibi.

    Intelligence is merely a tool. The better the tool is, the more effectively it can do its work.

    I won’t address your statements on freewill because I don’t see a point to it.

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  48. Dude says:

    Wait what Jobjed, Hong Kong is clearly at the top of the list. So if you’re gonna say that the results are accurate, can’t you at least support your argument afterwards. I do not see any evidence of the Jews being 2 points smarter than the East Asians on the table.

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  49. Zharkov says:

    A very interesting article which begs the question of whether there should be a minimum intelligence limit to become a U.N. member?

    Do we want treaties and laws written by people with subnormal intellects? Should they decide land use, law of the sea, climate change? Should they be entrusted with spending billions of dollars?

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    • Hey dude says:

      Hi Zharkov, I disagree. It wouldn’t be fair to exclude nations of “subnormal” intellects. I am a believer in democracy – it can’t benefit everyone when not everyone is voting. Do you think that, were these “subnormal” countries excluded, their peers would abandon their egoistic commitment to their own National Interest and assume the role of benevolent parents? No – the world only works when parties look after themselves dude. And to look after yourself you need to take part.
      Also, voting makes people happy; as a supporter of maximum happiness I am willing to sacrifice some government efficiency if it makes my country happy. It would be similar at a level of nations – countries shouldn’t be excluded – they’d become alienated, unhappy, have less to lose and hence the UN would have less influence over them, they would become unruly, and vest their egoistic nature in a more damaging form – imperial expansion, invading others countries.
      And thirdly, I cite the Corruption Perceptions Index, UN World Happiness Report, the Democracy Index, and Wikipedia when I say that the happiest, richest, least corrupt countries are the most democratic. China may have a government of technocrats and experts but the communist party isn’t held to account by full democracy – that’s why this country, so meritocratic, is also corrupt. Democracy is the best that we’ve got, you need to involve all concerned parties to be democratic – I rest my case.

      Of other contributors, I’ve read a couple of unkind comments about Africans on this forum. Don’t pannick Skinheads, we don’t need to use Fascism to put everyone in their right places in society – Capitalism ensures the right people get into the right jobs much more efficiently. And there is no need to gawp at the difference between the mean iq of one’s own race and another – just because “sirika” happens to be smarter than the average African doesn’t mean s/he should feel so full of himself that he can mock Africans – he can take no credit for himself having a higher IQ; he didn’t earn it. And it’s not an African’s “fault” for being African. Indeed, every race has something to offer the world – the Japanese logic and hard work, Indians Buddhism and high civilisation at times, and Africans their music and their large penises. I bet you didn’t see that coming.

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  50. P DK says:

    As my father (who was professor neurology) once told me: the brain is not like a muscle you can train. Meaning: you won’t get smarter by studying alot, you will only acquire more information. Just like a computer with a small processor won’t become ‘smarter’/more powerful by making it run overtime. What lacks in this ranking sadly is standard deviation (the ‘sigma’ of the Bell curve): in itself equally important as average. Indians for examle have a low average but a high sigma, meaning there are some very smart people there. East Asians have a high average but low sigma, meaning most people are rather smart but few are extrordinarily smart. Whites have an intermediate average but a high sigma which explains why almost all scientific and technological breakthroughs were the work of whites (and especially ashkenazi jews); but also explains the high prevalence of low IQ whites. Blacks have a low average and low sigma. This is what careful study of old data (before this entire topic became off-limits for mainstream science) as well as the state of the world have learnt me.

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