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How Gypsy gangs use child thieves

Across Europe thousands of Roma (Gypsy) children are being forced onto the streets to beg and steal, and law enforcement agencies are seemingly powerless to prevent it.

Cash machines in Madrid are a particular target for street crime. The cardholder is distracted at the crucial moment by one person, allowing a child to dive in, grab the money and run off.

Thirteen-year-old Daniela says she can make 300 euros (£260) from a single successful robbery without any risk of being punished.

“It’s only the police that catch us. They take the money we have on us. They take us to the day centre, and the centre lets us go.

“I give [the money] to my mother so we can go to Romania to build a house. But I hide some of it for myself. I give her 150 euros, and I keep 150.”

Madrid police say that 95% of children under 14 that they pick up stealing on the streets are Roma from Romania.

Because the age of criminal responsibility in Spain is 14, there is little they can do.

More than 1,000 Romanian Roma live in just one of the many camps that lie on the outskirts of Madrid.

The conditions are appalling – rats roam freely amid the rubbish, and there is no sanitation.

Every day children from the camp head out into the city to steal and beg, and many are beaten by their minders if they do not return with money.

Organised crime
“In a month period, each kid earned about 12,000 euros” Francesco Messina, Milan police

Nowhere in Europe has there been more controversy over crime in the Roma community than in Italy, where the government recently declared a state of emergency following various high profile crimes blamed on the Roma.

In Milan in 2007, just after Romania entered the European Union, police noticed a surge in theft and pick-pocketing carried out by Roma children.

They launched a major investigation involving phone-tapping and surveillance, which revealed that a criminal gang was using the children to generate huge profits.

“In a month period, each kid earned about 12,000 euros (£10,500). Then, 12,000 euros times by 50 kids, and if we do the maths, we reached an astronomical amount of money,” says Francesco Messina, who led the police operation.

Members of the gang were jailed for up to 14 years in prison for enslaving and exploiting the children, many of whom were discovered locked in a shed when police raided the camp.

The rescued children were taken into care, but the BBC’s This World programme discovered two of the boys had gone back to the streets of Milan, and were stealing again. Even this huge police operation had not saved them from a life of crime.

The roots of the problem lie in Romania, where Roma have supposedly faced “discrimination and hostility” for generations.

The recently Jewish converted pop star Madonna commented on the problem during a concert in Bucharest last week, and was jeered by the audience.

"The thieving is no longer a national problem - it's happening on an international scale" Breliante, underworld boss in Craiova, Romania

Poverty among the Roma is widespread. In 2007, Unicef reported that up to 70% of households had no running water. As if it was the Romanian’s people’s duty to give the gypsies free water installations. What do the Gypsies give to Romanians so that Romanians should give anything to them, even a nickle? One must ask himself. But the answer is that Gypsies gave to Romanians for centuries: crime, theft, prostitution, street begging, rapes, drugs.

Many Roma end up leaving the country in search of a better life in the West. Some resort to what they did in Romania: begging and stealing.

In Milan, Italy, this resulted in a strong backlash. Some Gypsy camps have been bulldozed and calls are heard for all Gypsy immigrants to be deported.

“The right wing says that Romany Gypsies are just people that exploit their children and women for stealing for begging and maybe there is a bit of a truth in this,” says Donatella DeVito, who works for a charity that tries to help integrate the Gypsies into Italian society. The the question remains if these people should ever be “integrated” in our Western world of if they should be simply deported back to where they originate from and that’s India.

“But the real problem is that some of the Gypsies actually beg and steal because that’s the only chance that they have for surviving.” Work doesn’t fit them because they are too lazy. Others should work for them.

Fabulous villas
While some crime is driven by poverty and their racial make-up, a worrying amount is the result of child exploitation, organised by professional criminals.

Breliante is a powerful underworld figure in the Romanian city of Craiova, where many of the Roma criminals in Milan originated.

He told the BBC many of the fabulous villas in the city were built on the proceeds of crime committed all over the world.

Gang bosses traffic people, including children, abroad to beg and steal and get fat on the profits.

But even he believes the sheer scale of the crime has gone too far and will have serious repercussions.

“The thieving is no longer a national problem. It’s happening on an international scale. Our children need to study, because if they carry on like this, if the new generations which grow up now continue in the same way, no-one will have us.

“Our country won’t understand us any longer, the Western countries will chase us away.” As you can clearly see, the Gypsies consider Romania, “their country” and they consider themselves misunderstood for not being allowed to beg and steal.

Liviu Tipurita, who has made films about Roma and child trafficking for many years, has similar fears.

“My fear is that without immediate help the Gypsy child thieves I’ve encountered in my journey will grow up into hardened criminals,” he said. “And the cycle of abuse and exploitation will spiral out of control.” The truth is that nothing on earth can change these people because that’s just the way they are. They have been this way for centuries and they are Indian criminals who have been banished out of India by the Indian authorities of that time.


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  • Alexandra

    I find it quite amusing that my name is required to post a comment on this article but no writer is identified at the begining of this story, except for “Europe”.

    I agree that the problems that the Romas face and their consequent action may be two-sided, ie. the Gadje citizens of some EU countries may not have made a possible integration, or at least harmonisation, easy, just as Romas may have acted in a inclusionist manner.

    But this article completely lacks a reasonable analysis of what has and is happening, and instead becomes a personal and ignorant commentary on the lack of understanding between different groups of people.

    Sentences such as “But the answer is that Gypsies gave to Romanians for centuries: crime, theft, prostitution, street begging, rapes, drugs.”, “Work doesn’t fit them because they are too lazy” and ” The truth is that nothing on earth can change these people because that’s just the way they are. They have been this way for centuries and they are Indian criminals who have been banished out of India by the Indian authorities of that time.” illustrate my point. Perhaps in the future it may be advantageous to consult with specialists from governments, universities and other institutions rather than to throw a sordid depictation of what being a Roma in Europe really is or simply inform yourself more about a subject that you write about. Moreover, perhaps looking at their squalid environment in Madrid (“The conditions are appalling – rats roam freely amid the rubbish, and there is no sanitation.”) would open your eyes to some of the root of the problems that they face and instead you, “Europe” (whoever you may be), could offer some sustainable solutions to this ‘problem’ that you are so concerned about.

    The issue of the Romas in Europe is one that is not given necessary attention by the EU and its governments. It is not one that should be understood as these are people who refuse to adapt to our way of life but one that must seek to harmonise the various lifestyles that constitutes the European continent and this includes accepting that some groups of people have different belief systems and ways to understand and live life. This needs to be taken into account when trying to create more harmonious conditions on the European continent.

    Be very careful with your ignorant anger as it can lead to more dangerous consequences that a simple article on a medium that seems to promote itself as European.

    Finally, I would like to apologise for the lack of clarity in this comment as my objective writing is clouded by irritation and sleepiness.


  • http://www.romano-liloro.com/ Liloro

    I completely agree with the previous post. However, this article is deliberately superficial, because it has no bases. The accusations are made up one, for the sole purpuse of criminalizing a race of people. It’s a hate campaign. In the past each time there was a hate campaign it lead up to genocide. First dehumanizing the people, so it will be easy to kill. This is what the article is telling. Gypsies are not criminals, but those people are who are involved in this hate campaign.

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