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Lithuania: Father Kills Pedophile Judge and Senior Politician

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A dad who shot dead a judge and a senior politician because they molested his three-year old daughter has become a national hero after going on the run in Lithuania.

Horrified Drasius Keyds, 37, gunned down the perverted pair on Monday after police turned a deaf ear to his pleas for justice for his tortured tot.

Now in hiding, Keyds has become a hero on YouTube and Facebook with hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world pledging support.

“You are a hero to all of us,” reads one Facebook message. “What you did is nothing but justice.”

Mugs and t-shirts with his image on them have begun appearing alongside the logo “Drasius: Lone-avenger”.

Keyds’ nightmare began a year ago when daughter Deimantela told him about a meeting set up by his then fiancee with judge Jonas Furmanavicziusa and the Speaker of Lithuania’s parliament , Andrius Us.

The pair allegedly raped and abused the youngster who reported her ordeal to her father.

But a year long campaign for a police investigation failed when detectives told Keyds there was not enough evidence to proceed with a case.

Now the fugitive dad is being offered a safe haven in neighbouring countries like Poland.

Jewish Parliamentary deputy speaker Stefan Niesiołowski said: “This is a clear case of incompetent law enforcement on the original crime.”

Support Drasius Kedys on Facebook! According to this blog, the Judge and the Politician were both Jewish.


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  • v elliott

    Lithaunian newspaper has reported on the 22 Jan 2010
    that Europol (which employs 620 staff and is based in Hague)in years of 2007-2008 have passed over information to their Lithuanian collegues of over 5 thousand IP addresses that were downloading child abuse videos . However this information was left to rott because the heads of Lithunian justice system have seen that the pedofiles links lead to the courts, parliament and presidency palace.
    Europol doesnt have any direct rights to arrest. LL sources state that this information contains evidence of sexual abuse of Ked’s daughter. However newspaper sources state that instead of getting that evidence the courts will try to gather evidence against judge Mrs Neringa Venckiene and her husband judge Aidas Venckus to plot the murder of Jonas Furmanavicius and Violeta Naruseviciene.

  • Vlad

    no wonder they’ve been brought into EUSSR…

  • Random American

    Good for him for being a trustworthy enough father for that poor little girl to be able to tell him. Too many of these situations go unreported. He can have political asylum at my house!

  • Lokis

    I doubt the Pope will allow sanctuary in Rome – but suggest he give it a shot.

  • Mao

    ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! More people need to handle matters like these the old way- eye for an eye. If someone did that to my kids i would mutilate and torture them to death.

    • Don Markovski

      Eye for an eye? Are you mad? You moron. Was the little girl murdered? No!

      • Watcher

        Don…. An eye for an eye is defined as ‘Like for Like’..
        .. So instead of shooting the skum, the father needed to tie them up so they were helpless… and ram an object repeatedly into their orifices until they bled like stuck pigs.
        Would THAT satisfy you?

  • Omar F

    Good for him.

  • Winyan Staz

    It breaks my heart that these terrible things happen to little kids.
    I think her Daddy should be given a medal.

  • Kim

    Private justice. The only kind there will be in the near future.

  • Ponce

    When there is no jutice for the people then the people must make their own justice….after all, justice was made to protect the people.

  • Jill

    Hey Lokus! I wouldn’t take the girl to Rome for asylum if offered. Chances are she’d get molested again by their priests.

  • deborah

    Just pray he doesnt get arrested because the little girl will be thrown to the devils.Literally.Pray for them both. :cry:

  • micky


  • Lenny

    His ex-fiancee set up the meeting? What kind of a meeting does a 3 year old go to? You run out of bullets?

  • HOORAY for Drasius Keyds! Obviously the system in Lithuania sucks about as much as it does in the US. If the authorities won’t take action you have to take action yourself. Police protection is an oxymoron. If they won’t protect a three year old child… He did the right thing!

  • slobo

    …this guy did this six months ago and has been hiding out since then…he has been hunted by the Lithuaian government…some said he escaped to Georgia…anyone got any new news on him? Hopefully, he has simply vanished!

  • Good thing he got rid of those two evil kikes and brought justice to his child.

  • azler

    :) Good for him. These child molsters can be found in very high places including the Governments of all nations. Look up common purpose and how it works with Brian Gerrish.

    • robertsgt40

      You want coverup in high places? Ck “Franklin Coverup”. See what happened in the White House in the 80’s

      • Watcher

        I am familiar with the Franklin Coverup…. and nothing has changed .. only gotten worse.
        .. Politicians do not have to care what the penalties may be for molesting children or “vanishing” people.. they ARE the ELITE….. they are far far above “the lowly law”…..

  • robertsgt40

    I’m surprised someone hasn’t branded him an anti-semite. Sometimes if you want a job done, you have to do it yourself. This may be the only way to get the “justice” system to pay attention. Justice delayed is justice denied. Hats off sir.

  • Tyler

    With all due respect to the author, but what relevance to the story does the fact that the two men murdered were Jewish? Are you trying to incite your readers to antisemitism? Just seems to me a bit irresponsible. After all weren’t those CHRISTIAN terrorist arrested recently plotting to kill cops?

    • robertsgt40

      Yeah they were. Were those “dancing Israelis” on caught on the morning of 911 “documenting” the event Jewish. At least that what they said on Israeli TV after they were released and escoorted out of the country. Didn’t Silverstein(I believe he’s Jewish) make several BILLION on his recent purchase of the towers? In an interview(TV) he said “we decided to pull it”. Ya know like pull the cork on bldg 7. No profit motive for him eh? As for anti-semitism, I suggest you research the terms Khazars and Ashkenazi.

    • Watcher

      Read some history.. really do the research and maybe you will make the connection.

  • louise bristow

    :) i take my hat off 2 u, u r a brave man 2 take on the law and win.

  • Bardy

    Drasius Keyds, I truly hope your daughter is recovering well. With a dad like you she will at least have her security re-instated. So sorry about what happened for her. On the other hand, well done! Your form of justice is right on. As others have said, this is the only justice that truly works, awesome job. May you successfully hide from these bastards, enjoy.

  • Mezzzy


  • I think Drasius kedys is a murder and nothing more
    he killed thous peaoples and runed away like coward
    he just culdnt get stand to protect his doughter
    instead that he showed this on all Lithuainian news
    What kind of father would do this to his own doughter.What is the child fucture.And why he tooked
    hes doughter for half years from all and when they comed beack this all nightmer began.the strangest is that all who wanted to help,becomed pedophiles or associates if I remember correctly is already charged 4 persons i think it will be much more.whell i bilive in justice thats all.

    • Thomas supports child molestation

      You sound like one of the cowards who committed this crime. Do the world a favor and hang yourself because there’s no room for you and others like you anywhere in the world. If something like this ever has to happen again I hope it is with you and your loved ones you whiney ass bitch.

    • rimas

      I would’t wish you the same for your daughter.Probably you dont have a kids and dont have to worry about them.

    • petras

      well done

  • It’s may be D Kedys it’s dead
    this site may shou u his photo
    His family suce his family says that it is really his body.

  • Ausra

    damn… Drasius Kedys is dead… :cry:

  • inga

    He didnt kill those people. His little daughter needs help right now, the court decided to give the little girl to the mother. The mother use to sell her own daughter to pedofiles. Please, we need to help the little girl. The people try to cover the house with their body. If their take the girl,possible she will be murdered by pedofiles clann

  • neooe

    Pedophile clan murdered Grow chairs close calls Lithuanian living abroad who are not indifferent to the Chair and daughter Lithuanian destiny, to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Lithuanian government stopped commissioning girls pedophile clan.

    Those who can, please choose the Lithuanian Embassy, lit candles and the right to suspend the release of chairs daughter pedophile clan.

    Also, if possible, please pay attention to the foreign media what is happening in Lithuania, an EU country – killed the pedophile clan abused girls brave dad Kedį, clan and now serving in law enforcement wants to give disadvantaged girl pedophile clan.

    Do not be indifferent to help protect lower-case Grow Chair daughter!

    Grow chairs close

  • Lithuania

    There are no evidence, that Drasius Kedys shooted those two persons. He was only under suspicion. Body of dead Drasius Kedys was founded by the river on april 20. Now the court decided, that daughter of Drasius Kedys must live with her mother. The mother Laima Stankunaite knew, that her daughter was raped by three men, she got the money from them. Lithuanian people are standing by the home of Drasius Kedys and his sister Neringa Venckiene, who was keeper of litlee girl. People do not allow to get the girl and bring her to mother, who was girl’s pimp.

  • Cédric

    This man looks like a soldier. He did his duty protecting his child from foul enemies .Ten’ hut!

  • Jonathan

    Her little daughter has suffered a disgusting act… The father has simply done the right thing. All my respect to him !

    From France

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