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Former US Congressman James Traficant: Israel controls America

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  • Jay

    plenty of askenazi jew deceit going on, how else would americans be so conned to not realize we are involved in 6 wars right now and AIPAC is planning to layer another 1 or 2 wars in the short term.

  • http://www.citizensfordemocracynj.org Dave Makkar

    America is an Israeli Colony

    7,800 Zionist control America representing the 2% Jew population of USA . They control Judiciary, big law firms besides Media, Hollywood , Banking, Real Estate, Universities, Schools and Politics of America.

    45 Zionist are in US Congress; 13 Senators & 32 House Representatives serving the interest of world’s most racist organization AIPAC made up of Zionist Bankers, Media & other big businesses with loyalties to Israel are controlling US Congress and President. Zionist have made America another Israeli colony after Palestine .

    Every American politicians including President Obama can drop their pants and skirts when they see an Israeli/Jew before any one can blink their eyes. When they open up their mouth they talk about Jews and Israel only.

    For more than 2 decades American Domestic, Trade & Foreign Polices is dictated by Israeli’s & Pro Zionist Americans to please Israel . Take example of recent unjustified bombing by Zionist controlled Israeli in Gaza ; 71% American favor that their Government should stay neutral but American Politicians sided with Zionist.

    I refused to call Jews or any one American when they can serve in the Army of a foreign country and can vote in the elections of a foreign Country. In the case of Jews while holding American Citizenship they can serve in Israeli Army like President Obama’s Chief of White House Staff Rahm Emanuel and can vote in Israeli elections. It is a debatable issue how one can trust such a privileged class of Jew First with loyalties to it’s morally & ethically corrupt as well as racist Zionist Leadership of Israel in any country? But they are acceptable in their colony America and another colony in the making India because of coward Hindu Leaders from BJP & Congress for their hate for fellow Muslim citizens and brain dead philosophy enemy’s enemy is our friend.

    Those who are thinking Obama will bring Change to America they must know that when it comes to Jews/Israel this “Change” champion says “No I can not change any thing when it comes to Israel/Jews.”

    Obama’s has chosen his entire Cabinet on 2 criteria only either the person should be a Jew or must be a blind supporter of Zionist controlled Israel with a Loyalty certificate from CLINTONS & AIPAC. The only person even being a Jew with all the required qualifications but still does not qualify is Monica Lewinsky! Obama should have made her Cultural Secretary to honor womanizer ex President Bill Clinton always ready to waggle his tail for Jews/Israel.

    Dave Makkar


    [OBAMA] Settling for Failure in the Middle East

    By Stephen M. Walt

    Sunday, September 20, 2009


    “The bad news is that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and other defenders of the status quo remain powerful, and they will surely oppose any attempt to pressure Netanyahu. In May, for example, AIPAC drafted a letter warning Obama to “work closely and privately” with Israel . It garnered 329 signatures in the House and 76 names in the Senate. During the August recess, 56 members of Congress visited Israel, and House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) told reporters that it was a mistake to make settlement construction the key issue and that there was a “significant difference” between settlements in the West Bank and those in East Jerusalem.”

    535 Members of US Congress

    Total House Members: 435 Members under Israeli Control: 329

    Total Senate Members: 100 Members under Israeli Control: 76

    Rest 130 who have not signed are spineless morons living on the crumbs of Zionist that they have not opposed Israeli influence on US Congress by not making it a Public issue.


    Total world Jewish population 13 mil
    US has the largest Jewish pop 6 mil (48% of the world total) 6,061,000
    Israel 5,073, 800 5 mil besides 450,000 in disputed territories 40.6%

    Jewish median income is $75,000 against $25,000 median US income.
    In USA Jewish assets are in trillions of dollars.

    US states with significant Jewish Pop with Senate & Congress Members
    1.NY 9.1% 1,651,100 Senator Chuck Schumer & 7 Rep. and control of NY
    2.NJ 5.7% 4,75000 Senator Frank Lautenberg & 2 Rep & Rule NJ
    3.MD 4.1% 1 Rep
    4.Connecticut 3.1% 2Senators Joe Liberman, Chriss Dodd Goon in Banking
    5.CA 2.9% Senators Barbara Boxer & Diane Feinstein and 8 Rep
    6.PA 2.4% Senator Arlen Spector Rep now Dem

    In all other states Jews are very few or 1% or less of the American population

    7.Oregon 0.9% Senator Ron Wydon
    8.Michigan 0.9% Senator Carl Levin & Rep Levin both are brothers
    9.Minnesota 0.9% Senator AL Franken Dem
    10.Wisconsin 0.5% 2 Senators Russ Feingold & Herbert Kohl
    11.VA 2 Representatives (1 Republican & 1 Democrat)
    12.FL 2 Representatives both Democrats
    13.IL 1 Rep
    14.Nevada 1 Rep
    15.Massachusetts 1 Rep
    16.TX 1 Rep.
    17.Vermont 1 Rep. Independent Bernard Sanders
    18.Massachusetts Gay Rep Barney Frank goon in Banking

    With 13 Senators & 32 US House Representatives in 18 states of America Jewish community as per their population is way ahead from Hispanics & African Americans. (13% representation in US Senate & 8.5% in Congress with 2.2% Jewish Pop.)

    Hispanics with 14.6% of US population has 3 Senators including Bob Menendez nominated by NJ’s Jewish Senator Jon Corzine in 2005 for his remaining term after becoming Governor Corzine got him re-elected in 2006 under a political deal made before Governor election with his money, resources and contacts and there are only 27 Hispanic Representatives in US Congress.

    African Americans with 13.1% pop 1 Senator & 40 Rep. & 2 non-voting Rep.

    Since 1868 only 118 African Americans have served in the US Congress.

    Since 1870 Senator Barack Obama was the 5TH African American in US Senate.

    More than 70% of US population is white that may be an advantage to US Jews.


    Israel: The U.S. Pentagon State of COVERT OPERATIONS since 1917… JUST THE FACTS….

    The fanatical LIKUD’s of Israel were put in power by the same ‘born-again’ Christian Right of Germany when they came here after their biblical Armageddon-2 in Europe was completed.

    Today they are known as the Toxic Tea Drinkers Society proclaiming huemanity EVIL and that Corporatism is their Divine Authority and whol-e ghost-person CONQUERING with the Christian manufactured youth as the COMMODITY….

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