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Hillary Clinton: Iranian Attack on Israel is Attack on U.S.

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In her first Sunday show interview since becoming secretary of state, Hillary Clinton said it is “US policy” to treat an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel as an attack on the United States.

This echoed statements from Clinton’s presidential campaign in which she proposed that an Iranian attack on Israel would provoke “massive retaliation” and a U.S. response that “would be able to totally obliterate” Iran.

It also echoes Clinton’s special envoy for Iran, Dennis Ross, who suggested in his new book, “Myths, Illusions, and Peace: Finding a New Direction for America in the Middle East,” extending the U.S. nuclear security umbrella to Israel would strengthen the U.S. hand in negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.

USA = Israel | Israel = Israel

But it’s the first time Clinton has made such a declaration in her official role as secretary of state, and the first time extending America’s nuclear umbrella to Israel has been publicly declared U.S. policy by the Obama Administration.

In our “This Week” exclusive, Clinton also acknowledged that meaningful diplomatic engagement with Iran would have to come after Iran’s June 12 presidential elections, saying that President Barack Obama has not responded to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s congratulatory letter after the 2008 U.S. election because he did not want to be “part of an electoral ploy or propaganda.”


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  • The Insurgent

    The jewish whore speaks again! Wow… Instead she should reveal her criminal activities and her hubby billary-rotten-klingtong she uses threats. So what if Iran attacks israel? It would be a pre-emptive, defense act jiddish whore! These klingtongs are the pain in the ass. Both are political criminals and murderers responsible for murders over 120 people.

  • Patrick

    Supporting the fake Israel is a liberal agenda, it is in line with Jewish Global conquest and announces Israel as Lucifer’s capital of his Earth. (Well, until Christ comes back that is -lol)

    Any conservative knows full well Israel is the lead in global conquest and is the root of global liberalism and homosexuality.

    Besides Iran was enslaved in the 2-WW by the so called good guys. They were whipped while being forced to unload supply ships with weapons of mass destruction destined for Marxist-Russia.

    Nuclear defenses is the perfect deterrent against Globalist invaders continuing to build the Global-Empire.

    Mossad and the CIA are the emperors hands in reality.

    • Beznik

      Well all the major figures in the Republican Party and most of the protestant religious right enthusiastically supports Israel, sometimes even more than Jewish Americans. I agree that Israel is a force for evil in the world today. I fear that religious fanatic country far more than Iran no matter how authoritarian the government in Iran is. Israel actually has hundreds of nuclear weapons and they are openly threatening to use them. Iran may or may not be developing one over the next ten years. If we don’t want them to have one we still have a lot of time to talk about it. The loons in the Democratic and Republican Party and Jewish supremacist state of Israel are threatening to destroy the world. But of course its those Muslims who are the crazy ones. They’re brown and have big beards.

  • this is what happens when the zionist elite control the msm the govt and a hapless helpless incompetent racist appointed diktator of amerika may God deliver us from these devils from hell the curse of this world Gods chosen, chose them selves to be the parasites of man kind and they are drawing the very well deserved wrath of hell of this world upon them selves by their own doing….

  • Scott

    Then Hillary can get her ass on the front line. Maybe Israel shouldn’t be talkin shit, and maybe it’s getting realized that the US govt should not have provided them with the capability to piss of so many. Wtf guys!? Stop sending OUR troops to defend your political BS! You’re all fired in the next 8 years anyway. Thanks for gang banging my generation and the ones to come. You failed, or maybe you secretly succeeded….

  • beau

    Ive got an idea. Put her on the front line. She would die of shock first shot no doubt. Gotta love em. Wait, she does know her hubby cheated on her right? I don’t blame him either. She seems like the bondage type…..

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