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Obama's Controllers: Brzezinski clan of Russia haters, worse than neocons, bent on crushing Moscow

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In spite of healthy majorities opposing the US war in Iraq and our trillion-dollar military budget, war candidates are dominating the Democratic primaries. There is a danger they may be stolen by the Brzezinski clique of eastern European revanchists who run Obama from behind the scenes, says Washington-based investigative journalist and historian Webster Griffin Tarpley.

“Behind Obama and Worse Than the Neocons: The Brzezinski Clan” is the title of Tarpley’s presentation to the National Press Club this Wednesday evening. Tarpley has a track record of deconstructing manufactured political myths. He exposes Obama as a puppet of the Brzezinski war-with-Russia faction who craft his foreign policy, and of Wall Street interests who dictate his right-wing economic platform.

For those who can’t come and enjoy Tarpley’s dynamic speaking and fascinating slide show, his recent article on the Obama and Clinton campaigns is the next best thing. It’s entitled “Coup and Counter-Coup in New Hampshire: Brzezinski Clan Color Revolution vs. Diebold Vote Fraud.” (Full text at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WarOnFreedom/message/4141.) The spectacle of two competing covert operations masquerading as an election is ominous for the future of democracy.

“Color Revolution” is a term for a subversive tactic of destabilizing foreign countries, the CIA-inspired “people power” revolution, like the rose, blue, pink, orange and velvet revolutions in recent decades in Eastern Europe. High-flown rhetoric and fuzzy ideals are the best weapons and the perfect cover story for an attempt to permanently isolate and eliminate Putin’s Russia as a challenger to US-UK world domination. Behind Obama’s edifying utopian platitudes lurks the danger of war with Russia, a first-rate military power in every way.

Obama’s early success in the Iowa primary was engineered using “CIA people power” or color revolution tactics. Tarpley explains the ingredients: Media; Mobs (Rent-a-Mob or Dupe-a-Mob); symbols and slogans; fake polling; and a suitable demagogue. In Iowa the fake polls led to a “media swoon” over Obama and a premature proclamation of his victory as the Democratic nominee.

The venue for Wednesday’s talk will be a fitting one for hard-hitting investigative journalism: the bi-weekly meeting of the McClendon Group in the McClendon Room at the National Press Club. The room is named in memory of Sarah McClendon of the McClendon News Service. She was a rarity in American journalism that is sorely missed: a Washington gadfly who made it a point to ask sharp questions at every presidential press conference.
source: FPR

The McClendon Group carries on founder Sarah’s “bi-weekly, but never weakly” tradition of fearless questioning, with this week’s guest speaker, Webster Griffin Tarpley, another denizen of the Beltway known for scoops that are too hot for the “free and democratic” mainstream media to handle.

“Surviving the Cataclysm” is Tarpley’s next book, on the current debt crisis and the looming depression; it’s due out this Spring. To hear his blow-by-blow account of the financial markets meltdown and primary battles, tune in to his World Crisis Radio program on http://www.GCNLive.com. Streaming live on Saturdays, 2 to 4 pm ET, on all four GCN networks, or tune in anytime to http://www.gcnlive.com/On_Demand/WorldCrisisRadio.htm .

Tarpley does credit candidate John Edwards with introducing ideas like a moratorium on foreclosures, and driving the primary debates in a more populist direction. He notes that Edwards was cited by the Wall Street Journal as the candidate most feared by the super-rich, while Barak Obama picks up multimillion dollar donations from Goldman Sachs. While Obama is not as fanatical on Iraq and Iran as Hitlary, he has vented the bizarre notion of bombing Pakistan, a long-standing American ally. In such company, John Edwards seems to be a saner alternative, rating a Least of Evils vote in the primaries.

ProgressivePress.com, Tarpley’s publisher, is one of the few truly independent political publishing houses in this country. The new Progressive release, “The Nazi Hydra in America,” delves into the taboo tale of how the Bush dynasty financed Hitler, a story first broken in “George Bush, the Unauthorized Biography,” which Tarpley co-authored. The uncanny parallels between the current Bush regime and Germany in the 1930’s are no historical accident – Homeland Security, 9/11 Reichstag Fire, the erection of the juristic scaffolding of a police state, were all brought to you by the very same clique.

“9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA,” a book which explodes the “Myth of the 21st Century,” is Tarpley’s most recent published work. It has been called the “bible of the 9/11 Truth Movement,” and is the standard-bearer for those who believe 9/11 was carried out by rogue elements in the US power structure. This full-strength version of “9/11 Truth” is the only one that works against war mania. Other “alternatives” leave intact the terrorist world view purveyed by the war party.


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