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Are blondes stupid?

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Are blondes inferior? This is an issue that almost everyone around the world has started to believe regardless of if it’s true or not. I would not answer to this question by saying that blondes are stupid or blondes are not stupid, instead you will have to conclude yourself. There is no doubt that blondes are corruptible just like other people, evil or even stupid. In modern days everyone is trying to mock the blondes, some because they really dislike them and some just to get in their pants. When blondes formed a majority in countries such as: Germany, USA, Russia, France, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Holland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Canada, Australia and others, they proven their “stupidity”. They built great economies & technologies! They built civilisations, they written history. Countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia have always had brunettes as majorities and they “proven” their capabilities lots of times. Everyone seems to like jokes with blondes now. Everyone thinks that they are inferior but those who think that way should really take a look into history. It is ok for blondes to “mix” (it’s not really mixing since it’s the same race) with brunettes but they should be careful because some brunettes carry alien blood in their veins while blondes are most likely to have pure white blood. Next time you make a joke about blondes being stupid you should have a look at this picture!

Blonde people, be proud of who you are and most of all don’t mix with a non-white!
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