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How to find True Love and a Long Term Relationship

This story should help both teenagers and adults find their true love. Most people today are having hard times when they’re trying to find a long term relationship. Actually it’s not that hard because most people claim to be interested in that but however when they get together, they find out after a while that they are “different” or “incompatible” so they break up.

But how do you find someone that you can be sure of letting your feelings flow without having the fear of being hurt later? Well first of all you need to know where to look for a true partner who really wants what you want. And what you want is true love and a long term relationship because that’s why you’re reading this story. So where do you find some like that? In a club or at a party? No way! Unless if you’re just looking to have some fun (score).

You should try meeting people in places where you’ve never even imagined. That’s where you can really find someone credible, someone who you can believe when it speaks about love and a serious relationship. So where are these “magical places”? In the Church, Public Libraries and even on the internet but not on websites such as hi5.com or myspace.com or facebook.com or twitter.com or mate1.com. None of these websites really have what you’re looking for. Try to Google search for: Christian singles, marriage dating, marriage people, etc Don’t worry you’re not going to marry just for registering on such a website. It’s just a place where you can meet people with real good intentions and if everything works out for both of you, you can get married later on. You will always find a better person in a Sunday at the Church than in a Club. Rest assure that someone who frequents a public library and is “nerd” will also be more interested in a long term relationship than someone who frequents parties.

Still not finding what you’re looking for? Well then you can just look close. How close? In your neighborhood. Some people and their habits you may already know, which is good. If not, try to observe those who attract you before you act but if you find out his/shes the one, don’t wait any longer or someone might act before you. Also don’t be shy. No one really likes shy people, not even nerds. Try to be confident. You don’t really need no mirror talks like in Hollywood movies. It’s just you talking/chatting to someone. Nothing bad can happen from talking to someone. Think of it as if you’re playing in the lottery. You can win or you can lose. So don’t be shy.

If you get turned down, don’t worry, good things are always hard to get so keep trying until you get what you want! Be persistent, you will be amazed to know that many people actually give up to persistent people but if you try and try and try and nothing, then it’s time you move on because there are plenty of fish in the sea but still don’t keep on moving on too often.

You should also try to look for people who aren’t too different from you. If you are too different it may lead to conflicts later on but don’t worry about differences too much because if the two of you are exactly the same it may become boring. Some differences are sometimes good.

Now if you feel that you’ve really found the one, don’t wait too much until you ask for marriage! Perhaps in an year or two you can commit into building something even greater, a family.

Never cheat and never let go of the one you really love. But time makes it different. After a few years of relationship with someone, you could be starting to become interested in other people which is somewhat natural. What can you actually do? You should try to keep temptations away from you because everyone knows it’s really hard these days not to cheat on your partner. Try to stay away from “sexy stuff” or from buying “hot magazines” or looking at “hot movies” too often. These “hot things” will make you want to have sex with someone else. So in order to keep this desire far away from your mind, try to focus your attention only on your partner.

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